Top 8 Most Unusual Candidates


Think Barack Obama and Mitt Romney have polar opposite opinions? Just wait till you hear these candidates’ views and pet issues. -------------------

Here in America, we’re taught to believe that through hard work and dedication, we can be anything we want. You might say that this ambition of upward mobility is the cornerstone of the American Dream. Indeed, ask any classroom full of second-graders what they want to be when they grow up, and you’re sure to get answers as variable as a firefighter, Justin Bieber and, of course, that old standby, president of the United States.
But it’s not just the highest office in the land to which people gravitate. Many aspire to serve the country and effect change at the local, state and federal levels, and there’s nothing like the current election year to remind you that some of those people are downright … unconventional. So, to lighten the tense electoral mood and celebrate the freedom to dream that all of us in the U.S. enjoy, Townhall presents the top eight most offbeat candidates to ever seek office.

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Top 8 Most Unusual Candidates - Kate Hicks

The Roster of those who want to be president has many who do not make the final cut. I wonder if Jim Hayden made the list**


I’m tempted to write in Ike Turner, just for kicks.


I will if you will. LOL


What a rip off, they say 8 candidates then give you 3 and tell you to pay them for the others.