Top Black Lives Matter Activist: 'We Will Incite Riots Everywhere if Trump Wins'

Do any of you remember this?
(Maybe you saw it in the media?) lol

I am posting this article from 2016 because, even though they seem to be a little late … they are delivering on their promise!

Now, what will they do when Trump wins a second term?

We are looking at a bunch of violent revolutionaries who are not going to be satisfied with the current main stream Democrat Party politics, even if Trump loses. They have shown that with their open disrespect for the liberal Democrat politicians who support them. They will continue to demonstrate if they don’t get the communist revolution they are supporting.

We are now living in very dangerous time. The monetary system is under attack because of the out of control spending and money creation brought on by the pandemic. The political system is breaking down because of these rioters. Internationally, Communist China is on the rise, and a 21st century Hitler is running it.

A measure of stability could be possible if the people could unite around or at least accept a national leader. Given the current divisions within the country, that is going to be very hard to achieve. I don’t see a unifying leader among the current crop of politicians.

Many members of the under 40 generation have been programmed toward radical politics although few of them realize the gravity of what they advocate. It remains to be seen if a majority of them really agree with the radical revolutionaries who are now getting corporate sponsors.

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This is what I’ve been telling people since this whole thing started. Mayor Daley (Sr.) had no patience for violence, rioting, or mayhem. He wasn’t afraid to give the orders he did.