Top Political Contributors


Since Progs have found a new bogeyman, the Koch Brothers, and bleat about their political contributions, this list of the top political contributors may be handy this election cycle. It lets users who want to pick individual election cycles. FWIW, the Koch Brothers made the top 20 in the 2014 election cycle, but were not in the top 50 in 2012 or 2010. I’ll bet most RO-folk could guess what kind of organization 4-6 of the top 10 contributors are.


What a shame it is not one of the Koch brothers running as an outsider instead of the current crop of outsiders…


I should point out that the Koch brothers funnel most of their money through Americans for Prosperity, Freedom Partners, and other organizations. So they spend more than what shows up under their names.

I’m fine with it of course. The Koch brothers do lots of good work (although, I wish they would buy a TV network). They are libertarians. And they have a sense of humor.


I suspect that latter is a factor in some folks’ Koch-itis!

And if the EEEeeeee-vile Koch Brothers bought NBC or another alphabet soup network half of groups like MMfA or DU would be hospitalized with strokes! OTOH, the bleatings of D/Lib/Prog pols against a second media bogeyman (Fox being their current media bogeyman) would be quite entertaining.


Funny, the NRA is number 74 on that list.

The SEIU is number 1…
That can’t be right.

Obama and Hildebeast have said that the NRA runs everything. Surely they must be telling us the truth.