Top Ten Most Ridiculous Lawsuits of 2012


We are pleased to announce the Top Ten Most Ridiculous Lawsuits of 2012 from votes cast throughout the year by visitors to The lawsuits were selected from those featured in the website’s monthly polls for 2012.
The Top Ten Most Ridiculous Lawsuits of 2012 are:[LIST=1]
[]Intoxicated Florida driver pleads guilty to manslaughter, then sues victim he killed
]Michigan woman files $5 million suit for the leftover gas still in her repossessed car
[]13-year-old Little Leaguer sued by spectator who got hit with baseball
]Maximum security inmate who went to jail with five teeth sues prison for dental problems
[]Anheuser Busch sued when longneck bottle used as weapon in bar fight
]National Football League fan sues Dallas Cowboys over hot bench
[]California restaurateur sued for disabilities act violations in parking lot he doesn’t own
]Colorado man wins $7 million blaming illness on inhaling microwave popcorn fumes
[]$1.7 billion suit claims City of Santa Monica wireless parking meters causing health problems
]Bay Area parents sue school after their son was kicked out of honors class for cheating

In the video, there is a claim of not being handicap friendly but it was a scam. There was a court case I saw awhile back of a lady who made her living filing law suits for frivolous reasons. I believe there was a law term used that was made which said she was denied from filing any more claims in court.


Was the lawsuit in #7 filed by that Professional ADA Lawsuit Filer?


Well, “No” and “Yes”. No, it wasn’t the professional ADA lawsuit filer I linked above. But, yes, it’s another professional ADA lawsuit filer. Signing the ADA was among Pres. G. H. W. Bush’s less wise actions.


My understanding was that those laws applied only to new construction.