Top Trump official writes scathing op-ed in the NYT


Is this real?
Is it fake?
Did someone fool the NYT?

Unlike a lot of what goes on anonymously in Washington, I have a feeling we are absolutely going to learn who wrote this (or if it’s fake).

I know it will come as a shock to most of you, but I’m going on the record to say this isn’t a hoax, it’s not a liberal plan to thwart Trump.

I’m also going to guess that the person’s that wrote this will eventually take credit for it. I think we’ll learn that there are a group of people, not career “deep state” people, but people hand picked by Trump. I’m going to guess that Kelly and Matis are part of the incognito resistance to Trump…

The NYT op-ed and its accusations which I’m inclined to believe based on the behavior Trump has displayed, is the reason why I have very, very little positive to say about our dear leader.

Anyone else want to go on the record?


If this is true, would you consider it treason?

One of the scariest claims is that the military is allegedly ignoring orders of the President. Course, it’s not surprising given that one of the alleged orders was to assassinate a foreign leader…

Strange times…


New York Times. Anonymous. Fact Free. That’s all folks!


The easiest ways to slide through life are either to believe everything or believe nothing, both save you from having to think - Korzbinski


Trump sure seems to think it’s authentic given his reaction.


The New York Times, Mother Jones, Rolling Stone, the super market tabloids … They are all the same. The New York Times has not had any news that was fit print for several decades. When I went to college in the late 1960s, it was the paper of record. Now it’s only fit to line birdcages and provide training papers for puppy owners.


The anonymity makes “top Trump official” unproven. I don’t think it rates as treason; but neither does it rate (on the part of the author or the NYT) as character.


I think we’ll find out sooner rather than later who wrote it. I think they want to be known.


I doubt it, CSB. If they WANTED to be known, they wouldn’t have penned this crap as “Anonymous.” They know if they’re found out, they are out of a job, too, and unable to do what they’ve committed to do…thwart this President.


That’s if it is for real; for all we know, the NYT penned this article themselves.


Yes, because the NYT does that all the time…Right?

Not like Fox News. They are a pillar of journalistic integrity.

And if it’s so fake, why does the President seem to be acting like it is? Because he knows the things that were said hit home?


I am going on record as saying that whoever wrote this is a coward, a liar and a deep state apologist or bureaucrat.

  1. If they were an actual “Trump senior official” who was working covertly to “protect America” from Trump from the “inside” then the last thing that they would want is to publicize that information and in so doing nullify their ability to continue the effort.

  2. If they thought their efforts at “resistance” was losing the capacity to be effective they would not be “anonymously” writing crap pieces for a tabloid with no credibility, they would come forward openly and let their own position give their words credibility.

So it is just a DOJ or FBI Deep State criminal or a former discredited hack like Comey scribbling his propaganda and knowing the lemmings in the tabloids will leap to publish it.

More fake news that will accomplish nothing except to further convince the American public that the media has no credibility, which is why I LOVE these attempts and I hope we get a new version every week from now until the election :wink:


Of course they want to be known, so much so that they will leak their own name to the press to be known, so they, too, can be hired as a talking head ‘expert’ on C.N.N. or msnbc or whatever. Bet, before years end this asshole has made the round of talk shows and has a liberal media gig. Bet $100 to the charity or PAC of your choosing against $100 to NRTLF


First, remember how self-inflicted this all is. Chances are Trump hand-picked this person…

Remember the “I only hire the best people”?

Seriously, how is that working out?

Michael Flynn
Katie Walsh
K.T. McFarland
Michael Dubke
Sean Spicer
Michael Short
Tera Dahl
Mark Corallo
Reince Priebus
Anthony Scaramucci
Derek Harvey
George Sifakis
Ezra Cohen-Watnick
Carl Icahn
Steve Bannon
Sebastian Gorka
Rich Higgins
William Bradford
Keith Schiller
Tom Price
Jamie Johnson
John Feeley
Rick Dearborn
Jeremy Katz
Carl Higbie
Dina Powell
Omarosa Manigault Newman
Taylor Weyeneth
Rob Porter
David Sorensen
Brenda Fitzgerald
Rachel Brand
Hope Hicks
Josh Raffel
Gary Cohn

And keep in mind, I’m only including the people hired under Trump, not the people held-over from the Obama Admin…

So there’s that…

While you could be right, this can all just be a big conspiracy against Trump…You could think that, which would keep you from having to consider what’s so obvious to the rest of us…

He is unfit to be President because much (not necessarily all) of what’s being said about him is true. And we’ll be learning about it for 10 years after he is voted out, quits or is impeached.


The presidency has been invested with so much power in so many ways, NOBODY is fit to be president. Certainly not Barack Obama and absolutely not Hillary Clinton.


Trump will be “written about” for decades, that much is true.

But the narrative will not be controlled by the liars who produce the fake news today, like Reagan the writing will be dominated by those who carry on his vision and those who wish to succeed by claiming to be adherents to that vision.

The “clanging gongs” of today will be remembered only as the generation that destroyed the last threads of credibility in the mainstream media and the final bits of trust that the people had in the entrenched bureaucracies of the Federal Government.

I will be smiling for the sake of my Country and its Posterity the entire time :wink:


I haven’t seen Fox News except for a few online articles, but I trust their reputation (including among Huff Po readers!), while the NYT has no credibility in my eyes they’ve been a leftist shill for many years; possibly decades.

As to why Trump would say a certain thing, I don’t know why Trump says half the things he says…