Tortured to death by Putin's jackboot state


Tortured to death by Putin’s jackboot state: Last words from Moscow lawyer were his death screams - the chilling truth about Russia’s terrifying gangster regime | Mail Online


Obama’s buddies.


And which one of the Libs on here was was trying to convince me and himself too I imagine that the Ruskys are a gentle people, who have found Democracy and communism is GONE like a fart in a whirlwind.

The ONLY thing that has changed there is that its no longer socialist and the communism has merged into a more fascist approach as per Hitler[LEFT][/LEFT]


Didn’t they have a big gas company merge with one in the UK? At least everything isn’t state owned anymore…

Correction: Gazprom is only partly privately owned and the state still controls most of it. Whoops.


In Russia if it not state owned its state controlled. That said things are far from cut and dry.

It has merged from a from a strong central govt into a strong central govt and a shared capitalist state which is controlled much like the days of Chicago and Al Capone.

Russia went from corrupt country to probably the most corrupt country on earth.

Take away: its a communist-capitialist state with the capitalist side being run by gangsters.