Traitor Liz Cheney is going to lose Yugely

Betting Market Favors Liz Cheney Losing GOP Primary…

…Challenger Harriet Hageman Breaks Fundraising Record

Trump-endorsed Harriet Hageman has broken her campaign fundraising record in the second quarter heading into the August 16 primary against Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY).

Hageman raised $1.8 million in campaign donations in 2022, surpassing her previous fundraising record of $1.3 million in the first quarter, the Casper Star Tribune reported.

With $1.4 million cash on hand, Hageman has raised a total of $4 million since she launched her campaign in September.

Cheney, who was GOP conference chair and responsible for raising money for House Republicans before being relieved of her duties in May of 2021 by a vote of no confidence, has raised about $13 million throughout the campaign. Cheney has nearly $7 million cash on hand.

Yes, Justice Prevails. The swamp is being drained

Liz Cheney needs to go back to the private sector and start earning an honest living. She has forgotten who helped her get elected to the House. She now thinks it was Nancy Pelosi. She must have dementia like Joe Biden.

Bye-bye Liz. You won’t be missed.

The very idea that she is helping the forces of evil is repugnant. Can she be that blind?

She’s what many of us call “a country club Republican.” I once thought that her father was at the cutting edge of aggressive Republicans who stood for something. Dick Cheney even told the disgusting Vermont senator, Patrick Leahy, to perform an impossible act. Now he’s highly supportive of his daughter’s traitorous behavior.

I guess if you come from the branch of the Republican Party that could endorse Hillary Clinton, it’s no surprise.

But still, its one thing to dislike Trump and endorse someone else, but to aid blatantly and openly socialist & Marxist forces whose every policy is poison to the conservative mind is just too hard to wrap one’s head around.

Liz is intelligent; She use to be a regular on Fox News Sunday back when it was pretty good, and she saw first hand how the Left treated her father. Can her blind hatred of Trump be so disabling that she just throws everything down the toilet, sides with the forces of evil, all just to go after one man?

Would it not be fair to label that a mental disorder, an extreme obsession?

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You took the sentiments right out of my mouth, @AbeLincoln2024. It’s one thing, and actually quite healthy, to debate issues and candidates within the party. It’s quite another to sell your political soul to the devil (Nancy Pelosi) and align yourself with the forces of evil.

Speaking of the devil, Nancy Pelosi’s husband just made a fortune in computer chip stock futures at the same time that she’s pushing a $50 billion bill though Congress for domestic chip production. Martha Stewart went to jail for doing stuff like this, but Nancy Pelosi and her hubby get to go to mega millionaire acres.

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I guess for whatever reason, Liz Cheney decided to commit political suicide. It’s one thing to do that for the good of the country; it’s another to align yourself with people who were supposed to be your political opposites.

Fake News media is of course silent.