Transgender People in the Military ...


I heard this on the news and confirmed with this story from the Internet.

Let me make clear. I know that there are transgender people, and I have met some of them. I don’t have with a problem with want they want because I think that their position is legitmate.

BUT … should they be in the military? I saw NO. The military is not a place for social work causes. It has a defined mission to defend this country.

U.S. set to lift ban on transgender military service: reports

WASHINGTON, D.C., June 28, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) — The U.S. military is expected to announce Friday that it will welcome transgender people into service, according to various news outlets.
Defense Department officials are not allowed to discuss the repeal of the Pentagon’s ban on transgender service until final approval is given by Secretary of Defense Ash Carter. His stamp of approval is expected before the fourth of July, according to USA Today.
CNN reported that the final decision has not been made, and an announcement might come after July 4.
“A senior Pentagon official” told Voice of America News that the Department of Defense "anticipates completing our policy on transgender service members in the coming weeks, no date has been confirmed for the announcement."
Anonymous leaks reveal that a one-year implementation period will be given to each branch of the armed forces to work out not only the details of transgender troops serving openly but recruiting, housing, uniforms, and other issues.
The lifting of the transgender ban has raised concerns. Rep. Mac Thornberry (R-Texas), who chairs the Armed Services Committee, cited the cost of changing the military’s policy toward transgenders in active service.
“To what extent would military barracks, ship berths, gym shower facilities, latrines, and other facilities have to be modified to accommodate personnel in various stages of transition,” Rep. Thornberry asked, "and what would be the projected cost of these modifications?"
Last year, Defense Secretary Carter predicted the ban would be lifted unless transgender people openly serving would create an “adverse impact on military effectiveness and readiness.”
Critics say it would. Rep. Thornberry and others questioned whether an “honest and balanced assessment” could be made in the current political climate in Washington of both transgender troops and troops serving alongside transgender people in terms of “military readiness, morale, and good order and discipline.”
“There are readiness challenges that first must be addressed, such as the extent to which such individuals would be medically non-deployable,” Thornberry said. "Almost a year has passed with no answer to our questions from Secretary Carter. Our top priority must be war fighting effectiveness and individual readiness is an essential part of that."
Another concern is the possibility of men and women wanting sex change surgery and entering the military to get it free. The Texas congressman also asked a year ago about medical treatment under the proposed new policy, “including behavioral health treatment, cross-hormone therapy, voice therapy, cosmetic or gender reassignment surgery, and other treatments?”
The New York Times estimated at least 65 transgender personnel would seek surgery each year. A point of contention for the past several months has been requiring transgender recruits to serve for a period of time before they are eligible for the government to pay for sex changes.
Last week, President Obama dedicated the area around New York City’s Stonewall Inn as a national monument to gay and lesbian “civil rights.” Also last week, the U.S. Army ceremoniously welcomed new Army Secretary Eric Fanning, the first openly practicing homosexual to head a U.S. military service branch.
In 2011, the Obama Administration lifted its “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy and allowed openly homosexual men and women into military service. The repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” was met with fierce but unsuccessful opposition.
Col. Alexander F.C. Webster, a retired U.S. Army chaplain, told LifeSiteNews, “This latest move by the Obama Administration will probably the last domino in a national cascade toward Fallen Babylon that began with this president abandoning the ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ policy.”
“The impact of inflicting transgender men and women onto the armed forces is as unpredictable as it is unconscionable, as an official denial of the creative order,” Webster charged. "On a practical level, it will cause havoc and chaos within the armed forces."
Webster predicts that the Obama Administration will stop at nothing short of requiring all women to register for the military draft.
“Obama will sign legislation that will compel all women between the ages of 18-25 to register with selective service,” Webster said. "This means that in times of war, such as Vietnam, the U.S. will call up women – some of our daughters, even some of our wives – into combat."
A 2014 report estimated there were 15,450 transgender people in active National Guard and reserve units.
Other military and former military personnel are more resigned to the change. One retired Air Force chaplain, who spoke to LifeSiteNews on condition of anonymity, said, “Deviant behavior in all forms has its time and place in society. … For the majority in the military – and I mean the silent majority – social experimentations must be accommodated, if it’s by order of the military leaders. Accommodation does not at all times mean acceptance.”


If the military has a mission and if trangender people want to join, I say let them. Just treat them like any other person and don’t give them any additional privileges. I don’t agree with the argument that people are really the opposite sex, but I don’t believe in discrimination based on what I don’t see as real.

Matter well give them equal rights instead of showing our enemies we’re hypocrites.


It’s a disruption. It undercuts order and discipline and group cohesiveness.

Moreover, it is basically MENTAL ILLNESS - that liberals are now trying to treat with genital mutilation instead of attacking the psychiatric issues.

Mentally ill people do not belong in the military. We have whole volumes of history supporting this and showing what comes of it - everything from “fragging” and mutiny to sprees of rape, looting and slaughter in theaters of combat.

This is part of the campaign to RENDER OUR ARMED FORCES IMPOTENT. And I hope to God that the African doing this, winds up hanged for his crimes.


Matter well give them equal rights instead of showing our enemies we’re hypocrites.

The trouble is what if they join the military just to get the transgender operation? Are you really in favor of that? I’m not. You join the military because your are committed to furthering its mission. Have you seen what the Dutch Army looks like these days? The Dutch are not on the front lines of the fighting terrorism. We are.


… it’s only a disruption… for people who are bigoted enough to be distracted by it.

If a person is able to do the job… it shouldn’t’ matter what sex or lack of they are.


Are we talking about the current ban against trangender from ‘entering’ the army… or are we talking about some magical bill that allow people in the army to get the operation. I don’t think anyone is arguing of letting the arm forces be a gate way towards a specific operation

Though if such a deal comes up… some people join the army for college. If that’s one of the benefit… I see it no different than any other perks you’re supposed to get.


some people join the army for college. If that’s one of the benefit… I see it no different than any other perks you’re supposed to get.

There is a big difference between joining the military to get an education benefit and joining to have your genitals reshaped. Unless these people are going to be strictly limited to desk duty, I can see a lot of problems with the benefit. There is extensive psychological counseling involved in addition to a battery of drug therapy that is bound to have an effect upon the mental stability of these people.

It’s controversial enough when public funds are used to give Viagra as a medical benefit for people on Medicaid, or pay for these operations sex change operations. Medal resources are finite, and the system is being pushed to it financial limits to provide benefits for more conventional illnesses.

The point is when you are putting your life on the line on the battlefield, it’s completely unfair to have soldiers worrying about whether or not the guy next to you is metal basket case because he thinks he’s the wrong sex. We owe that to the men and women who are putting their lives on the line to protect us.


One, it’s not even established there’s such a benefit for joining the army. As far as I can see… it’s just not banning trangender people from being in the army

Two, If someone has any form of prejudice against trangender people and believe they’re mental case… maybe those people should leave under their own will. If a trangender person is willing to put their life on the line, they should be given the ‘same’ respect as any other man or woman. We’re already entering an age where peopel will come out as trangender. Personally, I don’t believe in trangender, but I do believe in equal opportunities and a ban against a group seems to be our historic anti American principle… that we can’t simply get rid of.

I’m seeing a very specific trend when it comes to the army… every time there is a ban on a group, we relearn that it’s wrong and counter productive… especially when it comes to races, gender, and sexual preferences… Maybe prejudice is trivial and has no place in the military when it comes to the mission… getting as many capable bodies to join the army to keep our current military force.

Though over all, you don’t get to be in the army simply because you want to. You need to go through training and earn your spot. If you can’t do the work to get in… of course you shouldn’t be in the army. But if you can, it shouldn’t matter if you’re black, white, chinese, male, female, gay straight, christian, satanist, or islam.


Ever serve in the Armed Services?

If you have, you know it’s FAR different from a desk job somewhere. You are PACKED IN with your unit. You have no physical privacy. Thieves; and those who like to start trouble; and those who are difficult to get along with…yes, and homosexuals, and they have always been in there…they cause disruption.

SERIOUS disruption. It isn’t like a gay boyo can go hit the gay bars at the end of the day. He works in the unit. He sleeps in the unit. He eats with the unit. Yes, he showers with the unit.

And yes, I have had experiences with fruitilicious boyos who liked playing games in the showers. Imagine a line of twenty shower stalls with partial privacy stall walls, and you’re in there alone. And Seaman Froot comes in, suddenly needing a shower at noon

(I did because I was on the weight-watch program and I worked out at noon, instead of eating)

…and takes the one RIGHT NEXT TO YOU, and starts getting coy. Wanting to play.

I had JUST made Second Class Petty Officer, so I didn’t dare do what needed to be done - jamming the punk’s queer head down a commode. He later got kicked out anyway…but calling that kind of thing a disruption, is like calling the WTC event a fire in a skyscraper.


I’m pretty sure there are rules against harrassment and sexual advancement, and two, none of that is a reason to ban trangender people. Gays are already allow into the military and we’re not hearing an out break of gay people harrassing soldiers.


No, you don’t go crying to the DivO every time you ASSERT there’s been a rule infraction. Not unless you want to be guest of honor at a Blanket Party.

It’s pretty obvious you have no idea what life in the military is like. And…there’s a basic rule of life…when you find yourself in a hole you’ve dug…quit digging.


I’m pretty sure you’ speaking of a time before “don’t ask don’t tell” and the inclusion of gays into the military.

If the military ran like a frat house, you might have a point.


Liberals are always quite dogmatic in their opinions of things which are only known to them via hearsay, they know as well as anybody that a legitimate investigation into any of their opinions would reveal their embraced errors; so they simply refuse to consider anything which does not emanate from a source sympathetic to their opinion.


Rubbish. Someone claiming to be a female in a male’s body accessing female barracks rooms, bathrooms, and showers is a disruption to any sane and honest human being.

There are rules against all kinds of things; none of which are any excuse for needlessly (and it is very much needless) creating an environment of temptation and fear.


Do you mean before their operation… or after the operation?

But you know what… we already went through this with gay people in the military… it’s the exact same argument.


This transpandering is like giving an anorexic a liposuction.


If they want to defend their country and can act like a normal person, keep their hands to their self and not cause a commotion for the sake of attention then I do not see a problem. I have had(where I used to live) gay friends and the one rule I told them is that if they touch me inappropriately then I would lay their ass on the ground. Simple as that. I do not care if you swing one way or another, just keep it to yourself.


You’re not “hearing” about it because the military is suppressing any such information. It was happening BEFORE dadt and you rarely heard anything about it then, too.


After transsexuals have had the operation, perhaps they will be qualified to join the military. BUT BEFORE they have had it, definitely not. The introduction of powerful harmons can do odd things to people.

As for gays in the military, I agree completely with the post that is located two up from this one. Straight people shouldn’t lay their hands on the opposite either when they are on duty.


I am currently reading an account of the Campaign for Prussia, 1944-1945. It is amazing what German and Soviet infantry had to go through. As units were torn to shreds on the OSTFRONT , they were replaced by conscripts, who had very little if any training. These persons were used as “human wave” attacks. The NKVD or Security groups would prevent retreat with machine guns. You see, that is why Russian and German (and other) officers wear sidearms. Not for show, but for immediate response to any cowardice, defeatism,etc. .
Now, if the United States military is required to combat any of the world’s second best armies, they would rely heavily on superior firepower. And armor. And mobility. But if cases come down to man vs man in the old style of combat, how would the present American military fare?

  • Rules of engagement
  • No physical abuse of subordinates
  • Road-bound supply and reinforcement, or air re-supply…but getting boots on the ground???
  • I can’s imagine what could be more demoralizing for the troops than to be FORCED to associate with the mentally unstable…BEFORE any firing occurs! PTSD? I think they will have a new term-PRE-TRAUMMATIC STRESS DISORDER…
    *Why do you suspect so many of our armed forces are commiting suicide?
    Thank God Generals Patton,US Grant, Stonewall Jackson, or Nimitz Halsey or Audie Murphy can’t see this sorry mess…
    But maybe they can. That slight buzz you hear is them turning over in their graves.