Transgender Woman Unseats 26 Year Republican in Virginia


BREAKING: Danica Roem (D) has defeated 26-year Del. Bob Marshall ® in #HD13, becoming the first transgender person elected to VA’s state legislature.

Trump effect… whats happening?
Is this related to the outlash of Trump?


Virginia and New Jersey will be showing the effects of the TINO dissatisfaction and incursion by putting up less that satisfactory candidates and Virginia as well aa New jersey will feel the full effect of the neo-socialist backlash and the RINO displeasure at the conservative. New jersey deserves what it gets. Why people chose to live there is anyone’s guess. It is a trash state. Virginia has been turning left because of the liberal faction from DC living in that once proud state.


Actually all over the state it’s been getting blue I mean even Virginia Beach… Rural Town Danville and Montgomery. County. New Jersey is a blue state but a Red guy ran there a long time. Also the downticket races go past the traditonal the president party always suffers in the mid term. This back lash is bigger than expected it was supposed to be a close race and Northam won by 9.4 points as of 9:58pm . Look at this partisan shift map it shows rural areas too. Infact the largest shift to the right occured in said suburbs of DC.


Special elections seem so last year, but we have another one: in GA HD-117, Dems flip a GOP seat 53–47% (was a Trump +3 seat). The biggest result still out is Washington’s 45th Senate District special election. If Democrats win there (and outside some shocking result in that state), they will control the state Senate. That means Democrats will control every state legislative body and governorship on the West Coast.


They won’t control Alaska’s. :vb-tongue:


Good point you are the smart one here. Everyone just kind of assumes Alaska is part of greater Canada despite having the largest coast line of any state.


^ More coastline than the rest of the States combined actually. And that’s before you include all of the Aleut islands.


How many sitting Republicans are on board with the MAGA agenda? Republicans in Congress have failed to pass any of Trump’s proposals.

Most of them are globalist Bush Republicans doing as their Chamber of Commerce masters instruct.

If Trump is to drain the swamp you have to expect most of the monsters dwelling within it are going to have to go.

The RNC has a choice for 2018. Run MAGA candidates with accomplishments, or run establishment Chamber of Commerce, and Club for Growth approved Republicans and watch Democrats take over the House.


Monsters? Self-interested is more like it, and I say that of even the outright cronies; quit talking like a micro-aggression obsessed dweeb please.

The moment you make monsters out of your opponents, is the moment you quit being rational.


I’ll stick with how I write.

“Swamp monster” is the normal term for Uniparty people, like McCain and Pelosi. It’s pretty old hat at this point. Not sure how you’re unaware. I guess the Washington Post doesn’t use it.


This thread is stupid. Dems won in blue states. Christie was incompetent, and his boy lost. Virginia turns more blue every year. This is shocking to people? No, but the left wants to act like it is. Surprise surprise.


DN; you are correct, however take a look at the Virginia election map and note how the blue is concentrated in about 4 small pockets of dense population areas, ie: cities Baltimore and Washington DC and the rest of the state is red. Again we see the inequities of urban to semi-rural and the urban controls via Socialism entitlements.




I won’t hesitate to call them what they are either, CWolf. These swamp monsters have sucked America and Americans NEARLY dry. President Trump has been trying to run them off and change the way we do our government business. Naturally, he’s not getting much cooperation from the swamp monsters.


BTW, this is not a “transgender woman” who got elected in Virginia. It’s a MAN pretending to be a woman…and an exceedingly homely one at that.


To the contrary; they’ve used it several times:

And if you take any exception to the tone they use, it only proves my point.

Indeed, compared to your definition, they would seem to be using the term in a somewhat… different way. One I would more expect.


Not seeing a problem with tone, no.


Blue States voting blue, establishment Republicans not getting grass roots support from those they have lied to for decades; that is all that happened on Tuesday.

The day a legitimate opponent to the Establishment who openly supports the Trump agenda without apology or fear gets beaten in a jurisdiction that is not made up of Socialist America haters (like the west coast); then I will consider such claims that Trump is a component in the loss.

Until then I expect Establishment Republicans to reap what they have sown, particularly since 2010.

None of the results from Tuesday are surprising to me.


The left has switched tactics a bit. With all the hoopla about Hollywood pedophiles, etc., they realized that they can take down conservatives by making those accusations against THEM…as they’ve done in Alabama. Judge Moore is being accused of soliciting teen-agers almost 40 years ago. All you have to do is find some skank willing to publicly make such an accusation and then demand that the accused “disprove” it. You can’t prove a negative, so the presumption is that the accused IS guilty. If you ever want to know what Democrats are up to, just note what they are accusing Republicans of doing. You’ll seldom–if ever–be wrong.


Well, a male, anyway. I don’t concede manhood in the case of someone who loathes his God-given masculinity.