Transgender Woman Unseats 26 Year Republican in Virginia


That was pretty predictably what all of the Weinstein hoopla was about. Republicans fell into the trap and started cheering it on being like “Look at how messed up HollyWEIRD is! Lulz!”. And now they’re suddenly shocked and horrified it’s happening to their own people.

You really get to pick. Be a sexual scold who attacks any guy who doesn’t behave like a castrated kitty cat, or don’t. I’ve had the same position on Bill Clinton, Doland Trump, Anthony Weiner, David Vitter, and Roy Moore. I don’t care.

It’s not valid to complain when your own tactics are used against you. Roy Moore had some strong support from major Pizzagate figures. Can’t complain when they throw nonsense conspiracies right back at the source.


Weinstein was exposed by the Left and there was a mountain of evidence against him, police reports, payoffs and witnesses stretching back decades.

Moore is a “he said, she said” timed to coincide with an impending election.

The only people who will be harmed significantly from this lie are the Establishment GOP members who are trying to toss Moore under the bus, which is as it should be.


They may never truly be women, but treating them as such is just easier than filling up hospitals with them and segregate them to never ending welfare, and medical care. No one is saying you have to date, marry, or move in with one. I’m just saying in our area family bathrooms are the norm cause sometimes a dad needs access to a changing table. Luckily my first is going to be a boy and it won’t be so akward. I just really want to know when did bathrooms become a sexual place. I’ve heard old stories about rest stops… but I think the seclusion and the fact everyone know where they were made them hot spots for creeps.


You are a demaguage, Moore’s accusers are republicans, just like Harvey’s were democrats it’s an issue we have in both parties.


So you believe that just because someone SAYS they are a woman (or a man, for that matter), that makes them one? I’ve got news for you, Bub. That AIN’T the way the world works…and it never will be. One’s sex is determined by their genes…not their screwed-up brains. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want some sexual predator, pretending to be a woman, allowed unfettered access to the women’s bathroom, showers or locker room where my wife and daughter have gone for privacy. “Marrying” one of these freaks has nothing to do with the issue.


Welllll…maybe not calling for nondiscriminatory laws yet but certainly calling an unwillingness to date a transgender “bigotry,” which in the SJW world implies a victim, which in turn implies a desire to “do something.” Remember, we cannot tolerate bigotry.


Look I’m a Bernie-bro and your not a biggot for not dating a shemale. You’d be a biggot if you owned a large business and refused to hire a trans person. Or if you were a principal and signled out a trans student. Again no one ever said anyone was a biggot for not considering a shemale lol. If someone does do that in the future or like in the video give that person an effing thorazine. Thats not the mainstream and you know thats a red herring. I personally wouldn’t want the social drama of dating a fat black trans disabled woman. I’m not denying them anything but myself. I can handle bigger woman. Hell I can and have handled a disabled woman. I’ve handled both. As far as trans I don’t think I could handle the drama and stigma that come along with that, but ya know it’s not a woman biologically. It’s just cheaper to treat them as women than mental patients once you realize that… it gets easier. Only reason I choose not to date black women is the family factors. I’m happily married and don’t have to worry bout that crap, also I’m married to a bigger woman as I am a bigger dude. Gay people date transwomen it’s gay as long as there is a penis. I’m just saying the option of denying them basic humanity such as a job, and ability to use a restroom is the issue at hand… I have friends with schizophrenia I try to be accomodating but I can’t go along with something that is dangerous. If everything was based off nature and biology 13 would be fair game and Roy Moore wouldn’t be a creep. Just because she can ovulate doesn’t mean she should procreate. Just because they have a pecker between their legs doesn’t make em full blown men.


It doesn’t make them (you’ll pardon the expression) “full-blown men,” but it DOES make them MALE.


No; you’d be discerning, not bigotted.

Schizophrenia is an illness. Except for rare biological disorders (mainly XXY), transgenderism is a choice. The chromosomes don’t lie; sexual revolutionaries do.


Gender Identity disorder is a mental illness. You wouldn’t be discerning you’d be discriminating.


You are missing the total part I’m saying this is mental illness, and it’s just easier to let the disfigured roosters in with the hens ok. It costs alot more money trying to turn those roosters into functional roosters than it just does letting them hang out on the friges of female society the tattoed women, the smokers, the metal head women etc.


You do realize I replied to a very narrow point you made, right?

It’s not mainstream, but there is some number of folks who do in fact want to say who you can date, marry and love.

Democrats once adamantly opposed gay marriage. People once laughed when I said sugar and junk food would be next after smoking.


Blare picks on him for a reason… he doesn’t really represent any sizeable movement.

Anyway, I know what he’s saying sounds like a contradiction but it’s just poorly worded.

What he’s saying is “If you were attracted to someone who is trans, and would date them if they were an actual woman, but won’t only because they’re trans” that’s discrimination. You’d have to basically WANT to date this trans person and reason “Gosh if only Sam had been born Samantha and not Samuel, I totally would!”.

While there’s still a fair case to be made against even that very specific and limited definition of bigotry, it’s also something with fairly limited application.

What he’s not saying is “Though Riley Dennis looks like a man with long hair and some mascara, if you don’t find him her attractive, you’re a bigot”. Even though that seems to be how nearly everyone interpreted it.


Guess I’m old school I smoke pipe tobacco, Praise God, Listen to Rock Music and drink MT Dew and couldn’t carry less about who’s dating who. This might shock you all I’m pro life. I’m just saying when it comes to transpeople just treat them like you’d treat someone with downs syndrome just a little different but not for you eh.


My post had nothing to do with any of that. I don’t care much about this event at all. I’d vote for a trans person in a heartbeat if he, she, it, zier, they, xim, etc., held my political values. It doesn’t mean the SJWs aren’t out there stirring up crap – exactly the thing you mentioned. The whole stupid pronoun thing is another example of the crap that comes with the trans- gender fluid-obsessed parts of our culture who equate disagreement with violence.

That’s an awful lot of twisting to say he wasn’t saying what he said to his 43,000 subscribers – along with all the folks who take shots at him and their audiences.

What isn’t mainstream often becomes mainstream. The victim class knows no bounds. and the bottom line is there are in fact people who are starting to say this now, contrary to what mushroom said:

No one is saying you have to date, marry, or move in with one


Then you should be happy the day I have to date a tranny is the day I become a conservative and move to rural texas.


Lol. Isn’t that kind of weird?

Not sure why that would make me happy :stuck_out_tongue:


You’d have another White Texan conservative around… because the day I’m forced to bend to the wills of a man in a dress and be a biggot for not… ya know then Odessa might look like home. That isn’t real politic and you know that.


What makes you think I want “another white Texan conservative”?


In some cases, perhaps. But in the modern socio(path)-political climate, it’s mostly a choice; a way to look for fulfillment in all the wrong places. The problem comes when their pursuit harms others (as it invariably does). Enabling that isn’t right. Discerning it is; if it leads to discrimination, so be it. “Discrimination” isn’t the dirty word the left makes it out to be. Like many things, there’s a time and a place for it. For example, in the military, you better believe I’ll discriminate against males who self-identify as female want to live in female barracks rooms (where they magically start identifying as male again).