I am really biased here, like I feel bad they’re so emotionally ugh touched. It feels like one giant workplace distraction it’s like that episode of Family Guy where Peter Griffin dresses up like a vampire because someone ragged on his clothing. He got sent home from work and they said they’re gonna have a meeting about how it was a big distraction. Sh*t man I wish everyday was Halloween too man.

It’s gotta be wack to feel that way I think every Gothy teenager felt that way at one point but we cut our hair and stuck our heads in the grinder to face another day.
Just cause someone feels like going full on Aurora theater doesn’t means someone does it.

Such a touchy issue I find it funny when it feels edgy teaching my son about the nuclear family. My wife is all open to the gender fluid stuff, and I’m like keep the gender fluid in the bedroom. I feel like I’m moderate on this issue but so many people rebuke me because drag time story time freaks me out. I mean if I wanna be freaked out I’ll trip balls at a Manson concert. When did story time try to outdo my Manson and Slayer concert in Detroit man.

My 10 year old nephew has just been declared to be a transgender person. I don’t know how you know this at nine when she grew her hair long, but the female transformation is on schedule.

If this the way you were born, that’s the way it is, but naturally born females are now getting thrown under the bus. It seems that the transgender people get everything they want, and the women have no rights.

#1. If you still have your male equipment, you have no right to be in the women’s restroom or locker room. Why should women be subjected to seeing your junk? If you are embarrassed to seen in the facility that matches your physical gender, tough. You need to have some consideration for other people.

If you are a phony who is in the woman’s room to satisfy you perversions, to hell with you. There was one skirt wearing boy who attacked a girl in the women’s restroom. The “Progressive” school board not only did nothing about it, they transferred him to another school where he did it again! For this, the parents of the girl were attacked for complaining about it.

#2. If you are a transgender male to female, you have no business competing in women’s sport. The male hormones that your system has pumped into your body have made you larger and stronger than other women. As such you have no right to compete with them and take the rewards. Currently there is a trans swimmer who is beating all of the women with record times. That is just not right.


Two genders, male and female.

Anything else is a fig newton of a warped imagination!

Let’s Go Brandon! :innocent:

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@Sendgop Most of your issues with it seem to relate to from male-to-female conversions. Are you more comfortable with female-to-male persons? I believe a lot of people are more accepting of female homosexuality than male, so I wondered if that stretched to the realm of transgenderism as well.

I think a lot of your criticism is right by the way

Absolutely to hell with them. They’re making things harder for a group of people that frankly don’t have it easy as it is.

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Honestly yes, because I guess I respect a woman who would genuinely try to compete with men. Kind of like that GI Jane movie. I feel like men who do this are undercutting things women worked for hard while experiencing non the pain of pregnancy and growing up with the thought knowing you at harder odds to succeed.

I understand if a guy wants to make himself feminine for his mate, but to outright claim female protections seems a little much. Ruth Bader Ginsburg & other women fought hard for feminism, So I guess I’m a TERF in thought. There used to be a woman’s safe space in Michigan a music festival and Trans Women kind of ruined it here.

I actually had hypogonadism so I understand where the thought on the male side comes from but three months of T-Gel Changed all of those feelings. It feels good to be strong, It feels good to be a father.

Speaking for myself, I think the fact that we’re talking about males means that the issue of rape is on the table. Not that it’s impossible for females to sexually assault males (especially if the male is juvenile, or if the females are multiple), but by and large, it’s a male-on-female crime.

I also imagine that male homosexuality tends, no matter how you slice it, to communicate a distinct and disturbing lack of masculinity to most of us. Whereas with female homosexuality, two women being affectionate with each other (even to the point of eroticism) doesn’t tend to communicate a lack femininity, even though the act is in fact a sexual perversion.

women use black mail, extortion, threats. It happens men don’t speak about it.

Unless it’s those weight trainer types.


Biblically Yes, Societally (Kink) when engaging in politics I often try to give unto ceaser I know all men & women can’t live that kind of life. I find sometimes when your on the friges of American life the only hope is death or Christ. You see how many adult film stars become born again Christian you gotta play the long game with society. I find MTF people actually disruptive to a lot of civil society, it causes economic losses, disruption, culture jamming. It’s not like I pick and choose which parts of the bible to enforce, Because I’n not here to judge or enforce I’m here to have personal faith, As an American I adopt views that are the best for the flow of civil society.

Optically, though, physical rape is more attention-getting and angering.

From what I read, female to male transgender people are much rarer. The issues over sports are not an issue because a former female would rarely have the advantage. I have also understood that the female to male surgery is not as satisfactory with respect to the results.

I don’t know what restrooms are like where you live, but I’d just like to point out that I’ve spent my entire life going into men’s restrooms and I’ve NEVER seen another man’s junk.

One in 30,000 men become female transgenders, while 1 in 100,000 women become male transgenders.

Is that “much rarer”? Your call.

If I saw a female to male transitioner enter mens sports and dominate… over and over again, (or even just ONCE) then maybe the libs would have a leg to stand on. But that isn’t going to happen. Just like you’ll never see a 5 year old child play in the NFL.
I trained professional Muay Thai for ten years; I’ve sparred with Gina Carano and Angela Rivera and they were good but they could NOT compete against guys.
Libs demonstrate their naivety and utter soy sucking sheltered lives when they say that women and men aren’t physically different.
This topic gets me heated I’m out of here

Libs these days grew up watching “3 ninjas” and now they think kids can beat up adults if they have the right training. And women and men are exactly the same; you just gotta believe

Predominately white countries have become Mr rogers neighborhood. “And now we’re entering the world of make believe! Are you ready? Let’s go!”

Minds not body, and there are some female jujistu fighters that could take out the average joke you saw jackass where Johnny Knoxville was encouraged to fight back and he couldn’t. No kids are not mentally or physically anywhere near an adult.

It’s not just libs you guys have Bruce Jenner, and many trans/gay people are libertarians fiscally wealthy. It all comes down to sex work paying too much, and these people getting an ego realizing by they’re 30 their value will be pennies on the dollar.

I’ve seen wealthy people miserable, and poor people happy. This country though when it makes everything about a dollar and so hyper individualistic it gets super isolated and lonely.

Yeah that.

I know there are exceptions when able-bodied women of average size can take out an able-bodied man of average size, but that’s definitely the exception.

Yes incredibly rare. I’ve been sucker punched by dudes (hurts bad), getting hit bit a chick is just disrespectful not as painful. Women are the softer gender for sure. There used to be a rule Women and Children first evacuate in an emergency it was us men who were expected to defend our people. I still live by that rule.

I’m with you. At least I hope I’m man enough to do so.

I been in bootcamp, I saw a lot of young men with no confidence grow into literal physical fitness machines. We had this one kid, cheeto he was fat he was a stoner, and he was ripped by the end of summer like real good. No one was calling him cheeto by the end of summer. Necessity is the mother of all creation.

I’m all for protecting kids. I think the mainstream narrative is that women don’t need protection from men when it’s politically expedient. Or… women need protection from men but they don’t need protection FROM men

You ever seen southpark’s Team America World Police the speech at the end imagine if instead of war it was a debate about men. NSFW (Language)

Some men are real Arseholes and takes a big dude who is tough to take that guy and send him to the pound down downtown. It would be great if women could umm ya know handle all this civil/criminal part of society themselves. I worry as much about anti-male messages as much as I do the MGTOW and Incel stuff it’s literally trying to destroy the family.