Trey Goudy joins the dark side, endorses Marco Rubio


See: Trey Gowdy Officially Endorses Marco Rubio

Dec 29 2015

”South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy officially endorsed Marco Rubio on Monday, calling him the best candidate on national security and saying that the Florida senator is “effective” rather than "flashy."

This is very saddening to me because I had great respect for Trey who I viewed as a pit-bull in seeking the truth and facts during various Congressional Hearings and thought Mr. Gowdy had a great love for our Country and promoting its general welfare in addition to being obedient to our Constitution.

The problem with Gowdy endorsing Marco Rubio is, Rubio has closed his eyes to the devastating effects inflicted upon American Citizens by the millions upon millions of foreigners who have invaded our borders, and has given every indication he intends to allow the vast majority to remain in our Country even though their very presence is destructive to our nation’s general welfare and violates our Constitution.

The unvarnished truth is, no good can come from allowing 10s of millions of poverty stricken, poorly educated and low skilled foreigners who have invaded our borders to remain here. Not only do these illegal entrants compete with American Citizens for good paying jobs in the construction trades and displace American workers which has already caused unemployment to spiral out of control, but trying to accommodate illegals and their children has proven to be disastrous in that American Citizens are being made into tax slaves to pay for the economic needs of illegal aliens, not to mention how many of our public schools and emergency rooms have been overburdened and destroyed by this massive invasion of our borders.

So why does Trey Gowdy give his support to Marco Rubio who has every intention of making the vast majority of illegal aliens legal, instead of enforcing existing law, and working to adopt new laws to encourage illegal aliens and their children to leave on their own?

Seems quite clear that Trey Gowdy is another sock puppet for the Chamber of Commerce, Club for Growth and our Global Governance crowd who have no allegiance to America or any nation and carry out the wishes of international corporate giants.


To support Marco Rubio, or Jeb Bush, is to support our Global Governance Crowd and their WTO, NAFTA, GATT, and CAFTA, all used to circumvent America First trade policies, while fattening the fortunes of international corporate giants who have no allegiance to America or any nation.


I’ve been informed that Trey Gowdy received money from Jeb Bush’s Right to Rise PAC.



As these PACs are not controlled by any candidate, does this mean that Right to Rise is dumping Bush in favour of Rubio?


I’m not sure but something nefarious is being concocted by the Washington Establishment.


To support Marco Rubio or Jeb Bush is to support a continuance of Obama’s illegal immigration tyranny which includes giving legal status and work permits to tens of millions who have invaded our borders, and panders to the Chamber of Commerce, the Club for Growth and our Global Governance Crowd



It is saddening that Rubio’s solution to deal with illegal entrants is to make millions upon millions of illegal entrants “legal” if they pay off the federal government, which does absolutely nothing to relieve the sufferings America citizens now experience from these migrants, whether legal or illegal.

It is even more saddening that Trey Gowdy supports a candidate who openly supports a proposal which allows illegals to bribe our federal government to acquire a"legal" status!