Trey Gowdy Endorses Marco Rubio As ‘Rock Solid Conservative’



“Marco is a rock solid conservative and a strong leader we can trust,” Gowdy said in a statement proved to reporters. “I look forward to campaigning in Iowa with him, and introducing my good friend to voters across the state.”

Gowdy is a celebrity among many conservatives, thanks to his tough prosecutorial grilling of members of the administration officials during congressional hearings and because he has chaired the Benghazi investigative committee that centers on Hillary Clinton.

Trey Gowdy Endorses Marco Rubio As ‘Rock Solid Conservative’


Way to go, Gowdy. May you fall with the rest of the toy soldiers who only pretended to stand for our Constitution and our country.

Even when the REAL statesman, Cruz, is leading in the state where you’ll be propping up a pretender…

The only question to be asked is, “Who got to Gowdy?”


Gowdy is a RINO no longer worthy of respect.


Somebody obviously got to him. A lot of people have admired Gowdy, maybe his endorsement was worth an attorney general slot. My guess is that the rats are fleeing the sinking Bush campaign. If all the other RINOs drop out, Rubio could move into 2nd place. Florida is a winner take all state and it would be a huge embarrassment for Bush to come in 4th or 5th there. I think Jeb will drop out long before that. Florida could be the RINOs last stand.


He voted for McConnell, and he did not for Ryan. (lol) My guess was he wanted to keep his job. I thought it was for higher reasons.
Not much more guessing to it, is there. :frowning:

Up until now, I still held out hope for the guy. Actually, for us. What a bummer, eh?


Just curious how someone could vote for both the Senate Majority Leader and the Speaker of the House.


LOL. Good question.
What d’ya figure had me on the Ryan thing? 'Cuz I sure as heck can’t think of it.


P. Dave, I figured it out. I was drinking Bailey’s last night. That’s how. lol


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“Marco is a rock solid conservative and a strong leader we can trust,” Gowdy said



the force of the establishment GOP is too strong …


Then may the force not be with them.


Gowdy was getting cheers for a while when questioning IRS criminals. Didn’t he end up not really doing anything there but talking a big game?

Him backing Rubio doesn’t shock me.


People think because Gowdy is a strong prosecutor he must also be a grassroots conservative. He’s not a bad guy, but he has always sided with leadership-even gave the nominating speech for Boehner last time.


WTH is going right now? I LOVED Gowdy, would have voted him President if he were to run but this is crazay! Ugh politics…


WTH is going on in politics right now? I used to love Gowdy but nothing makes sense right now. Either this is politics in its prime or I really don’t grasp the concept.


Exactly so. (And yes, it was Boehner and Ryan I was trying to spit out when saying who Gowdy fully backed. Dang, that Bailey’s is good! lol)

Anyway, I’ll admit to being taken in by Gowdy. I even gave him the benefit of the doubt when it came to his support of Boehner - actually believing that he had a higher purpose in mind.

Boy, don’t I feel stupid.


Nah, you grasp it okay. It IS politics in its prime.