Tried to be objective, but let's face it Trump is avoiding issues, ducking a debate..


I said from day one I wasn’t a Trump fan, didn’t see him as a Conservative, and even stated from day one I thought he would ruin the RNC.

After some time and following the election closely, I determined that Trump at least deserves to be heard. His antics aside, did he at least have something to offer as a potential president? I think the final five candidates leave something to be desired so he is not alone.

However, if Trump wants people to vote for him based on the issues he has to welcome and accept a debate. He is avoiding this precisely because he *doesn’t *want this to be about the issues and would prefer to roll the dice with a race based on personality. He can complain about the “rigged” system, and some of his arguments have some traction, but then from the other side of his mouth he declines debating.

He should face constant challenges regarding his decision to not participate in a debate. This one issue alone should be enough for the RNC to justify them not selecting him in a convention, he is handing them ammunition. I don’t like the delegate system as I am understanding it; this goes for both parties, but at the very minimum these candidates need to be held to a high standard, a debate is the best format to have them answer to the electorate.

The best prepared and best qualified would welcome a debate based on the issues. He can even help formulate what the issues might be, but he must show that he cares enough about Americans to present his positions via a debate. That’s my two cents, and I am sure other undecided voters share this opinion.


I don’t think there any undecided people who would use the lack of a debate in order to decide. Who is this person torn 50-50 between Trump and Cruz/Kaisch who goes “I will now vote for Ted Cruz, because Donald Trump skipped a debate”.

I don’t believe this person exists, which makes the debate kind of superfluous at this point. I think we should have maybe 5-6 total debates and they should probably end after Super Tuesday. There are only three candidates and the contrast is pretty clear. I don’t think there are many people who just lack the information to pick between the three candidates left. This was different when there were 17 candidates.