True Censorship (poll)

Lets have a poll what is true censorship

*Officer Kneeling On You To Death for Trying to Explain Why You Shouldn’t Be Arrested
*Private Company Asking you to stop mass spamming Qanon Stuff.

Who is like the drunk at the bar, the people reposting Qanon till peoples eyes bleed, or the guy trying to explain why he had done nothing wrong and was being unlawfully arrested?

There are other bars out there that cater to strange tastes “Gettr” and “bitchute”. They’re like the Queer (strange) Bars of the internet.

  • Private Company Facebook Taking Muh Liberties
  • Public Government Cop Snuffed Me Out

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Social media is a sewer but the fact is it’s not going away. Gettr, Gab and others do have Q-morons, some real white supremacists etc. That’s called Free Speech. You can block and ignore these people (center-right position) or attack and censor them (center-left position).

So the logical (right) conservative position is to force private companies to host content they don’t like?

If they have to kind of power that Facebook and Twitter have, which has become the public forum for ideas and hard news information, the answer is yes.

Facebook did what it could to bury the Hunter Biden laptop scandal during the election. For that, they deserve to sanctioned. Zuckerberg also funneled millions of dollars into the Democrat voter fraud effort. His company has no right to continue to exercise the power it has, and continue to be unchecked.

Where did I say that? I do think their exemption from lawsuits should end and I would favor proposals to classify some of their pre-election activity as in-kind campaign contributions.


Seems like Send GOP Supports it and you do implicitly through campaign finance. Y’all wanna use the government to punish each other while screaming small government.

My preference is for government to stay out of campaign finance PERIOD

Don’t think I am selectively for big and small government. That’s crap. I favour Constitutional limits on the federal government but that ship sailed long ago.
We have to deal with reality. Unions make tens of millions of in kind campaign contributions to candidates. Cash contributions are restricted. Level the playing field, that’s all.

Yeah my wife is UFCW dude so… you lost me there. It’s like if I just generalized all Christians and said YZZYX. Facebook is a private company they can go offshore if they want if you wanna put pressure on it. Alot of people haven’t wanted any part of this in a long time I’m talking pre-obama. My generation is supposed to negotiate between the Boomers and the Zennials… it’s not going so well. No one believes in this anymore except older folk and they wonder why the kids aren’t rushing to serve them coffee and chicken sandwhiches, why their store shelves are stocked like a Ukrainian War Zone, Why the former president was screwing stormy Daniels while his wife was nursing Bannon. Why shouldn’t we just give up… grab em by the ya know what and lets go Brandon. This is no longer civil yet it isn’t quite a war it’s mass apathy. I can tell your side feels like the social contract has been violated too. When the shelves go completely dry you got more to worry about than facebook. Facebook can’t throw you in jail take away your freedoms there are other platforms I see whats on bitchute and gettr. I wanna see how the other half lives and thinks.

The argument has been made that the likes of FB and Twitter should be treated like a public utility. I can see arguments both for and against. I take it you’re against, although you seem to have taken a mocking view of how RO (also a private business) is moderated.

Yeah I’ll make a joke ok, but I would never want this to become a public utility. I can think of 100 things the public sector does better and media is not one of them PBS is an abject failure. My sister told me about the Drag Show Book Time on PBS I thought she had to be yanking my leg. If I was facebook and I was looking at being the PBS of media on the internet I’d move to Switzerland and incorporate like SIGNAlL did.