TRUE PRIVILEGE: LGBT Rapist attacks TEEN GIRLS, school arrests the DAD

TRUE PRIVILEGE: LGBT R*pist attacks two TEEN GIRLS, school arrests the DAD

Father demands justice for his daughter (who was raped by a mentally-deranged person)… and right on cue, the cowardly school and loser police arrest the him instead. These people are garbage


This Fluid piece of excrement should be removed from society, as well as its supporters. Boy In Skirt is a demonic appellation. :angry:


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A fellow on the radio called the far left “social degenerates.” That pretty well sums them up.


Surprise, surprise, surprise as Gomer Pyle would say, your video has been 86-ed by YouTube.

I need someone to refresh my memory. When did it become acceptable to let men, with male genitalia, into the women’s bath and locker rooms?

Yes, I understand that there are men who were “born in the wrong body” who are embarrassed to have to go to “the wrong bathroom.” Too bad. How about the women who are embarrassed by the fact you are in there with them? How about the women who are embarrassed to have you in a locker room with you looking at them, and the woman having to see you?

And WHO determines if these transgender males really ARE transgender males and not some pervert who is out to exercise his fetish of satisfy his curiosity? If they are as well qualified as the “school board expert” in Lowden County, Virginia, who cited “Time Magazine” to support his decisions, I think we need some better qualified gatekeepers.

It never was. The radical left is just screaming that it is.

It’s not a flaw; it’s nefariousness. The foxes have maneuvered themselves into the position of guarding the henhouse.

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Just to get folks up to speed, when the school board member in question was presented with the fact that a transgender male, wearing a skirt, attacked a 9th grade girl in the lady’s room, he responded that that was not possible. Why? He knew that wasn’t possible because he read it in “Time Magazine.”

My view of “Time Magazine”, which I received because they duped my mother, who had dementia, into renewing her subscription for over nine years, is as reliable as “Rolling Stone Magazine.”

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Excess “equipment” should be removed before entry? :angry:


This brings up an interesting question of a clear violation of law which IMHO does not violate morality. If I were the father of either of these girls I would be angry and upset but would allow the law to take it’s course. If I subsequently determined that the authorities were not pursuing the matter for POLITICAL REASONS I would consider taking the law into my own hands … judge, jury and executioner. They have broken the social contract.


I’m still waiting to see our resident democrats comment about this one.


They mostly go for the low hanging fruit. Nitpicking 4th degree misdemeanors on the right while ignoring 1st degree felonies on the left. Discussing policies and there consequences is usually a losing proposition for them. Ad hominem attacks in generic vaguely worded form are preferred. I don’t expect to see them back at the infanticide thread soon either.


“Trump is a narcissist!” seems to be in style. I guess Joe may be the worst president ever and our country may never recover from the dude’s first 9 months but I guess at least he isn’t a narcissist?

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I have called Trump a narcissist because he never knows when to stand down. He talks and talks until he hangs himself.

At the same time, I have never said any thing good about the Biden presidency. He too has diarrhea of the mouth. The difference is his handlers have learned how to put a diaper over it.

I swore I’d never post here again just continue to monitor as I have since 2007. What your party has done degenerately in the economic sense and the Red-Lining of minorities, The Democrats have done socially the devilish things you have done economically. Sit back this is America, Mental illness, Morbid Obesity with an addiction to Fentynal. America she truly is beautiful, shes being devoured and raped by your economic policy, and the social policy of the democrats. I am now aligned with the Christian Democratic Party of the United States. I found I didn’t have to give up my morals to have economic dignity. They’re to the left of the Dems on economic, race, and labor issues, and to the right of the republicans on Abortion, Gay Marriage, and This Tranny Bag here. I wonder do you still just love the police when they arrest the law abiding man protecting his daughter or are they agents of whatever nutjob writes the laws? Maybe we should self govern maybe that man should of kicked that boys a–.

Gimme a break. Bankrupting the country (the Rs have contributed to it, but the Ds have the lion’s share of that responsibility) and making people dependent on an inefficient government is hardly sound economics.


Didn’t you just post here like a month ago? I recognize that cortez advertisement on your name, and therefore I recognize true mental illness radiating through my computer monitor.

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So many “words” come to mind … narcissist isn’t one of them. :innocent:


The Working Poor aren’t asking for that were asking for a living wage. Sinema made sure to thumbs down that. We don’t want subsidies, food stamps, or direct payments. We want actual payment for actual work. I’m about to go 1099, because major employers and mom and pop shops can’t pay wages that meet my families very modest needs. It will be hard to adapt my talents to a contractor position, but work being so scarce as they claim they will have to adopt. I’m sure you party will just increase HB1 visas to fill rolls left by people who go independent. I actually like Mike Lindell’s story going from crackhead to independent businessman.

I did and that is when I swore I wouldn’t post I’ve continued to read here since. I see the same mistakes being made, by the same people. Alaska Slim is the worst of all his though; oh if we just had more Austrian economics.

I’m more of a byronic hero, an inconoclast of sorts. I like to challenge people to think outside of the lines that have been drawn.