TRUE PRIVILEGE: LGBT Rapist attacks TEEN GIRLS, school arrests the DAD

Yeah dude don’t mind her million dollars in the bank; she’s from the BRONX

Eliminate all the government regulation and enabling which stifles competition, get people back to taking responsibility for themselves to improve their marketability, and the problem will take care of itself.

I don’t think you’re doing that yourself as well as you think.


Yes, @Unitedwestand is an example of what happens to you mind when you take a couple of college courses from a couple of far-left “little professors.” They get you all fired up with left-wing rhetoric, and you are ready to change the world.

Unfortunately that’s the end of their problem solving abilities. All they have to fall back upon are failed Marxist solutions.

There is nothing new about those. The current version has been around for over 150 years. The same ideas were expressed during the Middle Ages during the days of serfdom. Marx claimed that his ideas were the next phase after capitalism. He was wrong. His system was, in fact, a return to serfdom.


A real cultural revolutionary would not have been caught dead at an event like this. Her hobnobbing with the super wealthy only shows what her true aspirations are. She wants to join her idol, Bernie Sanders, as a wealthy “self made politician” who has made themselves wealthy through their “government service.”

That dress cost as much as the average American family grosses in income for six months.

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You have no idea who I am you rarely remember yet read my posts coin man. I haven’t been in college in over 10 years. My son will be in college sooner than the time since I left. The head of my department was a Right Wing Nut Job. I check the obituaries regularly for him not because his politics he was just a detestable degenerate who made all our lives hard. I learned an industrial trade (radiography) not a fuzzy art degree.

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Working with my county democratic party opened some pretty big doors. Best thing I ever did in my life. I have a level of political immunity few others enjoy. Got all the felonies off my record just had to ask really nicely. Opened more doors than anything the GOP could do as they have literally no power here and don’t give ex-felons a chance. I remember talking to our local GOP regent in 2010 and asking him how felt about felons trying to make their life better. He just flatlined and said, some canned answer about the dignity of all human life including felons. I’m like Sir what can your party do to help out someone who is trying to better themselves, he deadpanned again. I knew he didn’t want to talk about it cause our governor then was turning up the fire on felony disenfranchisement.

Before doing B*tch work for the county Democratic party I couldn’t get a job outside of restaurant work, even with a radiography degree. I’m pulling in over 30k for the first time this year and am a homeowner they got me in on the USDA rural Development loan something I can afford 2.5% interest rate bought it in 2013. Really gotta thank Bush for wrecking the home market giving me a leg in.

joe Biden voice “come on man!”

Hey you did nine months on a lie and your still d—t-----ing the boot bro. That’s your issue. They arrest your people for standing up to rapists for the decency of their daughter but they don’t need reform they don’t need a reality check.

Freaking love Joe BTW.

Yeah take away the welfare for the illiterates watch anyone 30 miles from a city core get their house ransacked. I’m taking about the working poor we need wage controls and price controls, Nixon did this in the 70s.

‘got the felonies taken off your record’. Awesome. now the dems will run you for public office.


They have begged me here I have no time to do that. Between kid wife and work. I might do city council some day my uncle did that. This was about your precious police ruining a dads life for defending his daughter with his first amendment… how did this become an attack on the dems.

Oh sweet Karenline… you are the grumpiest one here.

It became an attack on the dems when you barged in and called us economic rapists dude. And I try to forgive people; I find it’s much easier to live that way. Always forgive but never forget.

You deny this?

Someone literally asked would our liberal memebers reply to this. Then someone remarked oh no they pick and choose what threads to reply to. I’ve been dormant a month. CSbrown wasn’t gonna touch it. Patooka is so aussie it hurts. So yeah

I guess yes I deny any conservatives being economic rapists? We are more of the economic mutual consent party, it’s the lefties who force themselves on whoever and whatever

Leader of the Free World? “Let’s go Brandon”, Italian style:


I love it because it’s g-rated :laughing::laughing::laughing:

This might be her best feature and going away, her best action? :joy:

it’s feminized males like you that make me that way.

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If I recall you live in California right? California is liberal Texas stupid as hell average IQ of 95, and bound by partisan identity. Texas Bans abortion, California Bans Guns. Next Texas will ban voting, and California will ban straight white men. I think PhantomOsu used to be from some liberal state and couldn’t find a decent woman.

And you wonder why there is a great resignation? Thats the Vox Populi saying Flip you Bankman and Robbers. The people no longer consent to poverty wages.