TRUE PRIVILEGE: LGBT Rapist attacks TEEN GIRLS, school arrests the DAD

you know what your biggest problem is Unwashed? It’s that i had you pegged from your first post. LOL

wrong again as usual.

@Caroline I’ve been watching since OSUPhantom and RightwingNutJob, PlainOLDDave, and Mylar have been posting here, but I am so rude to have an opinion? That opinion being that you all practice grievance politics. So remember despite watching RO since you’ve been here not saying a word I’m the one out of line. I wanted to see how you all reacted to 2008, I didn’t want to post or interfere because I believed it would taint the experiment. How many guests do you think sit idle for 13 years? Not many. So you had me pegged as X or Y? Great cause I don’t know what your talking about and most of all I don’t really care. I’ve seen you post, and your the most stubborn illogical person on here except for Trumpgrl. I really feel conservative women have no voice in their communities so the moment they get on line they are out for blood. I feel they have no voice because their men “keep them in order” I’ve literally heard men say that shiyt. If you’re seeing so many effeminate men you might be a little butch yourself I suggest you take on a 6"3 lumberjack. I am not going to post a picture of myself, I have had political stalkers, but I tell you what I am a bigger fella with a beard and tinted glasses, in Acid wash jeans, boots, and a band teeshirt. @Fantasy_Chaser an you verify IP logs from Muskegon County Charter 2013-2021, IP logs from Ottawa County Charter 2011-2012, and Ionia County 2010, Missuakee County 2007-2010? To show that I’ve been a constant guest? All of these would be Charter Spectrum Ip address Blocks.

At times this guy is about as articulate at Joe Biden.

Yes, I think he will make a wonderful Democrat Senatorial candidate. His prison time will give him just the right panache.

Here’s a button idea that could get him started.

Of course the similarity ends there. Eugene Debs went to prison for opposing Woodrow Wilson’s World War I policies. I cannot admire Debs’ economic policies, but I can admire his courage. He went to jail over principles. BTW if you find one of these Debs buttons in an old trunk, it’s worth several hundred dollars.

Here’s a politician who should go to jail because of her deeds.

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But jobs which pay less do have a reason to exist, I think you’ll admit that.

Otherwise, you cut off rungs on the ladder for economic mobility, and punish the young who are just starting out.

This is why the youth unemployment rate has hit 40% in Spain and France; they made the hurdles for the young to qualify for jobs too costly for employers to bear.

Austrians study human action, and what they show to us is revealing.

For instance, we can put nations on a spectrum of economic freedom, asking how well they prosper and perform based on how free they are.

What it shows, is that the more economically free your country is, the better your people prosper:

And this is why I identify as Austrian. Because this trend exists. This data came from the U.N., who hardly try to carry water for Free marketeers, so we know this is real.

Equally, the quality of life they have in the freest places, like Switzerland, Hong Kong, and Singapore, is too much to ignore. What reason would I not want to have that same success here?


wuhl…that was boring.

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Most of his posts are a group of rambling words in search of a cogent conclusion.


Blows his mind I pay no penance to any party nor man. I have been consistent on the issues from Cops to Crank.

Doesn’t seem to stop you from making assumptions about who we are.

No. Reagan said it best (and rightly):

Not sure if he’ll admit it (not sure what he’s trying to say at all half the time), but as to the rest, yeah that.

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Yes, @Unitedwestand, Nixon instituted wage and price controls in the early 1970s, and it failed miserably. There were shortages and people and companies found ways to get around them.

I know that because I was a young adult with a job as a cost accountant working at headquarters of a major chemical manufacturing company. I had a first view of the situation regardless of what Nixon Administration tried to do. Holding down prices and wages with regulations is like trying contain a bomb after you have lit the fuse. It can’t be done.

Nixon’s successor, Geraldo Ford thought he’d solved the problem with “WIN” buttons, “Wipe Inflation Now.” That was a very bad and ineffectual joke.

Things didn’t get straightened out until Ronald Reagan became President and got the country back to a market based economy.


It’s the best tactic to introduce straw men into the discussion.

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Yes we agree on defunding the police finally something rational.

Ok tell me who you are I’ve shared very personal stories on here to pain a picture.

Yea, that’s really “rational.” I recall the very old joke that last time you people wanted to do away with “the pigs.”

“The next time you get in trouble, call a hippie.”

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I don’t care about your very personal stories and I’m not sharing mine. You rely on straw men and anecdotal incidents to justify your policies.

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Without the police, who is enforcing the drug laws you seem to want?

I have a mutual defense pact with 3 very close friends. I have never called the police once in my life they have been to my home maybe 10 times in my existence over the last ten years. I literally evicted a man during the pandemic using force, it wasn’t about cash he was constantly drunk and a threat to my family. Had three of my buddies drive him 45 miles away could of faced charges. Real libertarian bent when it comes to protecting my family. I don’t need a “pig” or an officer to save me, infact I got an issue I take it straight to the prosecutor its what we did before police we petitioned a 3rd party a court to hear our case.

I said let us take the dealers out like Durate let his people take them out. Read Philippine Drug War on wikipedia. There are few pushers I’d like to take out myself. I am a prison abolitionist it wastes time and money cut the junk off kiddy diddlers. Beat wife beaters, kill killers, whack drug dealers its that simple.

Extra judicial killings by militias? That’s what you want?

You want due process we can do that. I said petition a third party, then hand them to a jury and let the jury decide the punishment. Prison is useless it makes them worse when they come out. My doc is a real conservative and he said my views on punishment are barbaric. I got a dead cousin cause the pusherman is pushing his stuff. damn right I want retribution. I don’t share the Swedish view on Justice. I’m more saudi arabia. I probally look weird as hell because I broke the two party paradigm. I’m a real Lyndon H. Larouch.

Who is arresting them? Who or what is paying for their involvement?