Trump 2020 Ads

First of all, if this is a duplicate I apologize. I thought I had posted this before but I can find no such thread.

Second, these are Trump ads from the Trump Youtube channel. These are not GOP ads . . . . at least I a pretty sure they are not. They are not from the GOP Youtube channel

Honoring Those Who Sacrificed


Our America

Lawless - Kenosha, Wisconsin

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President Trump is putting America’s veterans first!


Democrats, the media, and the WHO got coronavirus WRONG from the very beginning

Real Reform

Renew. Restore. Rebuild.

Land of Greatness




Walk Away

Freed Hostages


Promises and Hope

The last thing American small businesses need is Joe Biden.


Radio Ad

We now have a president that doesn’t have to use a teleprompter. Let’s keep it that way!

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She voted for Hillary. But she absolutely isn’t voting for Biden!

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Joe Biden doesn’t have the energy to rebuild our economy!

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