Trump: Actually, I'm Not Sure I'll Endorse John McCain or Paul Ryan


Trump: Actually, I’m Not Sure I’ll Endorse John McCain or Paul Ryan - Guy Benson

When one considers both McCain and Ryan have actively worked against Trump is it any wonder Trump would not support them? These two have been shown to be RINOs who have worked to promote policies which harm the nation something Trump has pledged to reverse.


Actually, I think Trump, once again, would have been better off keeping his mouth shut on the issue and stick to talking about Hillary Clinton’s record and her role in the failed Obama administration. He did not, so now we have yet another 24 to 48 hour news cycle that is not focused on Clinton.

Frankly, I’m beginning to have serious doubts if Trump is suitable to be POTUS. I’m certain Clinton isn’t.

I fear Trump isn’t just making gaffs or mistakes. I’m thinking we are seeing the real Donald Trump - a thin-skinned, vindictive son of a bitch who takes advice from no one. Since he has given little in-depth thought to most issues, he will need advisors he can trust. But, they do little good if he doesn’t consider their input.

His handlers/advisors are apparently going to hold an “intervention” with him in an attempt to re-focus the campaign.

Perhaps what he needs is a damn exorcism.

Thank you Republican primary voters for strapping us with perhaps the only candidate who could lose to the POS known as Hillary Clinton.


I can’t imagine they expect or want Trump’s endorsement. I wouldn’t. I also wouldn’t want McCain’s or Ryan’s. Oh, wait a minute. *THEY *endorsed Trump? Seriously.

Like Mike said, Trump’s a thin-skinned vindictive sumbitch. LOL at all the sniveling about Cruz *not *endorsing Trump.


From Twitter:

Ryan camp:

“Neither Speaker Ryan nor anyone on his team has ever asked for Donald Trump’s endorsement,” predicts victory next week.


Neither McCain or Ryan say they asked Trump for his endorsement - why the hell would they ask him?

This goes to my point - other than taking the opportunity to be mockingly vindictive, why would Trump bring up not endorsing either one of these guys? There was NOTHING for him to gain by commenting.


Or attacking Cruz, etc. This guy’s eye is so far off the ball it’s no wonder he’s losing; and he’s going to claim it’s all rigged and Republicans will go along with him in droves. It’s like he’s trying to lose, like maybe he actually is a Hillary shill. I wonder if his fans can even see this.


I noticed and i’m glad. These SOBs have chastised us all in the past when they chose their pathetic candidate and then told us we HAD to vote for him. NOW, WE CHOSE and they don’t want to follow their own advice. They’d rather see Hillary as president so that their cushy position is not messed with. And you’re gonna sit there and let them play us all again. IF we don’t take this back NOW, there will be no other chance.


At this point, I really don’t care…

Hillary is going to win. I’m investing in lead until January, and as long as I can after.


Caroline, this election is not about McCain or Ryan. It is about Trump. He needs to not mention them. He simply reinforces the chasm in the party and he gets less than nothing out of it.

Bottom line - Hillary will not win if Trump focuses his commentary on her.

I prefer Trump to Clinton. However, I am totally disgusted and pissed off by Trump’s egotistical stupidity demonstrated by his daily wandering off course.

It isn’t enough that Clinton is unsuitable for public office - Trump must convince voters of his suitability as well. To say his effort thus far has been satisfactory is denying reality. Defending Trump’s continued ineptitude is not a virtue.

I can’t imagine anyone approving the manner in which he is figuratively handing ammunition on a daily basis to those on the Left who wish to use it against him in order to keep the focus off Hillary Clinton and her legendary failings.


I have to agree with Mike. Trump is just plain stupid. Every single ####ing day he opens his mouth and shifts the focus off Clinton to what ever dumb thing he has decided to utter. I was prepared to vote for Trump but Like Devilneck I just don’t care anymore. I will just write in Cruz and be done with this farce of an election. The best we can hope for is that the Congress critters win enough seats to make Clinton’s Presidency a failure.