Trump and Andrew Jackson

Donald Trump and Andrew Jackson have a lot in common. Both were brash Presidents who spoke their minds. Their supporters adored them, and their enemies hated them with a fiery passion. Both of them thought they were cheated out of an election, but there is a difference.

In 1824, Andrew Jackson received more popular votes and more votes in the Electoral College than his opponents. But he did not get a majority of the electoral votes which threw the election into the House of Representatives. There House Speaker, Henry Clay, engineered a win for John Quincy Adam’s, who had finished second. In return, Adams appointed Clay to be his Secretary of State. Some historians dispute that, but I think it is true.

In those days Secretary of State was a stepping stone to the presidency. Everyone from Thomas Jefferson to John Quincy Adams had held the office before they become President.

Jackson and his supporters screamed “corrupt bargain!” and it became a rallying cry for Jackson’s 1828 campaign. Like in sports, it was an example of, “We’ll get ‘em next time.”

Unlike Jackson Trump keeps harping on the 2020 election. He can’t let it go, and it’s hurt him with the independent voters. It would have been okay to look into it for two or three weeks after the election, but then Trump foolishly kept going with it, down to and beyond the January 6 “Democrat holiday.”

If Trump is going to run, he needs to put the 2020 election behind him. He needs to take a page from Jackson’s playbook, look forward, not backward. But he’s a stubborn, thin-skinned, vain man. He doesn’t listen, and that’s his biggest problem.

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Trump is the greatest modern president.

I would rate Ronald Reagan ahead of him. Reagan was better able to keep his emotions in check. Of course Reagan didn’t have put up with garbage from the likes the lying Adam Schiff who did all he could to nullify the results of the 2016 presidential election.

Schiff spent two years doing the same thing as Trump did after the 2020 election. The difference was as Schiff was able to do it “legally” within the confines of his Congressional “star chamber.”

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Reagan dealt with a bias press but not an outright lying propaganda press like Trump did. And Reagan never could have withstood the onslaught of attacks and hate and fake impeachments and more that Trump had to. I love Reagan, but remember, Iran Contra sent him into a funk and hiding for months. Trump had what it takes to fight the sheer evil of today’s Left.

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He lacked one critical thing in that fight that Reagan had: Effective and coherent communication.

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He sure got his message through to his followers on Twitter. Trump spoke DIRECTLY to the people, daily. Reagan never did that.

And themes? Build the Wall? Drain the Swamp? America First?

I must disagree with you. Trump was a fantastic communicator.

Trump gets his message to his followers, @Knight_Templar, but he does not communicate very well with the rest of the electorate. That means that he has a solid and enthusiastic 40% of the vote, but where does he get the other 11% he needs to win the swing states?

Ronald Reagan got 58.8% of the popular vote in 1984. He even carried California, Massachusetts and New York. I know times are different now. The education system has brainwashed a lot of voters. Still a candidate needs to get the swing voters in the swing states, and Trump has not shown that he can do it.

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1 Uhm, Twitter and other social media- and the internet itself as we know it- didn’t exist in Reagan’s time.
2 Or catchphrases. Reagan’s themes were human rights and fighting the Evil Empire (the Soviet Union).
3 Then great is our disagreement. Trump far too often put his foot in his mouth.

Again you think the Trump people are conservatives like you who want cultural change, no they are people who watch to much tv and like his loudmouth Howard stern antics when he is out of the fold they will be too. they are fair-weather political allies. I have a very close conservative friend and he asked me. why social liberalism and I said if they’re going to hell right they might as well live it up. Some people bottom out find God. Ya know, war does it too a lot of people see God when the bombs stat dropping.

  1. I understand that, but it still happened all the same. Trump successfully used the tools available at the time to communicate well.
  2. Trumps themes were making America great again, and restoring the economy. Pretty good stuff. Reagan and Trump bot had their catch phrases (evil empire v. drain the swamp) but they also had their over-arching themes of returning government to the people and restoring American greatness.
  3. Foot in mouth. I remember when Reagan said that we begin bombing Russia in 10 minutes. I remember when Nancy whispered in his ear what he was to say.

They are both very different types of men, but they were both great communicators and great presidents.

You forget . . . Trump won in 2020. The election was stolen. That is a stone cold fact.

Hooray. Another one.

You don’t think it was stolen? The preponderance of circumstantial evidence says that it was. But more than that, the blatant illegal extension of deadlines in several states, deadlines up to which Trump had led and after which Biden led, were in fact illegal and therefore the results that favored Biden were fraudulent and false. Trump won, legally.
Again, that is a stone cold fact, and anyone who denies it simply denies the facts in evidence.

There’s more people who believe that crap than you’d think. Strangely none of these “experts” have taken Texas Lt Governor Dan Patrick up on his $1 million offer for proof.

Only Liberals thin that Truth is Crap. I take it you must be a leftist, the gang of gay marriage, transgenderism, teaching little kids racist hate and sexual perversion . . . you know, the science gang. LOL.

Its too bad that you cannot grasp basic verifiable facts. As I said in the previous post: The blatant illegal extension of deadlines in several states, deadlines up to which Trump had led and after which Biden led, were in fact illegal and therefore the results that favored Biden were fraudulent and false. Trump won, legally.
For the third time, that is a stone cold fact, and anyone who denies it simply denies the facts in evidence.

Then head on down to Texas, show your “proof” and get yourself a million dollars. Why haven’t you?

I also believe in Satan worshipping, eating puppies and mandatory abortions.

You find humor in the murder of millions of innocent children. You are the second person here who has revealed what they are about in a brief two days.

The election was stolen. Only fools and criminals and those who prefer the bliss of ignorance deny it.

So why haven’t you picked up a million dollars from Lt Governor Patrick yet?

I might be a fool, but the time has come to get over the results of the 2020 election. As it was in 1824 and '25, the results were recorded and a president was sworn into office.

As I said in my opening post, the attitude should be, “We’ll get 'em next time!” Concentrate on 2022 and 2024. The 2020 election is history.

And by the way, if you think that 2020 yielded a fraudulent result, you need to study the history of the 1876 election. Rutherford B. Hays became known as Ruther-fraud for very good reason. In that case, the Republicans had control of the ballot counting, and they found a way steal the election from Democrat, Samuel J. Tilden. The Republicans also left African-Americans to deal with Jim Crow for the next century. Of course the Democrats where the folks who put Jim Crow in charge, so neither party came out looking good on that one.

History has had embarrassing moments for both political parties.

In the 19th century, political tokens were often issued in pairs for each candidate. Here is the Hays - Wheeler (his running mate) token.

And here is the corresponding Tilden – Hendricks piece. Both of these tokens are scarce as are most of the tokens from the 1876 presidential election.

And here is a ticket that would have gotten you into the House of Representatives gallery so that you could have watched the theft of the election.

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Given what I read in some of your posts, I wouldn’t doubt. it. Roast dog probably tastes like chicken, but I’m only guessing.

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I do not think you are.

No can do. It was stolen and that is provable.

Oh yes, with a vengence! Literally.

Perhaps, but that was 150 yerars ago, and this is now. And the stakes are the very existance of the Republic as you and I have known it.

I am going to search the threads to see if anyone else ever made that case here.