TRUMP and Humpty Dumpty


If you look at the US you can see our rein of power was extremely short lived, in fact only about 30 years (1945-1975). That said we accomplished so much in the 30 year span that it changed the world as the world knew it. If we have any hope of ever regaining out position of greatness then we should examine what took the US to those heights and how did we fall from grace.

3 things put us there and while those 3 took nearly 200 years to grow to their full potential when they blossomed the entire world benefited” Now like a flower without water and sunshine they and we are withering on the stalk.

  1. Constitutional Republic: No country on the face of the earth has it and no country has ever acknowledged like our Constitution does our God Given Rights. As we have drifted away from the basis of Constitutional law we have moved into law of man (GOVT) who giveth and who can taketh at whim. Even as I type this I listen to the pro/con of Gorsuch our newest SCOTUS nominee and whether he is conservative or liberal, leans left or right and Democrat or Republican…Yet that should not even be a consideration. The only job he has (or should have) is to make a call based upon Constitutionality of the question, is it or is it not Constitutional. Instead SCOTUS has drifted over into making law rather than ruling. Finally the acid test I give every one running for any office is where to you stand on the RKBA (Right to Keep and Bear Arms) our 2nd Amend. This tells me everything about how you view our rights.

  2. Free Market Capitalism: Only the engine of capitalism can change the world and we did, but the far left hates it, because it gives you freedom. Capitalism is the ONLY economic approach that is 100% organic to people, every other economic approach is man-GOVT-theory. Ever since Igor met Grumph on a trail, Igor with his 2 hindquarters of game and Grumph with his 2 baskets of nuts and berries and when they parted each had a hindquarter and a basket of berries, capitalism was born. No man or GOVT economic systems has ever worked. That said the GOVT does have a role and a very limited one at that. To foster competition and to insure that NO company ever gets to big to fail. Both of which they failed at under both Bush and Obama.

  3. Central foundation based upon a Christian God with its focus on the 10 Commandments: No one is an Atheist, that is a delusion. Every human has a set of values, be them good or bad, they still have a value set. One can look to Mohammed, or just stare in the mirror and make up your own dogma and rules. But no one is without a value set, be from a “GOD” or seeing yourself as the “GOD” its there. Its at its best when we share a common value set. In the Christian Bible there are 10 and only 10 Commandments, which is the basis for our Constitution and laws and how we live as individuals and a society. Just 10, no more, no less.

We have left all this behind, with talk of a “living” Constitution, meaning make it up as you go along and its basis is law of man not of God given rights. Our fall from grace began in the 60’s. A late Nov night, 1968, with freezing rain at SEATAC airport in Seattle, I was stepping off the plain and being greeted by Vietnam war protesters. I did not know then what it really meant, but do now and we did not stop then and we can see what has happened to this country as a result…

Fail to restore these 3 and we fail completely: Can Trump be the one who puts us back together or are we Humpty Dumpty and all the kings horses and all the kings men cannot put Humpty Dumpty together again….

I believe he can, but do not believe he can with a shadow govt working against him and a corrupt news media spewing lies like a broken sewer pipe.

But we can hope!


Outstanding post sir