Trump bans CNN reporter


So, Jim Acosta, had his creds pulled. I assume you are all aware so I’m not linking a story…

What do you think?

To be clear, I’m not asking if Trump has the authority or if it’s a legal question, I’m just asking how you feel about the move? Is this a good precedent? Do you have any problems at all with the move or are you ok with it?


Fine with me.

He didn’t set a precedent. It’s been done several times before.


I am happy about it. Acosta has behaved like a rude obnoxious lowlife pig for two years, and strong arming the intern was the last straw. When I first heard about this in the news I jumped up and yelled, “Yes!”. I had been hoping for this for a long time.


Few thoughs…

“Obnoxious, lowlife pig” Examples, please?

Having said that, is that good grounds for barring reporters because you don’t like them?

When a Dem takes the Whitehouse (whenever that will be), will you be ok with “right-leaning” reporters getting barred as well because the President feels like it?

If yes, can’t you see a future where the President only invites reporters that support them? You’d be ok with that? Or do you beleive that the rules only apply to Dems?


So here is a difference:

Acosta assaulted a female intern.

Dems should be calling for his head. Why aren’t they?


Try not to be quite so obtuse, csb. CNN has several other “journalists” with White House press passes. THIS idiot is merely one of many and routinely behaves as though he’s the only one in the room besides either Sarah or the President. He’s there to ask questions and report on the answers. He is NOT there to debate anyone, though he does this time after time. We’ve got HOURS of his behavior on tape if you doubt it. If I had been there, he WOULD have given up that microphone or sustained a broken arm.


Sure, I always keep a library of white house videos up my sleeve for just such a question.

Please! In have yet to see the man NOT be obnoxious! His biggest problem is that he goes in to DEBATE and that is NOT his job! His job is to ask questions, report the answers, and hand the mic to the next reporter. But he argues and debates policy and cause an uproar in the room every time… That alone should have got his sorry rear thrown out long ago


I’m not aware of this. Do you have evidence?


I fail to see how that’s relevant.


So, your claim is true by the nature of the fact that you said it?

Is that what counts for truth?


LOL. The video is viral everywhere!

2 min 13 sec mark


Too bad Trump couldn’t have the Marines drag him outside and stomp his guts out… but then if Acosta had any guts he wouldn’t be bullying girls half his size.


Sure that was an ugly scene, maybe she shouldn’t have reached in like this:

And instead have waited patiently for Jim to hand her the mic.

Trump has created this atmosphere and people like you are going to get butthurt when people react to it?

You’re going to play, collectively, the victim card? Seriously?

I mean, for the record, I don’t support the way Trump encourages people to violence or the way he demesnes people, but it doesn’t surprise me that these sorts of things are the reaction to it, nor am I ok with the way Acosta acted, but sometimes you have to make a stand, it’s just pathetic that we’re in this place in the first place.

Now Mike Huckabee called Acosta a “bully”. Frankly, that’s hilarious. I mean, it would be if it wasn’t so hypocritical. Trump supporters are ok with bullies, as long as they are bulling the people they don’t like or agree with…

Shall I give you some examples?


Oh, and let’s not forget (because I did when I replied) that the Whitehouse doctored the video (or they posted a video someone else doctored) that your link shows…

But I guess that’s ok too?


Mark Levin made a great point today: Why do we even know who Jim Acosta is (Mark said)? He has few viewers, and there are lots of reporters at these briefings.
Answer: He makes himself the news. He causes controversy, causes trouble, brings attention to himself and make himself the story. That is unethical and a violation of what his job is. He is everything that is wrong with journalism today.

Removing as still from a film is the same as taking a quote out of context. What are you, an apologist for the fake news scum at CNN? You’re making fake news right now.

That’s a lie. That bogus “doctored video” story has already been disproved. Not only are you spreading fake news, but you’re spreading old debunked fake news.
I take it you are the resident fake news socialist agitator in this forum.


By whom? You?


Maybe if you hadn’t seen it, but you have so you know the context, plus I posted a link to the original and the doctored version…


You surely are aware of it. It’s all over the news, all over the internet, and I just told you.


I don’t have any problem with his rear end being booted out of WH press conferences. The joke is that CNN is suing the Trump administration for allegedly violating his 1st and 5th Amendment rights. What a crock.


Nobody “doctored” the video. It was BLOWN UP to clearly show Acosta karate chopped the girl’s arm out of the way. Are you REALLY this committed to the left?