Trump bans CNN reporter


Yes, I was aware in the sense that I had heard that a CNN reporter had their creds pulled, but other than that, when I said it, that’s all I knew.


Are you really that blind?

Here is a side by side comparison blown up the same amount…

I’ve highlighted the change.

Now, what difference does the blur make? Why would anyone do that? What’s the big deal?

Easy, I shoot with a nice SLR camera and I take videos of my daughter’s volleyball and soccer all the time. If you put the camera on “sports mode” it does a great job of freezing the action like this:

The problem is, we don’t see fast moving objects like this, so a picture like this doesn’t capture the motion…

Now here we add just a little blur and the motion becomes apparent and it gives the image (or in our case video, the appearance of moving more quickly because it mimmics what we see in the brain.

Here is a whole page that explains it…

So no, it’s not because it’s “blown up”, it was intentional. to make it look like more than it was.


Once again, in a vacuum It’s really not that big a deal, I tend to agree. There are some circumstances in which reporters should probably be removed. However, it matters why and I think that’s where stuff like this could become a problem. Removing reporters because you don’t like their questions. It’s pretty obvious Trump was angry when Acosta was asking his question. He had to walk away from the podium to gather himself. Also, the President uses the tactic of interrupting the people he doesn’t like in order to make these sorts of things look more confrontational then they have to be.

Look, Trump is brilliant at this reality TV stuff. He understands the drama and the conflict…I just don’t want this kind of drama with our President.


So you opposed this when Obama did it?

No, I won’t link the video. Google it.


Oh - My - God! You are showing two different stills from different points in time. Of course they look different! Are you kidding me? You should get a job at Fake News CNN, or maybe with Crooked Hillary.

It has been noted by everyone that there was no doctoring. Well, everyone except for apologists for the fake news CNN liars.

The so-called “doctoring” was a zoom-in and a little speed up. Newsflash: Zooming in and speeding up to make an action clear, like they do on NFL game re-plays, is NOT doctoring. When the NFL replays and zooms in on a play does anybody accuse them of doctoring? Of course not.

You seem to actually WANT to remain willfully ignorant of the facts and believe the lies from CNN and the Left. Why is that?

9 minute 40 second mark:


Famed Watergate reporter Bob Woodward criticized CNN on Tuesday for the network’s lawsuit against the Trump administration after the revocation of Jim Acosta’s press pass.

CNN announced Tuesday morning that they were filing suit against the White House for taking away Acosta’s hard pass, citing violations of their First and Fifth Amendment rights.

Woodward blasted the lawsuit during a Global Financial Leadership Conference in Naples, Florida, according to NBC media reporter Dylan Byers.

“In the news media, there has been an emotional reaction to [President Donald Trump] … too many people for Trump or against Trump have become emotionally unhinged about this,” Woodward said. “This is a negative … Trump is sitting around saying, ‘This is great.’”



No they are not. They are taken from the exact same moment


As I said to FC, Acosta getting his creds pulled isn’t really that big a deal, it’s the just the broader context under which it’s happening.


“Fake news” is just a euphemism for news that reports things you don’t like. I can’t keep you from using the term, but understand that when you say it, that’s the way I interpret it.


There is obviously no point in discussing things with someone who is so willing to accept lies and ignore facts. Have a nice day


Now let’s be clear, if a Fox News reporter or some other right leaning reporter were challenging Obama or Clinton and acted the exact same way, you’d all be supporting the move as standing up to the “tyranny of the left” and I’m just not sure how you guys can’t see this as the left seeing it the same way.

The reality is that it’s not something we should be accepting of from anyone regardless of party.


Facts, what facts? you haven’t don’t anything but make claims. I posted images and a link to the video.

It’s pretty amazing when you can deny what you actually SEE with your own eyes. Talk about indoctrination.

If the images (and the video I captured this from) were taken at different points in time there would be obvious tells in the image from the things that aren’t blurred.

Go to 00:12 in this video and look at this woman who is lifting her head.


If you look at the vids side by side, they are in perfect sync.

Saying these videos are taken from different points in time is pure self delusion.

If you want to hand wave this away in order to avoid the obvious that you’re wrong and the vids are in sync, that’s your call.


I think he has the right to ban anyone who becomes obnoxious, threatening, or antagonistic. He doesn’t have to answer any of their questions or accusations. BO threatened some heckler on video during one of his speeches. I believe the heckler kept asking him about some stoopid thing he did. BO never answers truthfully.


BO is a congenital liar.

Nobody has a constitutional right to have a white house press pass, and Crying Jim Acosta rightfully lost his privilege. It was way overdue

CNN’s Jim Acosta pushed a White House intern’s arm during a press conference Wednesday and then lied about it. This altercation and the aftermath are a perfect example of how the Trump administration effectively uses media members’ sense of self-importance against them.


There is some precedent for this. Apparently years ago there was a muck raking journalist who wanted a press pass and was denied several times. He sued and won. I can find the details if anyone is interested.

Honestly, I don’t think CNN is going to win because as long as their journalists have access, they can’t really complain. Jim Acosta isn’t “the press”, rather a member of it.

The part that bothers me is that this is what our discourse is devolving too.

Acosta is no angel in this scenario, but neither is Trump. He enjoys the spectical and drama because it plays well with the people that support him.


My Take:
1 - Acosta should have been banned.
2 - His ban should be permanent.
3 - CNN has literally hundreds of reporters around the world who could replace him.
4 - The CNN suit has no merit and will be tossed out very quickly, as Acosta/CNN has no constitutional right to even be allowed in the White House.
5 - In a legal sense, I think it a real stretch to conclude Acosta assaulted the intern.
6 - What he was doing was creating a disturbance during the news conference, failing to relinquish the mic.
7 - Acosta’s purpose has previously been noted in this thread - drawing attention to himself.
8 - Among the Shiite-For-Brains Left, such antics gives him credibility - he’s down for the cause, so to speak.
9 - Acosta is NOT a journalist/reporter - he’s a political commentator masquerading as a reporter - he continually attempts to engage in Left-Wing political debate with whomever happens to be at the White House podium.
10 - His anti-Trump bias is typical of the “reporters” in attendance at these news conferences. The only difference is, Acosta has balls and the COMPLETE backing of those running CNN.


Best of all is what President Trump said about Acosta:

I’ll tell you what, CNN should be ashamed of itself having you working for them. You are a rude terrible person. You shouldn’t be working for CNN. You’re a very rude person. The way you treat Sarah Huckabee is horrible. And the way you treat other people is horrible. You shouldn’t treat people that way.

When you report fake news, which CNN does a lot, you are the enemy of the people.


Victor D. Hanson listed a half dozen or more “stories” published by CNN which were later shown to be false, among those were the story that Trump Jr. had “prior knowledge” of the release of the Wikileaks stuff. It was later shown that they got their own time-line WRONG. CNN never has apologized for this. There are at least a dozen or so others. CNN routinely publishes ANY story that shows President Trump in a bad light. THEIR record for the past 3 YEARS is about 97% negative to 3% “neutral” stories about our President. There simply CANNOT be that many negative things about him and virtually NOTHING that is positive. THAT’S why they are what he calls them…FAKE NEWS! Insofar as the Acosta story is concerned, a REAL reporter asks the President a question with maybe a follow-up and then passes the mic. Acosta rarely (if ever) simply asks a question and then waits for a reply–whether from the President or from whatever White House official is conducting the briefing–without launching into a speech first about how reprehensible the President and his policies are and then INSISTS on following up with a half-dozen more “follow-up” questions. He obviously wants the story to be about HIM. CNN is peopled by morons…including Zucker. CNN has 50 or more “reporters” who have NOT been banned from the White House briefings so no one is “stifling freedom of the press.” Acosta does NOT have a “Constitutional right” to attend ANY White House event…including press briefings. He is NOT “The Press.” He’s one, rude, unconscionable commentator, POSING as a reporter.


Like many liberals or progressives, Acosta has lost his marbles since Trump won the election. It has became a neurosis for them that has reached the point were they can’t perform the basic news gathering and reporting function.

Unfortunately modern journalism schools teach their students that political advocacy is a major part of their job as news reporters. The net effect is that they are incapable of unbiased reporting which ultimately lowers the respect that their profession receives. The main stream news media have become used politician salesmen.