Trump bans CNN reporter


No, main stream news, all of it is entertainment that seeks to satisfy its audience. The more bias the news, the more that the people that watch it only watch to have their opinions confirmed. And don’t delude yourself into thinking this only applies to left or that it occurs more on the left than the right.


Well, Mr Liberal, the people on your side have done everything they could to cause Trump to fail. They have never given him a chance. They have conducted this endless Russian probe which has found nothing and will find nothing.

If the Republicans had treated Obama this way, the Democrats would be screaming their heads off, with good reason. As Obama said, “Elections have consequences.” Your side lost the 2016 presidential election, but they can’t accept that result. Instead of discussing the issues, you spend our time and our money on politically motivated investigations. You side has acted like a bunch of spoiled brats.


It was awesome.

Thats a fact.

LOL! YOU are the deluded one. OF COURSE it happens more on the Left!! Every network and cable news channel IS Leftist, except for Fox!! And even though FNC’s commentary shows are conservative, their hard news shows are the only fair & balanced ones on TV.
Who the heck is paying you to post all this ignorance you post, George Soros?


Not all Fox News is conservative. Juan William, Chris Hahn and other liberal commentators appear regularly. You can’t say that for the liberal networks. Fox also reports some stories days before the main stream outlets get to it.


I think the other side should get the drama lumber out of their own eye. There has been a lot of antagonism by the leftist media against conservatives in general, and Trump in particular. And it’s nothing new. W. got fed up with what’s-her-name (well-known hostile older female reporter) and if I recall correctly, he yanked her White House press pass, too. And good riddance; she wasn’t seeking answers; she was confronting for the sake of a leftist agenda. Then there was the press guy who annoyed Reagan to the point where the latter told him to shut up. The only way to be sure of civility in White House press conferences is to get the leftist propagandists’ rear ends out of there.


Easy on the personal comments, please. Our general rule here is: Attack the post, not the poster.


Thanks for the hard laugh.


And who get’s to decide what “leftist and rightist propaganda” is?


It was Helen Thomas, a favorite of the left.


I am sorry that you don’t know fact from fiction. Its time for you to go to your “Jim Acosta Woman Beating Club” meeting.


I agree with you here, CS except the part about this being equally perpetrated by both parties. It seems that all news reporting is entertainment. Case in point: the Weather Channel’s buffoonery during the Hurricane with the reporter practically standing horizontally due to the “wind” and two guys in shorts walking behind him with no trouble. I’ve noticed that the Weather Channel likes to create panic and chaos. Even if there is a storm approaching (rain, lightening, thunder, etc.) the way they report it sounds like Armageddon is approaching. I don’t watch it anymore, just like I rarely watch any news station. Including local news.


That was hilarious. But it’s true, they are selling a product. IN this case information about weather and the worse it gets, and the more people fear, the more people watch.

It’s no different in politics. Say things that scare people and more people watch.

Case in point. The “immigrant invasion”…Not hearing as much about it these days since the election. Now I’m not saying that no one is talking about it, but clearly, it was hyped up before the election to scare people.


BS. This IS a bona fide “invasion” of our country by Central Americans (and others). When it started, the leftist “news” organizations ALL pooh-poohed the whole thing and even denied it was happening–despite photographic and video evidence that it WAS. It STILL is and almost a thousand have already arrived in TJ, climbed the border fence and are taunting the border patrol to “try and stop us.”


Invasion is a term used in war meant to inflame fears.

If this is an invasion, the invaders forgot their weapons…lol


And you know this, HOW? 90% of these invaders are carrying backpacks. Do you know what’s in them?




There are thousands of other firearms that fit quite nicely in a backpack. An AK47 is NOT the only (or even the preferred) weapon of an Army of invaders under constant media scrutiny.


Do you know what’s in those backpacks? Do you really believe that they are carrying firearms? Give me a break dave, this is rich, even by your standards.


There is a major difference. I rarely watch CNN or MSNBC, but when I chance to watch a little, I’m always shocked by the level of hatred expressed. Sometimes it’s subtle, even passive aggressive, but often it’s outright hatred for the president with insults issued freely to anyone who disagrees.

You don’t see that on FoxNews.


Only someone who ignores bias and contempt (I won’t use the word “hatred”) could say something like that. No matter what I show you, what examples I give you, I suspect that you’d be incapable of seeing it.

Now do I see a bias on CNN?

Sure, their bias is grounded in the fact that the focus more on the misdeeds of right and literally don’t leave much time to report on the left (though they do).

The President’s actions are so egregious and have outraged so many on the left that there literally isn’t enough time in the hour to report on the lies and corruption in this administration.

To make matters worse, Trump often pulls issues back into the news that if left alone would have died on their own.

IS CNN biased? OF COURSE!, but to say tyhat Fox isn’t biased is pure blindness.

Now bias doesn’t mean wrong, it doesn’t mean that they have their facts wrong, it just means that they are playing to an audience.