Trump bans CNN reporter


It’s true that he outrages people on the left. No truer words have ever been spoken. But his actions are not egregious. He’s merely keeping the promises that got him elected. Lies? CNN expresses its hatred for him by falsely saying he lies. Though he does exaggerate for emphasis sometimes. But CNN lies about him constantly, and one big lie is to say he lies. That’s probably why you believe it.

And what corruption? CNN lies about his motives for various things claiming it was for profit motive. Maybe that’s where you get that.

I didn’t say FoxNews isn’t biased, though they do attempt to be balanced, which CNN doesn’t appear to try to do. I said you don’t see the hatred on FoxNews that is clearly evident on CNN and MSNBC.


I give you “balance”


Left of what?

There are people on the right, the middle and the left that is outraged by Trump. To say that it’s only the left is simply to push people who identify as right and moderate into the left.


He lies on average 9 times a day since he was elected. Shall I remind you of a few?


That was an interesting little clip. You think it’s, what, inconsistent to not trust Obama to meet with world dictators but to praise President Trump for meeting with little Un?

Let’s explore this. Obama went around the world apologizing for America, as if America is the problem rather than the solution that it really is. And he even bowed to other world leaders. (Our culture doesn’t do that. He demeaned us.)

Compare that to President Trump. Is there any other man on earth who is as good a negotiator as President Trump? There may be competitors on par, but just think about how he sold Kim.

First he softened him up with the “bully” tactic, including lots of mocking, assurance that he’ll fail and essentially personal threats–causing him to totally lose face. Then while he’s reeling, he hit him with the glorifying respect and awesome kindness blitz. And he got some results and a signed agreement! We haven’t seen success yet, but we gave away nothing. The full sanctions are still in place. And there haven’t been any rockets, nuclear tests or even verbal threats since then.

I definitely didn’t trust Obama, and that lack of trust was vindicated by the horrible deal he made with Iran. But I do trust President Trump, and he’s done nothing to suggest my trust is misplaced. Now if we could just get CNN to tell some truth!


That’s some of the hate I was talking about. You’ve been duped. Let me remind you of one of the claims.

While President’s Trump and Putin stood side by side at a press conference in Helsinki some reporter said,

Just now President Putin denied having anything to do with the election interference of 2016. Every US intelligence agency has concluded that Russia did. Who do you believe? … Would you now, with the whole world watching, tell President Putin, would you denounce what happened in 2016? And would you warn him to never do it again?"

That’s the hate I’m talking about. One purpose of that conference was to improve relations with Russia. How do you do that by accusing Putin to his face in public of lying? Everyone knows Russia has always interfered as much as they can, though they can’t actually corrupt the vote totals (like the Democrats are doing right now in Florida).

Can’t you see the hate? That reporter in particular, wanted President Trump to fail. So he rudely and hatefully jammed that in his face and demanded that he either fail by calling Putin out, or soft pedal it and thus give FakeNews CNN a story that he lied.

President Trump very wisely folded that discussion back to the FBI’s refusal to investigate the DNC’s computer, which had been hacked, probably by Russians. And Hillary’s missing emails (since Hillary was known to have collaborated with Russians).

When he said, “President Putin was extremely strong and powerful in his denial today,” I knew he was blowing smoke. It’s obvious. But it’s all he could do when confronted with the filthy hatred of that reporter. By the way, it was probably a totally true statement, even if irrelevant.


If anyone is criticizing the President in ways you don’t like, it’s because he lies non-stop about anything and everything. He lies about his accomplishments, he lies about other people, he lies about what he’s done. He thinks that he is above the law. He leans very heavily on inexperienced people to do jobs because they are loyal. He has no problem with nepatisim…So yeah, people are angry and some of them are acting inappropriately.

Cherry picking a single instance and trying to hold it out of any context won’t get you anywhere with me.


Seriously? That’s the best you can do to defend Trump the epic lier is to project on me?


I don’t need to defend Trump. It is self-evident to everyone here that your posts are untrue. The posters here don’t need me to prove that to them. You and people like you are the best thing Trump has going for him.


CNN and MSNBC have simply quit reporting “news”. Their entire day is devoted to opinion, and not-so-coincidentally, their opinions are ALL anti-conservative. Fox has dozens of non-opinion shows. It’s opinion shows, Carlson, Jesse Watters, Judge Jeanine, Hannity, all are completely up-front about their biases in favor of conservatism. Their news shows are just that…news…with virtually NO “opinion.”


Csbrown28 needs to cite sources for his claims that Trump lies all the time. That’s the game he played with me after I explained how Andrew Gillum won the Florida Democrat gubernatorial primary. When I cited an after election news story in “The Tampa Bay Times,” that wasn’t good enough for him.

Of course, since he’s a liberal, he can say that Trump lies all the time with no sources to back that up. liberals never lie about anything except, of course, how you would be able to keep your doctor and you health plan under Obama Care.

Csbrown28 reminds me of a story the late Pat Brown (father of out going governor Jerry Brown) told about Richard Nixon during their 1962 California governors race. Brown said of Nixon, “He’d tell you we were going play baseball, but when you got there, he’d bring a football instead.”


Again, Saying the name of a newspaper isn’t how you provide a source. A source would be a specific story so I could look at the info. And I will be happy to point out several of trumps lies when I have a little more time.



I see it on MSN on my laptop. There’s never been an occurrence where MSN had something positive to say about Our President.


That is a load of crap and a pathetically weak excuse to discredit a point of fact. You can Google it just as easily as I did. Gillum won because he rolled up huge majorities in four Florida counties with significant African-American populations. American Socialist godfather, Bernie Sanders, came to Florida to endorse and campaign for him. Gwen Graham won the vote in more countries, but not those with the highest populations. Those are the facts.

Debating you is a waste of time because, as Pat Brown once put it, you show up to baseball games with a football.


You’re not hearing “much about it since the election” because you don’t watch anything but left-wing sites. Fox reports on it daily. I suppose you don’t know that over 1000 of these invaders have ALREADY shown up in Tijuana. Fox has reported on it, but MSNBC and CNN have ignored that story.


Are they still protesting the Honduran government by burning the American flag?


If it’s so easy, why not just post a link?

Like this:

Basics of Citing Websites
When listing Internet sources in your References or Works Cited, the most important thing to remember is that your goal is to make it easy for a reader to consult your sources. (This same goal is paramount when listing print sources.) For most sites, that means you should include the full URL for the page you cite in your paper (the web address that begins “http”). But websites change, and the address you used won’t always be active when your reader tries to view a source. For that reason, it’s important to include both the date you accessed the site and also a full account of the person, group, or organization that sponsors the site. Knowing more about the author helps readers to assess the source and also, sometimes, to find the source when the website has been moved or revised.



The President hasn’t been crowing about it.


So what? Don’t you believe that the President has OTHER issues to deal with? Why on Earth would he “crow” about anything to do with these invaders?


The left, obviously; that’s why civility won’t be restored.

They were already provided in the form of leftist lawyers…

Gah. I should have remembered it.