Trump bans CNN reporter


She looked remarkably like the king of Saudi Arabia, too!


President Trump is a wonderful man and a superb President. I had my doubts when he was first elected even though I voted for him (and will again). I had more doubts when he started tweeting. But, despite all of my doubts, he has turned into the best President we’ve had since Calvin Coolidge. I said some time ago (before the 2016 election) that what this country needed in a president was a “junkyard dog”. Well, President Trump is that. He doesn’t take any doo-doo from anyone, especially the media. He puts them in their place, as he should. I believe he is going to be considered one of the great presidents of our nation. BO, well…he’ll be remembered for his bowing to enemy kings, colluding with enemies, disdain for the American Constitution and flag, hatred for Americans, lying about his background, snubbing his thumb to Israel and Netanyahu, one of our strongest allies, and for fouling the White House. Then, there’s Moochie….


Also, the First Lady, Melania, is the most maligned, insulted, disrespected First Ladies ever. Can you imagine what would have happened if the insults and disrespect Melania has endured had happened to the “Stand-by-your-slob” Hildebeest? Why there’d be protests, riots, denunciations, and all sorts of media histrionics. I don’t care what Melania did before she married Trump. We all have pasts. What matters is what she’s done since becoming Mrs. Trump and First Lady. She, in my opinion, is a classy First Lady.


While I grant that Melina gets her share of fun poked at her, it’s kinda funny from where I sit because Michelle Obama endured quite a bit of hate herself. Now I believe that you believe that what you say is true, however, I doubt you’re aware of how much abuse Michelle put up with.

Since it’s impossible for either of us to cite every instance of disrespect and furthermore weigh the level of disrespect of comments made against each of the two women, it seems pointless to argue. Really what we have here are perceptions based on each of our experiences.

Sean Hannity went nuts when Jimmy Kimmel poked fun at Melania reading for Easter…

Now let’s remind you of a few comments that Michelle endured:

She is an “ape in heels.” (Pamela Ramsey Taylor, director of Clay County Development Corp., Clay, W.Va., who later swore she was not racist.)

She has a “gorilla face.” (Patrick Rushing, mayor of Airway Heights, Wash.)

She is a “poor gorilla” who “needs to focus on getting a total makeover (especially the hair), instead of planning vacations.” (Georgia schoolteacher Jane Wood Allen)

Or Alex Jones claiming she’s actually a man…

So Kimmel says “dis or dat” poking fun at her accent and Hannity goes postal, but I don’t recall Hannity getting upset about any of these comments…

Again, I’m not going to tell you that no one on the left makes fun of Melania and I’m sure the jokes get much worse, but to say she is the most maligned of all time? I think that’s a stretch.


Moochie asked for those insults and jokes. When she tried to change school lunches to “healthier” foods, she deserved the boos and jokes. While she and her brood sat down to gourmet meals paid for by the taxpayers, school children were given disgusting things that they would never eat. So, what did her plan do? Wasted a lot of food. Her comments also deserved ridicule such as when she said that “she was never proud of being an American until her husband was elected.” WHAT??? She’s a buffoon and always has been. Now, she can go live in her $8.5M dollar mansion in D.C., thanks again to the taxpayers of the Americans she hates.


And you don’t think that people on the left think that Melania might deserve some heckling for the things she’s done?

There are nude photos of our first lady on the internet. Pictures so inappropriate I’m sure I’d be banned from this forum for linking them here. I mean, has there ever been a first lady that has posed nude in a photo shoot? Do you think if a liberal first lady had posed nude (even before she was first lady) that the self-righteous religious right wouldn’t be calling her all sorts of sordid names? But, in epic hypocritical fashion, the right looks the other way and plays it off…

Give me a break, you’re looking at the two first ladies through a set of glasses tinted with your own person bias. The only problem that I have is that you can’t see it.


So you’re ACTUALLY comparing the constant drumbeat of NATIONAL news media figures to a few unfortunate comments by nonentities like some mayor from a town nobody ever HEARD of???



But first, Alex Jones isn’t someone that no one has ever heard of.

Those people no one ever heard of aren’t insignificant. Some are public officials that are elected to office (unlike Jimmy Kimmel) who obviously realize that voicing their disgusting opinions about the first lady was representative of how the majority of the people they were elected to serve, feel. Just as Jimmy Kimmel realized that his poking fun at Melania would not be rebuked by his audience.

And let’s remember that even though these comments were made by Mayors and teachers (and nationally recognized radio hosts), they did generate national attention, and when they became national stories (at least on the left because the right ignored it), no national right-leaning media outlet I know of rebuked those comments the way that Hannity threw his on-air temper tantrum at Kimmel.

So I ask you, what’s more problematic, that a single really popular person can say something that we might agree is unacceptable, or that public officials saying something unacceptable won’t be rebuked either by their voters or the national right-leaning media because what’s said is an attack on “the other side”?

Now in fairness Dave, the right points at “nobodies” on the left and points out their actions and the perceived wrongness of them all the time. So to say that disgusting comments against someone only count if the person saying it is “nationally recognized” is BS.


Alex Jones was and IS a nonentity compared to Kimmel or the dozens of talking heads on MSNBC and CNN who do this constantly. No one ever HEARD of the other people you cited in the original comment and you’re foolish to think their isolated, unpublished comments matter to anyone. Kamala Harris is HARDLY a “nobody.” Nancy Pelosi is HARDLY a “nobody.” Chuckie Schumer is HARDLY a “nobody.” The governor of New York is HARDLY a “nobody.” Maxine Waters is HARDLY a “nobody.” THEY are the people who are criticizing our First Lady every time she steps out of the White House—and even when she DOESN’T “step out of the White House” because she’s recovering from surgery.


No idea why you think that matters.


Here is an example of biased criticism.

Imagine if a liberal had skipped visiting the Veterans memorial because it was raining. Imagine how Hannity and others on the right would have torn into a Democratic President. And before you start making excuses, remember that it wouldn’t matter one lick why, it wouldn’t matter if it was 100% justified, the right would have a field day with it.

Some of you here, secretly know I’m right, even if you won’t admit it.

I remember when Obama saluted with a coffee cup in his hand and the scandle the right made out of it. Imagine if Obama had disrespected vets by not visiting because he didn’t want to get wet…Imagine the outrage.

Where is the outrage now on Fox /crickets

It doesn’t exist because it’s all about perception. MSM on both sides is reality TV, the same as “The Apprentice” or “American Idol” and the problem is most people, yourself included think that one side is biased and the other isn’t.

Like I said Dave, you are the “mark”.


Are you REALLY this gullible? Who except the left-wing media is saying that President Trump “skipped” a visit to the Veterans Memorial “because it was raining?” The FACT is that he had no secure, reliable way to GET there in the time allotted for travel.

Saying something as silly as “imagine if a liberal…” is just diversion. The fact is, Obama skipped A LOT of opportunities to honor veterans, including wounded soldiers and funerals of those returning from war zones. You didn’t see Fox or ANY right-wing news sites going on and on about it for a week afterwards.


He went golfing instead of placing a wreath at Arlington on Memorial Day. Prince Harry showed up, that year. I seem to recall thunderous silence from the press.


You didn’t read what I wrote. That’s not stopped the right from criticism of their opponents (or the left). All that matters is that it didn’t happen.

See, it’s what I keep telling you. You think there is bias on only one side, or more on one than the other. BS. It exists in healthy amounts on both sides, the fools are the ones who think that one side is biased and the other isn’t.


Perfect case-in-point…

That’s false…

On Memorial Day 2010, President Obama was scheduled to honor America’s fallen heroes with a speech at Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery near Chicago, while Vice-President Joe Biden took his place at Arlington; however, a thunderstorm in Illinois interrupted the former ceremony, and President Obama returned to Washington to deliver his speech at Andrews Air Force Base. With the exception of that one year, President Obama has participated in wreath-laying ceremonies at Arlington National Cemetery every Memorial Day (2009, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016) during his administration.

You’ve fallen for it too.


Nonsense! It’s a DOCUMENTED FACT that the left-wing news organizations (EVERY one except Fox, OANN, The Washington Times and the WSJ Editorial Page) have skewed their reportage of President Trump 97% negative, REGARDLESS of what he accomplishes and the other 3% neutral. That’s not just “bias.” It’s DELIBERATELY misinforming the American public.


As I said, I don’t care what she did in the past.


That’s very convenient and proves my point.


Which skews it’s coversage the other way.


Nonsense, of course. They show STRAIGHT news on their news programs. They have a lot of OPINION programming, but they ADMIT it is what it is, unlike MSNBC or CNN or PBS. If you don’t want to see right-wing opinions, fine, but Fox News is NEWS…not opinion. If you want to see straight news on MSNBC, CNN, PBS or most networks, you’re simply SOL (S**t Out of Luck).