Trump bans CNN reporter


Wrong again.

Vox (a liberal news source) calls out CNN who ADMITS that it’s coverage is more about entertainment than journalism.


All skewed to the right and people like you don’t seem to know the difference between the BS opinion peices and “straight news”.


Having said that, I like Chris Wallace, I think he is by far the “fairest” on Fox. Some of the stuff Shep has done, frankly has surprised me and Bret Baier has his moments but still get’s caught reporting on BS.


That presumes that the opinion pieces are BS. I won’t say that none are (I don’t actually have occasion to watch Fox, or CNN, or anything else since I lost TV (the switch to DTV killed it) 9 1/2 years ago; but given the Fox and CNN links I’ve seen on the internet, I feel I can comment intelligently), but I’d like to see a Fox vs. CNN BS comparison.

And CNN proper is supposed to be news; and when I did have occasion to see it in the late '80s, it more or less was.