Trump Begging Georgia SoS to "find 11,780 votes"

That’s my understanding

So what?

If the Georgia Secretary of State leaked that tape now, he is a bigger RINO than Mitt Romney and the Bush Family. Does he honestly want the two Republican Senate candidates to lose? If so, he should run out of the party on a rail.

Videos all begin at the right moment to answer your questions.

The President’s claim that 2056 felons voted.

The actual number is a POSSIBLE 74 felons that might have voted.

The President claimed that 66,248 people below the age if 18 voted.

The real number is zero

The President claimed there were 2,423 people that voted but were unregistered.

The number is zero

The claimed that 1043 people illegally registered to vote using a PO box

And the number of people that illegally used a PO box? Zero

4929 voted past the voter registration cut off.

The real number? Zero.

10315 who died before the election

The actual number of people who might have died before the election is 2.

The margin of error on the scanners was .0099%

I’m kinda tired of linking all of these, but it’s proof of Trump’s deceit and is rock solid evidence that Trump cares NOTHING for rule of law or our elections.

Why? Because Trump sullied the reputations of the SoS and the Governor over allegations that were proven 100% false.

Trump and Republicans reap what they sew. If more Republicans had stood up against this Legislative coup attempt perhaps Trump wouldn’t have had the gall to try to pressure Brad Rathisburger into illegally finding votes and illegally giving out information.

They weren’t “proven” to be ANYTHING, CSB. Are you REALLY this stupid or is it an act of some sort?

Yes they were, you’re in denial.

Regardless of his clever explanation, ballots were scanned with NO MONITORS present. The explanation about rescanning when there’s a problem with the ballots, is one reason why monitors are required. If there had been Republican monitors monitoring up close, this wouldn’t be an issue.

I find it amazing that you’re eager to write of all the irregularities on the word of this guy (Have you ever seen him before? First time for me.) but you assume the president of the US doesn’t care about the rule of law.

You’ve imbibed the four years of toxic fake news. It’s scorched your brain.

The very fact that Joe Placeholder is reported to have received 81 million votes is proof to any non-gullible honest person that there was massive fraud. People love President Trump, but you can’t convince me that more than a handful are even a little excited about Biden.

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I’m not even joking, from the outside looking in, I firmly believe Trump and his followers in Congress are the RINOs. He’s been hijacking the party and distilling its values down to loyalty to himself. The GOP I know isn’t about cult of personality.

That’s braindead. Let me quote myself from an earlier post

It’s President Trump’s extraordinarily excellent performance and his concern for people, us–the Americans, that causes people to love him.

It’s been investigated by the GBI and litigated in the courts in 5 states by judges of all party affiliations including judges that Trump himself appointed.

You’d have to believe every official in 5 states responsible for elections are ALL in on a plot to remove Trump all while the President’s “lawyers” can’t muster up enough evidence to get heard in most cases and the cases are heard get thrown out.

No I don’t question, in the slightest the legitimacy of these elections, just as I didn’t question the legitimacy of the election Trump won. I was concerned about interference by the Russians, but I never stated I thought the election was somehow stolen or belonged to Clinton.

Remember when Clinton lost and people questioned Russian interference and people like you said that Dems couldn’t handle Clinton losing?

Trump lost and everything from here is simply your incapacity to deal with the fact that he lost.

This phrase betrays an ignorance to the fundamental difference between the parties. Democrats appoint judges that they believe will legislate from the bench to essentially make new laws (many people think “Roe v Wade” is actually a law). Whereas Republicans (or more properly, conservatives) appoint judges that they hope will hold to the Constitution, regardless of any party’s desires.

But in this case they all found a technicality to escape examining the evidence, which none of them have done. They may be fearful that leftists will burn America to the ground if they’re honest, which is what they want to do anyway.

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There was nothing to suggest Republicans stuffed ballot boxes in 2016. But there is indeed overwhelming evidence that Democrats stuffed ballot boxes in a big way in 2020.

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Show us the evidence…I’ll wait.

I’m not the lawyer bringing the cases. Rudy has over a thousand signed sworn affidavits by poll workers, plus videos and pictures, and testimony of professional fraud investigators.

Just because the filthy media lies to you doesn’t mean you have to believe it.

The fact that so many stand in his way of gathering evidence also strongly suggests there’s something to hide.

That means absolutely nothing on it’s own. They could be testifying to almost anything. In many cases it’s been shown that people reported seeing things they thought were out of place but were wrong because they didn’t understand the process nor do they understand the rules.

The fact is the entire Trump legal team and Trump himself have invalidated themselves and destroyed whatever reputations they might have had before the election by having their accusations discredited, some which they 100% knew the answer to but made allegations anyway.

Which only applies to Syndey Powell’s delusional imaginings. If anything happened, it appears to be in a handful of counties very carefully selected. I only see clear abnormalities in GA, and PA, with something possibly off in WI, and MI. I don’t see anything in AZ or NV.

And I doubt that you could backtrack and demonstrate anything in any of them. GA is so off the charts, it probably could be turned around, but that wouldn’t change anything so I don’t know why it would matter.

Making Election Day a federal holiday (with OT labor compensation requirements) would go a long way in making it easier to vote.

You can do it yourself if you’re interested for PA

If you look at Montgomery county for instance, you have Biden beating congressional Ds by 20,000, but congressional R beating Trump by 15,000. Look at Bucks county, where the R won by 60,000 votes, but Biden won by 15,000 over Trump. Bucks in particular looks like the craziest one, because we have 35% of Republican congressional voters voting for Biden… that strikes me as very unlikely.

This is why I say PA and GA appear special to me, because they both have completely bizarre voting patterns that look nothing like any other year. Meanwhile, go look at OK, VA, or VT and things look pretty typical.

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I could readily accept a loss by President Trump IF it weren’t for the FACT that there were a plethora of oddities about this election that defy rational explanation. How did an empty suit with nothing substantial to show for 47 years feeding at the taxpayer’s teat get more LEGITIMATE votes than any Presidential candidate in U.S. history? What could POSSIBLY have attracted 80 million voters to him when he didn’t campaign, rarely left his own basement, was thoroughly trashed by his Democrat opponents, ALL of whom now support him and claim he’s the best thing since sliced bread?

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Except that nobody has “discredited” any accusations. They’ve for the most part simply IGNORED them…in all likelihood because they fear what the Democrats’ shock troops will do if they rule in President Trump’s favor. We had a TASTE of what they’ll do on January 20, 2017 when they even set fire to a privately-owned limo parked in D.C.

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I think there is a very strong chance of vote manipulation. But Trump’s side has had a complete schizo case. Instead of drilling down on the few very clear anomalies, we get Powell talking about national vote flipping over the internet, hundreds of grainy videos of someone doing something with a ballot, and Lin Wood demanding Mike Pence be shot by a firing squad. The fact that the median American looks over at this mess and says “Looks like crazy people flailing around because they lost” is a reasonable take. And if I had basically any other background, that would be my take as well.

Democrats hate Trump more than they ever loved Obama (much less Biden). I doubt even 10% of people voted for Biden. But plenty of people voted against Trump. That’s not why I find this odd. Biden could beat Trump by virtue of not being Orange Hitler. But an anti-Cheeto victory should carry down ticket - yet it didn’t.

The case to be made is the weird R for congress, D for president votes in only a few states and nowhere else. I don’t know a single person who did this. And yet for the results to be legitimate, around 20-25% of Republican voters in a handful of battleground states did exactly that. Where is this person who voted for Biden and R straight ticket besides? No one seems to know this person, but apparently it’s very common in five states.

Last time I checked, that was why Election Day was on a Tuesday for the US. To help farmers who sold their markets on a Sunday and Monday in the 1700s It’s just that, and I could be wrong here, the majority of American citizens don’t go to work on a horse and buggy nowadays. You don’t need to provide OT, just have voting on a Saturday.