Trump Busy Supplying Ammunition To The Left


IF Repubs lose the House, there will be more than one reason for it. Lies/ distortions/ommissions by media and the failure of Repubs to be prepared to produce a passable Obamacare repeal and replace bill, after having years to consider alternatives and promising to do so, come immediately to mind.

However, in spite of all his positive, nearly single-handed accomplishments, I think Trump will deserve some measure of responsibility. While I gladly applaud accomplishment over oratory, Trump’s level of inarticulation is unique among modern presidents. Likewise his unique penchant for stepping in it - speaking without any thought regarding political consequences.

That’s fine with much of his base and hopefully it hasn’t spoiled the chances of retaining Congress - including the House. However, what a president can do without controlling the House is limited. Losing the House would be a huge deal for reasons I assume all here are aware of.

As for Trump’s penchant for thoughtless speech, allow me the following example from among the LONG list:

In Montana, the Repub incumbent congressman, Gianforte, a few weeks ago held a nearly double digit lead over Dem challenger, Kathleen Williams, even after he had a physical altercation with a reporter. Recentltly, Trump held a rally in Missoula where he noted that he had backed Gianforte early on, then heard that Gianforte had “body slammed” a reporter. Trump announced to his audience that he, at first, thought that might cost Gianforte his chance at being elected - then, Trump said that after he thought about it he decided in a tough state like Montana, body slamming a reporter might actually help Gianforte. BTW - Gianforte pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor in the case.

The message many will hear - physically assaulting a reporter is OK.

So, Trump plays to his base and apparently alienates damn near every undecided voter - polls now show the race dead even with one poll showing Williams up by 3 points. This is in a SOLID red state (Trump carried the state in 2016 by 20%). There is also a close Senate race going on in Montana - the Repub challenger, Denny Rehberg, is trying to unseat a very beatable incumbent, Jon Tester, and the race is now even - Tester up by 1%.

This kind of unforced error is simply ignorant - there is NOTHING to be gained by it and it supplies the Left with yet another talking point in their effort to blame Trump for everything imaginable, to be used against him and Repubs locked in close election struggles across the nation in an effort to hold congress - IMHO

In light of recent events, Trump’s “body slamming” comment appears even more toxic to the hopes of retaining the House…


Who among us have not daydreamed about “body-slamming” someone like CNN or MSNBC’s talking heads? Anyone (and I mean ANYONE) who construes President Trump’s comment as approving of violence against Democrats just hasn’t been paying much attention to what’s been going on the the past 2 years.


There is nobody in Montana who will extrapolate that it’s “okay to body slam reporters” from Trumps comments, they will extrapolate that some reporters deserve to be body slammed; which I am certain is the opinion of most Americans after witnessing what the media has done to Trump, his family, his friends and fine men like Kavanaugh over the last couple of years.

We went through this in 2016 when everyone thought Trumps blunt talk would provide fodder for the media to take him down, I said then what I say now; that is not possible unless the Republican they attack gives credibility to the criticism.

Americans are not led around by the media, Americans assume that the media is reporting credible perspectives when the person they are attacking treats the media as credible; Republicans are too stupid to get this for the most part even after Trump has shown them every day how true it is.

There will be no blue wave and the credit for the upcoming election results will belong to Trump, he is the only one acting like it matters to win this round; Trump will carry this whole gutless Party to victory on his back next Tuesday.

And even then they will still not give him credit for it.

Relax and enjoy the show, this will not even be that close.


Yes, it will, but for once I will applaud gridlock if the Dems win the House.


I’ll supply another example of Trump’s vocal stupidity - this one was really costly.

Obamacare - repeal and replace: During the lead-up to the nomination Trump opined from his lectern at a Repub debate that McCain was not a war hero - heroes don’t get shot down. The primaries had NOTHING to do with Mccain - there was no reason for Trump to go out of his way to alienate McCain. After months of wrangling, House Repubs hobbled together a bill to repeal and replace - the bill passed in the House and went to the Senate, where McCain, who had terminal cancer at the time and had traveled from Arizona specifically to cast a vote, and who had intimated he would vote for the bill, made it a point to be the last Repub to vote on the bill - the bill needed only his vote to pass. What did McCain do? At 1:30 in the morning he dramatically strolls near the desk where votes are being tallied - setting up his now famous, thumbs down.

I stayed up to watch it. McCain was always a vindictive SOB. There was no doubt then and no doubt now that McCain’s final act in the Senate was personal payback to Trump and his personal commentary about McCain. His dramatic thumbs down was tantamount to flipping off Trump, IMO.

Now, what is one of the important voter focal points in this election? Healthcare. Repubs/Trump promised repeal and replace and did not deliver. This could prove very costly to Repub candidates in the midterm…

There was absolutely no upside to Trump’s comment about McCain. Just like there was no upside to calling out by way of personal attack on the way Carly Fiorina looks - the only woman who was in the race for POTUS…

How anyone could think this kind of crap is helpful is beyond me.

I did not vote for Trump because I like him on a personal level. I voted for him because I wanted him to do a job/get big things done. To the extent his sometimes politically thoughtless comments get in the way of that, it pisses me off.


Could it be that candidate Trump was AWARE than the only reason McCain was shot down was because he got caught “hot-dogging” it by violating the Navy’s rules about attack altitude, or that he was AWARE that McCain was known as “song-bird” by his fellow POWs because of his cooperation with the NVA? Those are NOT the characteristics of any “hero” I ever heard of.


1 McCain picked the fight with Trump, not the other way around.

2 McCain had been a reliable savior for the Democrats for decades, there was no scenario where he would not have saved RobertsCare if his vote was the difference.

Trumps mouth and style is his greatest asset and the ONLY reason the GOP will will dominate on Tuesday, Trump gets the Left to be themselves in public in election years!

I say bravo and keep it up.


McCain was a thin-skinned, incompetent jerk and he did pick a fight with Trump. All that is true. Also true - Trump’s incendiary reply about McCain almost certainly cost the nation and Repubs repeal and replace of Obamacare and failure to repeal and replace, the Dems only policy issue (healthcare), could very well cost the Repubs the House. To go out of his way to completely alienate McCain with such a stupid-ass comment, justified or not, while having only a 51-49 Senate majority, was not smart - and it sure as hell proved costly

Disagree as you guys see fit - I simply find it impossible to think that the pleasure Trump took in delivering the comment he leveled at McCain was worth the cost.


McCain would have torpedoed Obamcare repeal in ANY case. He was ALWAYS a Democrat in GOP clothing.


Of course, you’re right.
Trump will in fact destroy the Republican Party. What is left of it will become a permanently minority party, where the True Believers can exult in their purity.

A tragedy for America and the world.


‘Unforced error’ is exactly right.

Yes, the media is biased, to put it mildly. Yes, the Left has bottomless well of dirty tricks and demagoguery from which to draw. Yes, the Left is horrible.

That’s why people who oppose them have to be smart. In war, it’s no use saying “The enemy isn’t playing fair! We would have won that battle, if only he hadn’t broken the truce!”

Conservatives have to start thinking now about what to do post-Trump. What will we be able to salvage from the ruins of the Republican Party, if anything?

One ray of hope: the Democrats are embracing ‘identity politics’. They’re basically becoming a party of members of racial minorities with grievances, plus the college-educated middle class who are economically well off and whose main concern is various forms of self-indulgence. As Trump has shown, a large section of their traditional base – the white working class – is now open for a political realignment.

A new conservative party which can appeal to them might have a chance to become a serious player on the national scene. It would not have much appeal if its economic policies were devil-take-the-hindmost, love the pure free market. Negotiating a sensible approach to a conservative economic policy that can be seen to benefit the working class – of all colors – will be key to success.


What the Dems are doing now is no different from what they did it 1984 when Walter Mondale was their presidential nominee. Mondale told every minority group that had a grievance what they wanted to hear. After a while, if you were a “regular person,” it seemed like there was no room in the Democrat Party for you. Mondale lost every state except his own, Minnesota, and the District of Columbia.

Do I wish that Trump would pick less fights that do him and our cause no good? Sure I do, but enough of his comment hit home to rally the base, and he is doing a lot of things that need to be done to make the economy work.

It always seems that there will be a void that can’t be filled in when a popular leader passes from the scene, but history tells us that someone always talks his place, at least for the United States. Trump could have six more years, and that is plenty of time for someone else to emerge.

The Dems are on a path to destruction. They will either alienate enough people to push them to the side, or they will gain power and run the whole country to the ground. Socialism the way they want to practice it does not work. That has been proven time and time again, but they are determined to demagogue the issue. They promise to give everyone something for nothing. It sells as a message to some, but thoughtful people know that the supply of goods is finite, and someone has to product them. You just can’t throw money at problems and expect that to fix them.


“Ruins of the Republican Party,” Gracie? Where on Earth did you get the idea that President Trump is “ruining” the GOP? Democrats and Independents alike are leaving their parties in DROVES and re-registering as Republicans.


I would so love to be wrong. But … well, we’ll see tomorrow.


Really? What makes you think that?

Membership in both parties continues to decline.


Trump is the sole reason for the sweeping GOP victories that we saw today… I mean tomorrow… Sorry, I forget that for many this is not as obvious as it is to me :wink:


Some food for thought.
The Democrats enjoy an advantage of 12 million more registered voters than the GOP; but the Democrats have 14 million of those registered voters in CA and NY where they have an 8 million registered voter advantage.

That means the rest of the States are either GOP heavy or very close, the rise in independent registrations seems likely to be leaning towards the GOP since the Left have gone so far off the rails, I have a hard time believing people are declining to register as Democrats because they are not radically left wing enough. :rofl:


I’ll go out on a limb with RET; gains in the Senate and at worst a dozen House seats lost. I am holding my breath about the Florida gubernatorial race. Trump won Florida by 113,000 votes. Half a million Puerto Ricans came to the U.S. following the hurricane. Many stayed in Florida. How many? How many will vote? If Florida elects a corrupt socialist as Governor, it will be a tough battle in 2020.

PS If I am totally wrong and there is a Blue Wave and the GOP self destructs, don’t dare blame President Trump, don’t even try.


I don’t know about nationwide, but this isn’t true in PA; both parties have seen growth, but if I recall correctly, the Rs saw more, with independents joining their ranks.


It’s around 26 percent each now with Democrats holding a slight edge.