Trump calls for “extreme vetting” of those who believe “sharia law should supplant Am


<main class=“content” style=“box-sizing: border-box; float: left; width: 338.356px;”><article class=“post-97766 post type-post status-publish format-standard has-post-thumbnail category-featured-2 category-immigration tag-donald-trump entry” itemscope="" itemtype=“” style=“box-sizing: border-box; margin-bottom: 32px; padding: 0px; background: none;”>Donald Trump called Monday for a Cold War-style mobilization against “radical Islamic terror,” repeating and repackaging calls for strict immigration controls — including a new ideological litmus test for Muslim visitors and migrants — and blaming the current level of worldwide terrorist attacks on President Obama and Hillary Clinton.
In a grab bag of promises to battle the Islamic State organization together with Russia and anyone else who wants to join the fight, the Republican nominee underlined the need to improve intelligence and shut down militant propaganda, recruiting and financing.

Considering that the current administration has stymied investigation of terrorism and worked to bring more into to the country, this sounds like a good plan.

We need to go after those groups that are known to support terrorism and remove muslims from our ranks who embrace such.


The Test

  1. Do you still beat your wife?

  2. In your last 2 Homosexual experiences did you play the role of the man or the woman?

  3. Do you prefer thick or thin sliced bacon on your BLT’s?

  4. Which works better Charmin or your left hand?


I heard his immigration plan and calls for “extreme vetting”, and seriously wondered just how much more “vetting” can be done. The legal method is broken as it is, and he wants to pile more stuff into it? I literally threw up in my mouth listening to this crap.


Our system is not broken any more than that old Jeep I have out in the barn. Its a good jeep, runs good, but old, very old and I don’t bother to drive it, which does not make it broken.

We now let in most who want in the door and our only vetting is whether or not they are white and Christian, which of course keeps them out. The rest, no matter how radical, how much they hate America, how much they believe in Sharia Law and how pround they are of being a communist are welcome and given a goody bag of welfare, Federal loans, FREE: Cell fone, medical, housing, and most anything you can dream up…


Our system is broken to the extent where WE no longer own the key.


I’m thinking showing pictures of small boys, goats, and sheep and measuring their brain scans for sexual reaction would suffice for a test.


The solution is easy:

  1. Don’t allow any U.S. Government bureaucrat anywhere near the process.

  2. Subcontract the vetting task to the people who run El Al airlines.


That is ridiculous. What about the goats?


Than comes in the rocket round, where the questions are harder and the prizes bigger.

I actually have a video of a Muzzie and his goat, it was taken by our troops with a night vision device, but you can tell exactly what is going on.