Trump campaign manager reportedly won't be prosecuted


Trump campaign manager won’t be prosecuted over battery claim | Fox News

Not surprising at all.

From the article though:

Fields told Fox News’ Megyn Kelly in a “Kelly File” interview Wednesday night that she is planning to pursue a civil case against Lewandowski for defamation


He shouldn’t be. That reporter was just looking for publicity I think.


Just watched the conference call from the prosecution, so this is how democracy and transparency works. In Canada, you would NEVER see the prosecution come out and field questions. There would be a simple announcement “no chance for success of conviction” and that would be it.

Some interesting facts made clear from this conference call:

  1. Deposition from former FBI agent and secret service stating that she had been directed to other door and she instead waited until service agent turned back and then proceeded to go after Trump against instructions
  2. Prosecution was provided two photos, one that we have all seen, and one that was taken immediately after the apparent grabbing and was provided to the prosecution. The prosecution said the original photo taken from her iPhone didn’t show any marks. Could the bruises have appeared later? Possibly…but they were pretty deep looking bruises. They didn’t suggest that this means she was lying or created the bruises in the second photo, but as a point of fact, the photos were significantly different.
  3. Prosecution acknowledges that she briefly touched Trump and he “recoiled” from her reaching out to him.
  4. Statement from former FBI told prosecution that if a person infiltrates the “bubble” put in place to protect the candidates, that others in staff may assist to direct and protect.

Ultimately I despise more than anything accusations such as these which eat into court resources. It undermines real and more vexatious attacks of all types and even if within the letter of the law this was an offense of some kind, I would personally never pursue this. There are women, children and men who have been the victim of violent crimes and they are often unable to obtain justice due to the bogging down of borderline (at best) crimes as she had put forward.

Based on the video and the full details and explanations, the prosecution got this right.


everything is political. THe left has made it so.


The media is corrupt and identity politics have reached the cucked right.

While it’s great news that all of us, through the power of social media, were able to stop an unjust prosecution, consider what we fought against.

•The Washington Post was in on the hoax.
•Ben Shaprio was in on the hoax.
•The Daily Beast made up quotes to push the hoax.
•Tucker Carlson supported the hoax.
•16 “female journalists” pushed the hoax.
•The entire mainstream media spread the hoax.
•Michelle Fields has a history of media hoaxes.

Imagine how many hoaxes the media spreads each day, and that we aren’t able to catch.
There is simply no other alternative than to not believe the mainstream media. Assume everything you read from an “journalist” is an outright fabrication.
Right now, as I type this, the media is spreading another hoax.

Be careful out there. Think for yourselves. Focus less on “the world,” as your understanding of the world is largely based on lies they tell you.