Trump caught lying for Russia, again

Not necessarily. It was pretty well-established as far back as the 1960’s that the Soviets had penetrated EVERY intelligence agency operating in the U.S. That was one reason MI5 only reluctantly shared info with our CIA or FBI. In humint terms, the Soviets had us beaten hands-down.

Yea, @Gene you don’t want us spying on China, Iran and Russia because you think that the first two have a system of government that is far better than our system.

Russia will fall in line once Harris has become President. You won’t need the Russians to use as a cudgel against her presidency. Then the world will be run by dictators and socialists, which are pretty much the same thing.

I know as a “progressive” you think that’s progress. In reality it won’t be much different from when world was run by kings, queens and emperors. Only the titles will be different.

If one of our spies were clued into Solar Winds, how did it get into every government agency, and most of our businesses like Google? You’re saying you think we had a Russian spy telling us “Hey, our hackers have installed some potent rootkits in every agency desu ^__^”
And then they just left it there for a half year?

Hmm hmm you make a good point. Maybe they didn’t learn about it until recently, but this is pretty out there conjecture on my part now. I am still kind of blown away at how this went under the radar for months. What’s the IT take on that?

I just want to know why Trump loves Russia so much. Since his presidency I’ve heard the media mention Trump and Russia together menacingly many times. What is their connection? What are their mutual goals?

That’s easy. Money.

But everyone loves money

Sure, but not everyone will go to the same lengths to acquire it.

Same lengths as who? Joe Biden? Hunter Biden? Hillary and Bill Clinton? Obama?


Yes, how awful. Trump made a lot of money in the private sector as a real estate developer. That’s just terrible.

Now Bill and Hillary Clinton and the Biden family have gotten rich by selling government influence. That is truly honorable. Government is the source of all good and getting rich from it is the only moral path to wealth under the socialist system. Government pigs are indeed more equal than all other species of swine.

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And asking for donations to fight the election he lost off the backs of his supporters.

Overcharging the government for services at his private businesses to enrich himself and his family.

He puts all past politicians to shame in that regard. His charity and “university” were so corrupt they were closed and he was sued and lost when it comes to his “university”. He and his family literally cannot run a charity in the state of NY it was so corrupt.

I have no argument about the Trump university and his foundation. They were farces. Of course when you are a Hillary supporter, you should know about the glass house thing given the activities of Clinton Foundation.

As for the first point, if you are dumb enough throw money at a useless cause, that’s your problem.

As for the second charge, I’ll do you what you do to me. Cite some support for your claim.

I note that you have never presented any evidence to defend Hunter Biden’s activities nor have you done so for daddy Joe. I guess since the extent of you knowledge about Biden begins and ends with the statement, “He’s not Trump,” I could not expect any more from you.

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Nor I have I seen you present evidence that the Biden’s are guilty. Usually in debate someone puts forth evidence first then the detractor explains why they think the evidence is wrong. You want to make fantastic claims, but don’t want to do any work.

Now there are a ton of unfounded claims here and I’m not sure why mine are being held to a higher standard.

Tell you what, you want to do some research and post your conclusions that prove the corruption of the Biden’s, I’ll respond with evidence of corruption from the Trumps, then we can evaluate the claims and explain why we think the other is wrong.

My guess is you’ll find an excuse to back off that challenge.

Other than President Trump being sued by a few people who attended Trump University and then didn’t get hired as CEOs of a Fortune 500 company, what evidence do you have that TU was “corrupt?” The case was settled by a payoff of the plaintiffs, which isn’t at all uncommon in such cases. What of all of the other students who were perfectly happy with the lessons learned there?

As for evidence RE the Biden’s, we have Joe ON VIDEO bragging about the quid pro quo that he pulled in Ukraine in a transparent effort to protect his son’s unaccountable installation on Barisma’s board of directors and the millions he was paid for nothing more complicated than intros to the Barack Obama inner-circle.

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So, you’re falling for the line that Hunter’s laptop was forged by the Russians given back to Hunter who took it to a local repair shop. Get real.


A “few people”…Please, don’t make me laugh.

You’re such a shill for Trump it’s pathetic.

From NPR

Oh and let’s not pass up on this little jewel…


Show me the evidence…Don’t speak it, acctually link to something you think is an unbiased and trustworthy source that shows a solid case against Joe Biden.

As far as Hunter, I really don’t see what Hunter has ANYTHING to do with Joe unless you can show that Joe is involved somehow. State your case.

Now if you are wondering why I have anything to say about Trump Jr and Ivanka, it’s because both are heavily involved in what Trump has done. If you think the same for Hunter and Joe, make your case.

Fine except that neither Don, Jr. NOR Ivanka have been raking in millions in graft from foreign countries’ governments and “holding” a few million for their dad. Hunter HAS as his own laptop has shown us.

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Have you been living in a cave for the past 10-12 months??? His e-mails have been PUBLISHED on-line. That is, until the FBI took control of the laptop.