Trump Caught on Hot Mic (Graphic Language Warning)


I would get banned if I posted what he said without using asterisks.

You know I’m automatically attracted to beautiful — I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star they let you do it. You can do anything. Grab them by the p***. You can do anything.”

“I moved on her and I failed. I’ll admit it,” Trump says in the video obtained by the Post, which notes that it was recorded months after he married his third wife, Melania. “I did try and f* her. She was married.*”

Trump caught on tape making crude, sexually aggressive comments about women - POLITICO



So and your point is? Would you like to read what Hillary has said to quite a few people?


He’s right. Women respond a lot better to sexually aggressive men. You don’t end up with hot chicks as an ugly old dude, by being a little bitch.


Just grab em by the p****, am I right fellas?

Every time I visit this forum I feel like I need to take a shower.


I imagine so, you sound like a dude who’s afraid of his d*** which is systemic on the Left.

The vast majority of married chicks I’ve been with, have been married to hyper religious sexually tame conservatives, and pansy granola liberals.

Most attractive women absolutely hate timid men who aren’t extremely good looking.
Look at Zuckerberg. Richer than Trump and married to a dog. Because he’s the same kind of granola cuck that most guys on the Left are.


A very stupid comment. But on the other hand I could really care less about his sex life. My guess is that Bill has him beat anyway.


I keep wondering why the Trump Campaign or some 501 hasn’t used the audio tape of Hillary laughing and joking about getting the rapist of 12 year old girl off on a technicality. I have never heard any doubts of its authenticity.


Trump is a moral child, and his reply, (at best) pointlessly and pettily betraying private conversations with Bill Clinton, demonstrates a shockingly low character. It’s a national embarrassment that this man somehow became a candidate of a major American political party.


You can say the same for Hillary Clinton, except for the fact that this was a decade ago, and Hillary’s crimes are fresh.


Then why are you here? “Prudish liberal” is an oxymoron.


Good question.

Here’s my guess. This . . . person . . . gets jollies by pulling the lions tail. What I mean is these hit-and-run posts where he does a few lines meant to get a rise out of conservatives . . . sort of like an attempt to get back at all those conservative bullies that probably beat him up in the school yard years back.

OK . . . enough back alley psychology. I really don’t know . . . as I said: Good question.


Trump revels in crude talk and infidelity. Bill did it but didn’t make it a point of pride. This man cannot be the GOP’s standard-bearer. Either he must exit the ticket or down-ticket candidates must repudiate him.


this is bs.

I’m calling my republican reps office on Monday and i’m telling him that WILL NOT cast a vote for him or any other republican for that matter except for Trump unless I see him PUBLICLY ENDORSING Trump. And I mean it.

If you want to see all conservatives stay home on November 8, then repudiate him or make him exit the ticket. And let me tell you something. You’re gonna be a whole lot sorrier than me. Your solution is one that the democrats so want to see. Why don’t you just go kiss their butts while you’re at it.


And, Paul Ryan joins the list of cucks.


They don’t really care who is in that white house as long as their seat of power is protected. I wonder what it is gonna take for americans to do what citizens in Germany just did to one of their muslim supporting mayors. You don’t go after the muslms…well you do…but you really need to go after the ones who are bringing them in…if you get my drift. Nothing is going to change until we put the fear of God into these people.


Do you really think Trump has changed since then. He’s older, so maybe so; but do you think his attitude has really changed?

Update: Aww. It turns out he changed because he met people from his country: Trump Apologizes for Vulgar Comments About Women Recorded in 2005 - NBC News

“Anyone who knows me knows these words don’t reflect who I am. I said it, I was wrong and I apologize,” he said.

And what do you think the other candidate’s husband? I hope you’re consistent, but I bet you forgave him his sexual harassment and cheating.

You admire this? Sick. I suspect many or most women he may have done this to weren’t really willing, and if not, it’s literally sexual assault.

And everyone other Trump supporter ought to remember what they said about the Criminal’s husband way back when.

Do you people, Clinton or Trump supporters, not hear yourselves? This is the most appallingly crass election in history – the Criminal running ads about whether Trump is the man I want to lead my daughter’s country? What a hypocritical phony.


What’s bs? That your guy is a horrible disgusting person who says horrible and disgusting thing? That he has the moral character and self-control of a rutting dog, maybe less? Is this all just lies?

What happened to “Character Counts,” people?


I listened to Trump’s hot mic recording. I’m glad I did. It’s so much different when you listen instead of reading what he said. It’s “locker room banter” like he said. It’s crude, but I’ve heard plenty of talk like that over the years. The most disturbing part of it is his pride in moving on a woman after 8 months of marriage. He’s a cheat. He’s not trustworthy – And that kind of “locker room banter” is especially disturbing coming from a married man. And while it’s meant to be funny, it seems like one of those things that’s, well, maybe he’s not really kidding around.

And he’s right about how much Bill Clinton sucks in the same way. But will DHL and other supporters of the Criminal agree? And has anyone ever told the Blowhard that just because Billy does it doesn’t make it right?

I remain appalled and mortified by this election, the Democrats, the Republicans, the Criminal and the Bloward.


Character counts much less than ideology Nutjob, on both the left and the right.

All hail ideology!


Profanity by presidents and let me add Hillary is great for her use of profanity and for those who think women when they do not think men are listening will get down and dirty with some language. These would be women we consider ladies and not trash. Trump was trash talking and one must take it in consideration. Men call that male bonding. Now with the new mulitisexual males they would take offense because it hurt their feminine side and as for the democrats remember their people are famous for being vulgar.

Richard Nixon | A Brief History of Presidential Profanity | Rolling Stone