TRUMP: collusion with the Ruskys, 'wiretapped' or not???

  1. There is NO collusion or hint thereof!!!

  2. Wiretapped? OLD term going back to the Eliot Ness days, when they literally physically wired into the telephone cables going into the building. To that the answer is NO. But wiretap is a generic term for convert/overt surveillance by Intel orgs in and out of the US Govt!

Is Trump and his facilities being surveilled by the US GOVT? You would have to have S T U P I D written on your forehead to believe he is not (GIVEN our current political atmosphere and our ‘shadow govt’.

Would James Comedy head of the FBI KNOW? KNOW!!! He might if the FBI is doing the surveillance.

EVEN if Comedy knew he would not and could not say!

Who is doing the surveillance? My bet, NSA!


IF by some chance you are listening to FBI Comedy spin his anti Trump story, I finally had to turn it off…


Russians are trying to hurt Democracy by undermining Clinton and helping Trump.

HOW STUPID do you have to be to buy into that LIE. Klinton is a far left communist socialist and Trump is a Capitalist Constitutionalist!!! DUH…