Trump committed no crime. Democrats need to get over it.


Trump committed no crime. Democrats need to get over it.
By Ed Rogers
June 9 at 1:14 PM

Before the angry mob of breathless Democrats gets too spun up and ahead of itself, the anti-Trumpers should calm down and try to absorb just how preposterous it is to suggest that President Trump may have committed a criminal offense by supposedly obstructing justice during the Russia/Michael Flynn investigation.

So, if the president’s wishes about an investigation can be loud and public, how is it possible that he violated the law by having a private conversation with a member of his own administration? How can it be that a bold position made in public would be legal, yet an arguably reserved position made in private is somehow considered criminal?

Democrats will continue to lash out and contort Comey’s testimony, but the facts speak for themselves. President Trump has not asked anyone to lie, he has not prevented anyone from performing his or her legal obligations, and he has most certainly not obstructed justice.

Comey’s testimony was not flattering toward the president, but, as I wrote yesterday, it did more to help Trump than to hurt him. No matter how much the Democrats and mainstream media outlets try to spin a crime out of the straw that was Comey’s testimony, the facts just do not take us there.

The president still has the advantage of being innocent. If the Democrats want to impeach Trump, they will have to keep looking. I’m sure they will.

As noted in the info at the bottom of the article, Rogers is a contributor, but not WashPost staff, and is in the R-conservative range of the political spectrum. While I’m sure stirring up readership was a desired outcome, I’ll give the WashPot a kudo - just one - for publishing this. I’m sure several in the editorial staff were grinding their teeth over the decision.


Of course I’ll Green stated on TV that he has filed articles of impeachment against tromp I’m sure that he got Cummings to sign onto it also probably Al Franken along with it none of them belong in the Congress of the United States in any capacity .


:devil: I wonder … :devil: does Speaker Ryan have the courage to bring the resolution up for a vote? :devil: Force on Ds the choice between exhibiting their lunacy or POing their Prog supporters. :devil: