Trump denies telling widow of fallen soldier, 'He knew what he signed up for'


Most of you know I’m not Donald Trump’s biggest fan (and that’s putting it as nicely as I can), but having said that, I feel I should let my right-leaning friends here at RO know that not everyone to your left is without principle.

Now, let’s for a second consider that Trump said what he is alleged to have said…

‘Well, I guess he knew what he signed up for. But I guess it still hurt.’…

Now I don’t want to start speculating if the Congresswoman exaggerated this because, first, I’ll give Trump the benefit of the doubt even if it is true. Calling 24-year-old pregnant widow to tell them you are sorry that their husband has been killed is tough, for anyone. I can’t fathom having to say that to someone. THIS is where Trump not being a politician IS an excuse (if you think he needs it).

Frankly, I think what Trump was trying to say is that her husband understood the dangers of his job but he was willing to make that sacrifice for his country and that makes him a hero, but he understands that even with that knowledge, it is still painful to endure the loss of her husband.

Let me go on the record here to say that I think this story is disrespectful and disgusting. NO ONE should be allowed to discuss what happened (in this case) except the President and Mrs. Johnson. Even if Mrs. Johnson asked the Congresswoman to bring this story to the public’s attention, she should have politely refused out of respect for her husband and an understanding that now is not the time (when a person is emotional and grieving) to squabble about this sort of thing out of respect for her husband.

I have several friends who tend to share many of my political ideals (and aren’t big fans of the president) and we all agree that what the Congresswoman did was despicable.

Every moment this story get’s airtime questioning the President’s motives and not the motives of the Congresswoman who brought this forward is a disgrace.


Good post, and I agree.


Did or did not reality is, today you signed up for it. As opposed to the days of the draft where you did not sign up for it…

Maybe saying it is harsh to some but it should not be…ya tho I walk thru the valley of the shadow of death…and when you accept that you accept your fate!


Yes, that is a very good post.

I live in Florida, and I have seen this Congresswoman in the news before. She is a Maxine Waters want to be, and I would not trust her word without support from an independent source.

The local cable news station here is playing this up for all it’s worth. They are your typical liberal outlet that looks for every chance they get to bash Republicans except when John McCain is bashing Republicans. Then he is their hero.


First, I stand by what I wrote in the OP 100% despite what I’m about to say…

I did just learn something, as I wasn’t paying attention to the news cycle till this morning. Apparently, Trump, when asked about why he didn’t address the issue sooner, threw out Obama’s name and said he didn’t call the families of the fallen.

Now I don’t want to debate this, but I can’t help but think that Trump started the politicization of the issue, but I still think that it’s up to the principled people in government and media (I can hear you laughing to yourself incredulously…“Principled” people in government and media?!) to take the high ground and respect the families.

Also, It’s interesting that Trump would bring up the death of General Kelly’s son, again, throwing out Obama’s name for political points.



Trump speaks from the cuff too much. This time he should have had something prepared and stayed on script. A novice and emotionally painful mistake, he needs to be criticized for it if it’s true. But it should be private criticism and not politicized publicly.


President Trump’s antagonist in this issue is the same broad who’s trashed him publicly and on Twitter numerous times since the election. I wouldn’t trust her if she said the sun will rise in the East tomorrow–at least not without another confirming it. That said, Whatever the President said, it was between him and the widow…period. Just HOW did this creepy congresscritter “overhear” the conversation?

BTW, General Kelly has confirmed that Obama never bothered to call him–and, at the time, Kelly was one of Obama’s own generals!


Both parties are claiming proof, and neither are providing. I would say that since the Congresswoman in question started this hullaballoo with her accusation, the burden of proof is on her. And that doesn’t mean just saying she has proof.

I don’t quite agree. With Obama, we had someone who couldn’t (and thus wouldn’t, when it could be helped) speak off the cuff worth a hoot to save his life; thus, he became Captain Teleprompter. I don’t have a problem with Trump speaking off the cuff per se; I just think he shoud be more careful before doing so.


I can’t speak for RO_admin, but if I had to guess, I’d think that’s what he meant.

Trump was asked what took him so long to personally speak out about what happened in Niger. His instinct was to pull Obama into it and claim that he didn’t call the families of the fallen in order to deflect. That is a lie and he should have known he’d be exposed for that lie and how it would affect the families.


Only LIE here is spewing out your mouth…


Which is?


Refrain from personal attacks please. Restrict your criticism to the post, not the poster.


THAT’S the lie. Your “speculation” as to what the President’s motives might have been. You have no way of knowing why he made those calls and, like most liberals, you ASSUME that you do…likely because that’s precisely what YOU would have done in similar circumstances. As I’ve often said, if you want to know that Democrats are doing, just watch what they accuse Republicans of.


If there is a lie here it’s that you know what “most liberals” do or don’t do.

Far as my post, you need to go back and read it again because clearly you didn’t understand what I wrote.

You know what, never mind, here I’ll explain it to you…

I said

“Trump, when asked about why he didn’t address the issue sooner, threw out Obama’s name **and said he didn’t call the families of the fallen.”

You said:

Who do you think the “he” is in that sentence, Trump, or Obama?

Now let me fill it in for you…

“Trump, when asked about why he didn’t address the issue sooner, threw out Obama’s name **and said Obama didn’t call the families of the fallen.”

That is a fact, plain and simple. There was no reason to bring Obama into that discussion. Trump’s answer wasn’t even in the same chapter as the question he was asked.

Hopefully, a re-read of that sentence and you can figure out I wasn’t talking about Trump.

Now you are right, I have no idea what Trump’s motivations are or what he meant or even if he said what he was accused of saying, but if you read the OP, you’d know I was willing, under the circumstances to forgive any odd phrasing and despite my dislike of our President, don’t believe that he intended to offend anyone he calls.

However, I think the families have a right, in their greif, to interpret the President’s call however they wish. One of the reasons I don’t beleive that President’s should make calls, something that Secretary Kelly appears to agree with.

now let’s go back and look…In the OP I said:

Frankly, I think what Trump was trying to say is that her husband understood the dangers of his job but he was willing to make that sacrifice for his country and that makes him a hero, but he (Trump) understands that even with that knowledge, it is still painful to endure the loss of her husband."

You are so quick to jump on me and assume the worst just because I’m to your left you don’t even comprehend what you’re reading. Just a second of attention and you’d realize I was defending the President’s actions, not critisizing them.

What I do know is that the entire event started with questions about what happened to the 4 soldiers that were killed in Niger. Instead of answering, or carefully deflecting (eg. we are gathering information and will release it when it’s time…), instead Trump chose to drag Obama name into it and LIE about what Obama did (a lie he later copped out of by saying that “someone told him that”) with respect to calls to families of the fallen for no other reason thatn to make political points.

The press, happy to fact check Trump went to work and discovered the lie. Trump could have squashed the whole thing at any time by taking the high road and saying something like, "We need to focus on the families that have lost loved ones and put our partisan differences aside. But instead, he Tweets like a child and then marches Secretary Kelly, a man of honor and distinction who has been infected by the culture of corruption and lies and proceeded to besmirch his own honor and reputation defending a man like Trump putting forth false stories about the Congresswoman who is the subject of the OP.

It’s all disgusting, but Trump is at the center of it all. He is the beacon of disgust that all the rest of the disgusting despicable actions have emanated from.


Wrong. You said “his (Trump’s) instinct was to pull Obama into it…” THAT’S the lie. You don’t have the slightest idea what President Trump’s “instincts” are or WHY he chose to talk about Obama. Secondly, Obama very often DIDN’T call the families of the fallen. General Kelly’s proof of that and, at the time of his own son’s death, he was one of Obama’s OWN GENERALS. Obama didn’t give a tinker’s dam about the military or its casualties. His ROE were so bad that they CAUSED a lot of U.S. military casualties.


Oh, give me a break. That’s pure denialism. What other reason is there to talk about Obama in the context of the question that was asked except to feed his base with a little Obama hate. And it’s not like this is the first time he’s mentioned Obama or Clinton in the context of a conversation that has nothing to do with them. He does it to score political points with his base.

Furthermore, it’s a little rich for you to take the high road and tell me I can’t judge the President’s actions when they are right there for all to see (see below for an example of your hypocrisy) on this point. You can generalize an entire class of people when you talk about what the “left” does, but when I judge the President by his actions I’m lying…Dude, seriously?

It’s no wonder so many of you are still praising Trump, your eyes are closed, you ignore things you would never ignore if Obama did them and you make excuses when Trump does them.


Except that’s not what he said and you know it.

Here’s what he said:

“If you look at President Obama and other presidents, most of them didn’t make calls,”
(emphasis mine)

That is a lie. Period. Obama did make calls, now you’re trying to lie your way out of it by changing what was said by using the words “very often”. The President didn’t say “very often” he said, “didn’t”. That means never. Any other interpretation of what he said is a lie.

As far as General Kelly, he is one person??? So because Obama didn’t call Secretary Kelly he must not have called anyone? Then you want to change the topic by making it about Secretary Kelly and Obama? I don’t know why Obama didn’t call Sec. Kelly. Though it’s ironic for anyone to get upset for Sec. Kelly that he didn’t get a call from Obama after Sec. Advised Trump NOT to call La David Johnson’s widow.

Do you see how tragically flawed and morally bankrupt your logic is here?

You just called me a liar for making a specific observation about a specific event, now you make a general claim without any context whatsoever…

Can’t you see the blatant hypocrisy here? Or is it ok when you do it but not ok when others that disagree with it do?


Where did I say that’s what President Trump said? It’s what I posted and it’s the truth.

Actually, I DIDN’T call you a liar. I said that what you posted WAS a lie, said in response to your query about what was a lie about your original post.


Secondly, Obama very often DIDN’T call the families of the fallen

So what is the above referring to, if not what Trump falsely stated?

How does your comment fit into the context of this conversation?


Trump was responding to a question about why he had not spoken publicly about the killing of four Green Berets in an ambush in Niger two weeks ago when he made the assertion that Obama didn’t call the families of the fallen.

The way that’s stated is factually false.

Any attempt to clarify what Obama did or did not do is irrelevant because I was addressing what the President said.

But that’s just it, it’s not a lie, it’s my reasoned opinion based on the President’s own actions.

Could I be mistaken? Sure, but do I have malice of forethought accusing the President of something without justification? No.


LOL. Of course you have “malice aforethought” where President Trump is concerned! To you, ANYTHING the President says or does is fodder for criticism BY you. As has been said, if President Trump were to eradicate cancer, the press (and those who “think” like you) would accuse him of genocide toward cancer cells.