Trump denies telling widow of fallen soldier, 'He knew what he signed up for'


Ok, your right, I won’t squabble over that point.

This is about what Trump said, and how what he said comports with the facts.

Fact#1, Trump accused Obama directly of wiretapping him (Trump). (false)
Fact#2: Trump claimed that Trump Tower was under surveillance. (false)

#1 Obama did not give the order, though he may have been aware of it, I don’t know that’s been confirmed.
#2 Manafort was under surveillance and he had a residence at Trump Tower, not all of Trump Tower was under surveillance. Unless you think that it would be ok to claim that everwhere Manafort went was “under surveillance”.


Show me where Trump said that the “Obama administration” wiretapped the “Trump campaign”.

I posted most of the relevant Tweet’s above.

He said, “Obama had his wires tapped.” That is significantly different.

It’s not even correct to say that his “campaign” was being surveilled. At this point, Manafort is the only person that I’m aware of that was under surveillance at that time and the reason for the justification for the surveillance, to my knowledge, was regarding Manafort’s activities, not the campaign’s activities. Paul Manafort is a member of Trump’s campaign, he cannot be described as “the campaign”.


No amount of word parsing will get you where you want us to go. WE knew what President Trump meant when he said that–even if YOU didn’t. It’s a “fact” that President Trump said that Obama wiretapped him. However it’s NOT demonstrably false. WE knew that he meant that the Obama Administration had spied on the Trump campaign. THAT’S absolutely TRUE, and more such truth is coming out almost DAILY. It was NOT “just Manafort.” We now know that General Flynn was ALSO “wiretapped” and there were NUMEROUS instances of FISA warrants issued on others in the Trump Campaign, almost all of which issued on the strength of the information found in the now-discredited “Trump Dossier” that Hillary and the DNC paid to have manufactured.


No, you’ve deceived yourself into believing what you want so that you don’t have to come to terms with the reality of the situation. It’s called self-deception and people do it all the time, in your cause you’ve done it to avoid having to come to terms with the reality that Trump lied (again).

It’s really that simple.

Since Obama was President, I guess anything done during his tenor, in your opinion, would be “the Obama administration”.

But that leaves us with untenable (and ironic) reality that the Trump Russia investigation was started and is being carried out by the Trump administration?

Man is that weird.

The issue isn’t whether these things happened, the question is whether they were justified or not.

You mean the dossier started by Republicans? And so what? Campaigns do oppo research all the time. Are you saying that’s a crime? Well, unless that oppo research is being done by a government that attacks our elections, thennnnnnn there’s a problem (a problem you seem to be willing to overlook).

And oh, please, indulge me. Tell me which parts of that dossier were discredited?


I shouldn’t HAVE to remind you–though no doubt you’ll again deny and divert–that the dossier was NOT “started” by a Republican. The original contractee with Fusion GPS cancelled his contract when it became apparent that Trump WOULD be the GOP nominee. BTW, he’d asked for oppo research on SEVERAL of the GOP hopefuls…not just Trump. Then Fusion GPS shopped their “research” to the DNC and Hillary campaigns. It was only THEN that Steele was brought in to manufacture that phony “dossier” on then-candidate Trump. The “dossier” was PROVEN phony, by the way. The time-line, for one thing, didn’t match up with Trump’s documented travel into and out of Russia, and the so-called “photos” were obviously photo-shopped fakes. Don’t bother to argue that the “dossier” was truthful. Even the Democrats on the Intel committee have acknowledged that is was fake.


Regardless of the facts regarding the dossier, was anything that was done, done illegally?

Was any of it done unethically?

What exactly is the problem?

As far as the specific facts, I’m willing to discuss them with you if you’re really interested in having that conversation. I find that when you post claims as fact and I dispute them, you tell me to go look it up and prove myself wrong.


Breigtbart says otherwise…

Is Paul Singer not a Republican mega donor?


“…lawyers for the Free Beacon — a conservative outlet based in the nation’s capital — funded the project from fall 2015 to spring 2016, when it pulled its funding as Trump looked set to clinch the nomination.”


…and the Steele-generated “dossier” was manufactured AFTER Fusion GPS was hired by the DNC and Hillary Campaign.


Ahhh…Ok, I understand what your saying, Steele himself was hired after. You’re not disputing that Fusion GPS was originally hired by Republicans, you’re just pointing out that Steele was hired later.

Ok, I’ll agree with that.

Again though, was any of that illegal or unethical?

As far as the allegations made in the dossier, do you want to figure out what’s been confirmed true, what’s false and what is still unconfirmed?


It’s ALL false–provided to Steele by Russian operatives who wanted to insure a Hillary Clinton “Presidency.”


I notice you keep avoiding the question…

Was any of that illegal or unethical?


Doesn’t matter if it’s false on its face. What part of the word “false” is confusing to you? Maybe I should have said “phony” or maybe “bogus”. Something cannot be both false AND “illegal or unethical.” However, if you mean was it illegal or unethical for the Clinton Campaign or the DNC (or both) to have purchased a phony document in order to impugn President Trump, the answer is YES. It’s CERTAINLY unethical and it’s clearly illegal to PAY a foreign agent for TRUE information to throw dirt at one’s opponent, let alone LIES.


What laws were violated?


US federal election laws prohibit paying foreigners for ANYTHING to affect a federal election.


The thing I’m still unclear on, is whether it was Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio who originally hired them. My instinct tells me Bush, especially since they passed it off to their good buddy Hilary Clinton after. Who handed it off to John McCain to hand it off to the press.

But recently some people have said ti was Rubio.


Did you make that up?

Can you show me the specific FEC provision that refers to what you speak of?