Trump digs in on immigration


Alaska: It is a waste of time trying to reason with someone like you who has your mind already set. The mafiosi were a small number of SICILIANS (in comparison to the larger number of Italians overall) who preyed on other Italians as well as other people who had no defense. Sicilians did not consider mainland Italians to be part of Sicilian heritage–and vice versa. My grandparents did not consider Sicilians to be true Italians. So, what you’re saying is that Italian immigrants had it easy compared to the illegals who come here, right? My grandparents never returned to Italy because they considered themselves AMERICANS. Illegals do not. If they truly wanted to be American, they would go through the lawful channels instead of breaking the law.


What are IEDs?


This guy is claiming that Chinese “immigrants” brought IMPROVISED EXPLOSIVE DEVICES with them when they came to the U.S. Says he “knows it for a fact!” I call BS.


Are you aware that the “70%” that you say are rejected are MOSTLY Western Europeans? Why do you suppose that is?


Yeah, well I heard about all those explosions when the Chinese came over… :scream_cat: DUH! The Chinese are famous for fire crackers and celebratory rockets.


Wrong :

Most of our immigration comes from within the Americas, the next biggest segment is from Asia.

And as to IEDs:

With hatchets and meat cleavers, pistols and automatic weapons and even bombs, these men turned swaths of America’s largest city into a killing zone.

They made shrapnel bombs, filled with nails, razors, and other debris, and used these to perform hits on rivals.

Far more common in California than New York though.


Slim, you twist everything to fit your ideology.

Dave said:

You reply with a chart that clearly shows:

Immigration from Europe DOWN from 13% in 1992 to 8% in 2012.

Immigration from the Middle East and Africa TRIPLED.

Immigration from Latin America dropped slightly among LEGAL immigrants.


No I understand perfectly; most of our immigrants, are not coming from Europe, neither the one we accept, nor reject. Most are coming across the Americas, and from Asia.

I stand by this. It demographically makes sense; there’s going to be more arrivals from less developed areas of the world, because they have more people who are looking to move.

This isn’t “ideology”, this is systems of human action.