TRUMP doing bad things

I have photo evidence that Trump was colluding with McDonalds.

Refute THAT Republicans. How can you possibly defend this man after what he’s done?! This is clear evidence that Trump was trying to take over the world with McDonalds.

Dumb food for a dumb person

Evil food for evil people.

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A beautiful crack addicted LGBT family on welfare

If memory serves, those McDonald’s meals were for college football players.

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You don’t feed garbage like that to anyone you respect, especially not elite athletes.

So I take it you are a vegan.

not necessarily. I think the blue zones diet is healthy. it’s 10 percent or less meat

“Elite athletes?”

Worst of all, this is one of the LIES that President Trump told. He deceitfully claimed that the pile of hamburgers was a mile high when quite obviously it was not.

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It was the hamburders, not hamburgers. You are so full of covefe.

And yet Biden is the senile one.

Trump was colluding with McDonalds. That’s the important point here.

According to the Babylon Bee, he did pardon the Hamburglar…

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Wait. What? Now Trump is a d–k for serving McDonalds to elite athletes? Misterblue. Dude. I honestly hope Trump never denounced NAMBLA or half the country will support them to the death.

I think it would be worse if he didn’t serve them food at all. And McDonalds probably cut him a fat check for the promo

oh wait he basically did disavow them didn’t he. explains quite a bit