Trump: Drafting Regulation for Social Media


This is a quagmire. On the one hand, social media has a specific legislative exemption from lawsuits over false content, on the other hand they want the freedom to censor content in any manner they choose. Perhaps they should be classified as a Political Action Committee; just a thought.

This is an excellent presentation of the legal issues involved:

Social Media Platforms or Publishers? Rethinking Section 230

I am definitely undecided on the best course of action, there are unintended consequences lurking everywhere. Meanwhile, the number of former employees of Obama, Clinton, DNC and Pelosi now directing policy and algorithms for Big Tech (Facebook, Twitter etc.) is astounding.

Welcome to Social Government


If facebook were a private ‘members only’ club, would it be acceptable for certain members to be denied full access to the clubs benefits, features and amenities? Because they receive compensation from their users (in the form of harvested data valuable for marketing purposes), that’s pretty much exactly the case.


You mean like Colored and White drinking fountains?


From Old Dog’s link:

Not quite. That was the “separate but equal” fallacy, and this is just straight inequality of treatment.


The Internet does not require government oversight. The market functions well enough. Just yesterday I saw an “impeach Trump” ad and a Trump MAGA 2020 ad. I see content from all of my YouTube subs. They get fed into recommended videos. They’re demonetized, but that’s not an attack just on conservatives, Both sides get it over keywords and topics even when they take Google’s own liberal bias. it’s an attack on the more-or-less free-speech zone it supposedly created, and it will cost YouTube. I have no problem using Google to locate conservative content or any other kind of content. I can find fake news, good new, bad news, all kinds of news from every kind of source, credible or not.

Neither the Internet nor wedding cakes require any form of government oversight even when people suck by the definition of whomever is in power. Unfortunately, the vast majority of Americans love their government and regulation in general, and the Internet will be regulated the same way as the private thoughts and beliefs and the resulting lack of action by a baker.

And when it comes down to it, you’re all going to vote for Trump in 2020 no matter how much power he concentrates into his office and the federal government. Why? Because, as Sean Hannity said about a week ago, 2020 is the election of our lifetime (just like every single one I’ve participated in since Clinton first showed his ugly mug), a choice between freedom and Soviet-style communism.


I am having lots of trouble “sharing” certain sites on Facebook. I can readily share jokes, but anything posted by a conservative such as Shapiro or Beck, can’t be shared. I get a message that says something like. “We’re experiencing trouble and are working to correct this.”


I’ll still ban people that need banning.

Say, is there a conservative alternative to FB yet? I’m still looking to leave if I can find something I like.


Bite the bullet and close your account. You lived most of your life without FB, right?


I stay with FB simply because there are people there (including family) with whom I would lose contact if I didn’t have it.


Ditto. I wouldn’t have the least idea what our grandson is up to without Facebook. He cut us off shortly before joining the Navy and I only found out he’d been kicked OUT of the Navy 2 years later because our son told us.