Trump getting criticism on all sides for his performance in summit with Putin


Here’s a theory for you.

I won’t be the slightest bit surprised, and you can remember you heard it here first, that in the upcoming elections, that the Russians, if they want to cause maximum turmoil and upheaval here in the US (and don’t kid yourself, that’s their goal), in the upcoming midterms, or perhaps they will wait until the next election, but I think they will switch from helping Republican candidates to helping Democrats.

So while we’re all judging the Russians and their influence and how it may have hurt the candidates we support or hurt the ones we dislike how ironic it will be if the Dems win big thanks to Russian meddling. Will Dems be willing to question how they won and whether or not any Dem candidates accepted help from Russians (as the Russians will undoubtedly try to put Dem candidates and even left wing organizations in the same position Republican and right wing organizations (like the NRA) find themselves in now by providing stolen information etc).

Gentlemen, what we have here is a war. And the Russians are fighting it brilliantly. They are splitting our parties into two and will try to do it in such a way that the party in power will have little incentive to stop it as stopping it will mean relinquishing power and/ or admitting that how they gained that power was due to a hostile foreign power.

It’s a shame that Dems can’t put their partisan differences aside and stop using the Russia interference as a way to assume political power (to which I’m also guilty to this point).

While I don’t like Trump and I think he’s a horrible President, I’ve come to believe that unless we see the real game being played here in the end we’re all going to lose (well, unless infighting between Americans is something you think would be good).

Unfortunately, I don’t think it will stop. The thirst for power is too great and the Left and the Right will be too consumed with grabbing that power and won’t be able to unite against it’s common enemy.


And as long as you believe that Putin’s Russia is the most dangerous “common enemy” instead of China, you’re going to be dead-bang wrong about most everything else.


China has a symbiotic relationship with the US, Russia does not.

So while China my be the more powerful adversary, Russia has less to lose, and in fact, hurts China by hurting the US thereby increasing their (Russia’s) relative power in the world.


Forgetting nukes - We have 2 major adversaries capable of doing us great harm on the global stage - China/Russia. We have been playing checkers while they play chess.

We have a much-needed and very strong POTUS who is being hamstrung by his own lack of communications acumen and the political/media knife fight being conducted in the USA. The other two leaders are not encumbered with such noise.
I would add one other problem - as I have previously stated, often ones strength is also ones weakness. Trump is a doer - he wants to get things done. Unfortunately, and IMHO, he attempts to fight battles on too many fronts at one time. Example: Our economy is terrific - the world economy is gathering steam. Strategically, especially with the mid-terms looming and the importance of a strengthening economy, why in the hell would you push tariffs at this time? Push the NATO nations to pay their fair share - a political winner. Let the economy gain steam and get the mid-terms behind us, then push fair trade/tariffs. To attempt this politically charged mission all at once and at this time is playing with fire - IMHO. There is no reason to fight from every mountaintop at one time.


I’m not saying I like or approve of everything he has done but where has he been dishonest or leaked fake documents? If you know of any, I’d really like to see it.


Are you saying that, as long as what he’s leaked is true, then what he’s done is ok?


From your post it seems that you actually believe their meddling can substantially affect our elections. Seriously? A few hundred grand in social media ads and maybe some bots, no hard evidence of anything more than this.


Read my post again. Slowly. It’s not that long.


Don’t be that naive. This goes well past social media.

How hard do you think it would be for the Russians to send ten’s of millions of text and emails telling people to show up at the wrong places or wrong days to vote?

How hard do you think it would be to hack into the databases that contain voter information and change it or delete it?

How hard do you think it would be for those attacks to have very real affects on the results of our elections?

The voting machines themselves might be secure (something I’m becoming increasingly unsure of), but voter information is not.

When they target Republicans it will be amusing (albeit sad) to watch everyone here change their tune.


Any of this happen? Russians!!! Panic City! Chinese hack personal records on millions of government workers. Foot in the door for blackmail, corruption or seduction. Ho, hum. Let’s just scream about facets that have possible partisan impact.

Maybe instead of screaming about what maybe happened we, the United States, private and public entities (and individuals), should put more effort into real data security.

PS Step 1 (in my opinion):

Take a hammer and smash your iPhone. Well, maybe just sell it. Buy a flip phone with cash and encourage your friends, family and business associates to do the same. And, don’t tie it to your old number. Reload it with minute cards bought with cash.



Well, let’s see, Dan Coats, Trumps personal pick for DNI seems to think it’s important, seems to think we’re under an ongoing attack, yet hasn’t been authorized to take extraordinary measures to stop it. (let me know if you need a source on this…Pretty commonly reported with him saying it in public).

This is exactly what I’m talking about. To this point meddling (not to be confused with accusations of collusion), have helped Republicans. So they have little motivation to take extraordinary measures (some do, the principled patriots who have put country above party, but they are in the minority.)

Now, to be fair, I’m not saying that Dems would necessarily do anything differently if the situation was reveresed (though I’d like to hope they would, I wouldn’t bet a sizable amount of my money on it).


How much of the utter corruption we’ve learned about Obama and Hillary would we know about were it NOT for Assange?


According you your buddies in the DNC, they DID try to hack the RNC servers. It’s just that they COULDN’T because the RNC had taken measures to protect them.


I’ll argue that China’s relationship with the U.S. is more parasitic than symbiotic. They need us a lot more than we need them; I wish we’d act more like it.

How hard would such actions be not to glow in the dark as direct tampering and end up with the courts involved and probably a correction election to redo those portions where the tampering was discovered? You can’t do something that big and have it remain covert.


So the ends always justify the means…?

That’s so dangerous.


I work in IT and I can tell you, companies that focus on IT security have a hard time protecting themselves from state actors like Russia, the idea that because someone said that the RNC didn’t get hacked makes it true? Please.

USB sticks, blutooth hacking, Wi Fi insecurity, phishing…Even if they didn’t compromise the RNC’s central database, individuals are easy targets.


We trade low prices for goods for low unemployment for them. To get low prices we run a high national debt and have a high standard of living, to achieve low unemployment, they (mostly) sacrifice a high standard of living.

However, I agree with you, that they need us more than we need them. But the fact remains that both nations are trading something. And when people freely trade they do so because they feel like what they are getting is worth more than what they are giving.

They don’t care. If the party in power is in power because of the meddling and they make excuses, deny, play the “what about” game…I think knowing that it’s Russia makes it that much more effeice for Russia.


Seems as if I recall it certainly did when Bush was president…


Not “ALWAYS”, but sometimes…YES! Especially so when national security issues are concerned. Would we know ANYTHING about the corruption in the Hillary Campaign or within the bowels of the FBI and DOJ without Assange making the e-mails public? Aren’t we better off KNOWING about that corruption than we would be if it remained secret?


And yet people like you complain about the leaks that come out of this administration.

Thus, you only want leaks when they expose the left.