Trump getting criticism on all sides for his performance in summit with Putin


Those thugs WERE charged, but Obama’s incoming AG dropped the charges and refused to prosecute.

That requires a “faith” bordering on religion. Thanks, but I don’t buy it for a second. Given this witch-hunt’s tendency to leak like a sieve, if there was ANY proof of any of these allegations, we’d have heard about them by now. So far, not even a HINT except the DNC’s claim that Russia “hacked” them which has NOTHING whatsoever to do with President Trump or his campaign OR administration.


Stand by . . . it was a lengthy post and am composing a lengthy reply.


And that would be successful with the STUPID people you want to vote. Being moderately intelligent (able to add, subtract, etc . . . which is NOT a literacy test) would negate that.


But not enough to change your voting habits. Maxine Waters calling in the black panthers to break up a legallly preapproved protest at her office wont cause you the slightest delay in continuing to support her party


I notice that you’ve conveniently forgotten–or ignored–the FACT that Democrat Harry Reid arranged a “contract” for SEIU (Service Employees International Union) to program, maintain and “service” the voting machines for the State of Nevada. In the following election, Reid–who had been behind by 8 points the day before the election–won by 5 points in his last election before retiring. Coincidence?


What if voter rolls are tampered with?


Qix, Dave if what you say is true, Maxine Waters and Harry Reid are not the Democratic party.

It’s hilarious, I mean, really, really funny that you guys would expect that I would judge an entire political ideology based on the actions of a single persons and single events, especially a people who support this President.

See, unlike some of the people here, I can judge the actions of a single person critically even if they belong to a political ideology I support (well, at least some of it)

Having said that, the Democrats are closer to ideas I support than the Republicans are. When I vote, I vote the lesser of two evils, not for a party and an ideology I truly believe in because there are several things that Dems do that I don’t support. Just as you two, by-and-large support this President, even given his laundry list of indiscretions, misstatements, lies and stupid choices, I support Dems over Republicans because I have to, not because I want to.

Now, If you think I endorse Maxine Waters, Harry Reid or any other Dem just because they are Dems, then, after all my time here you guys don’t read what I write. I have no problem rebuking the actions of singular democrats because no single person represents the party.


What, like registering illegal aliens? Or registering in more than one voting district, like once in NY or NJ and again in FL?


Quite true, DN. We KNOW that it was common practice for wealthy liberals in the NE to vote absentee in one State and then vote again in another on election day. We KNOW that thousands of residents of Massachusetts voted in New Hampshire, thousands of residents of Michigan checked into Wisconsin motels and voted there during the recall election and thousands of Georgia residents voted in Eastern Alabama during the special Congressional election. Does csbrown HONESTLY believe that they did so in order to benefit the GOP candidate??? If he does, he’s being deliberately self-delusional.


Your bank account is not secure. Your retirement is not secure. Your Internet accounts are not secure. none of that is your fault.

Your election is unlikely to be secure, although I’d bet my state’s more secure than most. But a deputy carrying a bag of ballots could be attacked. The deputy could mess with it himself.

But certain things, a voter ought to know what’s up. BJ was saying they’re too dumb to vote. You thought he meant we ought to have an intelligence test. No. But if we’re too dumb, we deserve what we get.

And there has to be some level of due diligence on the part of a voter – that’s outside of direct hacking.

My point here is that voters have a certain level of responsibility not to take the settlement money from the Nigerian prince (again not direct hacking). If they do, quite a bit of responsibility falls on them.

In general, I think the only thing the left is concerned about is that the Russians elected Donald Trump and helped the Republicans steal the election from the rightful heir, Hillary Clinton. I also think that if the shoe were on the other foot, the rhetoric would be exactly reversed.

In the meantime, foreigners are now overtly and legally allowed to vote in the leftwing headquarters of California. The only reason the left gives a rip about Russians is because Trump won, and they think it’s inexplicable without a boost from mysterious and all-powerful Russian spy network.

As for direct hacking, I think we’ve seen evidence that it’s not only possible but likely happened. It’s not just the Russians. American interests have more at stake than the Russians and just as much ability to manipulate election data, possibly more.

Non-partisan? They can’t. Look at districting.

But we could do a lot to improve security. We could hand count ballots.

We could use machines that are owned and operated solely by election agencies and that have zero ability to connect to a network (maybe this happens already).

And I think that’s the silliest thing I’ve ever heard but the real sentiment behind the left’s recent hatred for Russia. See, if the Russians are literally interfering in our election, it’s one thing. If they said vote Trump on social media and people blindly obeyed, then well, it’s on the people and we’re all doomed. If this one don’t get us the next one will. Are “we” really that stupid? Well stupidity has consequences. Next time, the stupid voters might elect a Democrat, for example.


What if your bank account is drained and BobJam buys a new car on your credit card?


For that matter, what if this is all a ruse to unite the Earth under the hegemony of UFO pilots?


You mean like the democrats have been doing systematically for forty years or more?

Remember Mark Sanford? I bet you have to look him up to be reminded of who he was. That’s largely what happens to republican politicians who commit ‘indiscretions’ in office, often at the hands of their own party. Individuals also get judged by the company they keep, and Maxine Waters is a venomous snake, taken to the bosom of the party you support. One is left with the inference that the party is largely composed of venomous snakes.


They may be extreme cases, but I’ll submit that their character (lack thereof) isn’t as far out from the mainstream DNC as the left would like to believe.



Well, not legally; SF is in screamingly obvious violation of the Constitution.

Bobjam! How could you?!

Not to worry; these guys have got it covered: