Trump hits a new high in national poll


Donald Trump just got a little more vault in his ceiling. Nationwide, the polling-obsessed Manhattan multi-billionaire and leading Republican presidential candidate broke into the 40s on Monday.
According to the results of the latest Monmouth University pollsurveying voters identifying as Republican or independents leaning toward the GOP, Trump earned 41 percent, nearly tripling the support of his closest rival, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, who took 14 percent.

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As the GOP and the democrats intensify their attacks against Trump it seems to draw more people to his side. No one wants a repeat of the last two presidential elections with democrats on both sides running.


If this is the case than why is Trump doing so well?


Because people saw what the GOP did in the past and see what they are doing now to undermine a candidate that they can not control. We have a congress controlled by one party with the willing help of the GOP.


The people saw the GOP LIE and SCAM the people by promising all sorts of stuff, to get elected, and then capitulate to Obozo at every turn. They see them for the dishonest liars that they are.
They had best not try to hoo doo this election. They may find out what a “pine rail” looks like, close up.


As much as you try to insert lame witticisms and your opinions into U.S. politics, the answer is simple.



Not only one candidate, but FOUR of them.
They’re skeert. Cruz and Trump, just to speak for two, are NO anti-capitalists, ready, willing, and able to “serve the machine.”


There’s a revolt going on in this country right now as we speak. The Powers that Be don’t like it, and are doing their utmost to shut it down.

There are a number of people out there afraid to take up the gauntlet, much like Tory supporters of yesteryear, too scared to upset the apple cart, thinking life is comfy enough under the thumb of tyrants, so why take a chance at making it worse by having no protection; a protection that was in name only, and did little to better their living circumstances.

Thankfully, there are just as many of us out here ready to pick up the gauntlet, and take on our oppressors, telling them that their time is limited, if not OVER.

KEEP FIGHTING THE GOOD FIGHT! The fat lady ain’t sung, yet!!!


Revolt? Try suicide. Have at it.


I can’t believe you said that. …and got away w/it.
Pretty nasty, Jazz. I wouldn’t even suggest you take your own advice.


I meant POLITICAL suicide (Deleted by RWNJ). Stop enobling yourselves that you’re fighting some great battle against a conservative “Establishment”. You need allies to win elections, and this next one, due in no small part to stubbornness and vanity, will be lost to Hillary Clinton.

Extremism may be no vice, but it sure as hell is self-defeating. Enjoy the next four years, 2cent. You will have earned it.


Should Trump not gain the nomination, the conspiracy theorists here will forever blame his defeat on the clandestine hand of Machiavelli.

Factoids: I do not know if Trump has a chance of beating Clinton or not.

But, what I do know is Democrats are well organized and will turn out in LARGE numbers in the general election. We have seen this repeatedly.

I also know that Trump is an extremely polarizing figure - even among Republicans.

I think it can be predicted that his polarizing presence will serve to increase, not decrease, Democrat voter turnout, while some Republicans will stay home rather than vote for him. Should enough Republicans decide to stay home, it will cost us seats in the House and Senate.

On the other hand, candidates such as Rubio or Cruz do not present the same problems (read: risks) to those of us who would actually RATHER see a Republican POTUS and Congress than dance around the “conspiracy fire” complaining about some inconsequential fool like Frank Luntz and getting off on throwing insults at fellow posters with whom we disagree.


I think it’s pretty clear that Trump is going to be the Republican nominee. For the record, he spoke to Bill O’ Reilly today and stated that he has received the best coverage from CNN, better than Fox. It’s been this way since day one. Mission accomplished.

Based on the current situation, if one had to place all of their worldly possessions on one candidate becoming president, it wouldn’t be a Republican. I would further surmise that Rubio is probably the best chance (the only chance?) at winning a general election.


A year ago, folks would have likely said just the opposite, given all of Obama’s arrogance, fecklessness and incompetency. If Trump’s not a stalking horse for the Dems, he might as well be.


I’m not willing to throw in the towel just yet - I need to see the results of at least a couple of primaries - Iowa and New Hampshire at the very least.


Me too. A lot can happen between now and February. Both Trump and world events are volatile.


…and yet, in the face of all that “arrogance, fecklessness and incompetency” you and your buddies in the GOP Establishment INSISTED on saddling the GOP with an incompetent, feckless candidate yourselves…then expressed surprise when people rejected him.


Why would you ‘throw in the towel’ due to the results of a few primaries? I have every intention of voting for the person I favor, no matter what those primaries show. I’m fairly certain that he’ll still be on the ballot come March 1st.
It may be interesting to see the outcomes of the first primaries, but they won’t change my mind.


What the hell are you talking about? There were eight superb conservatives on the stage this week. I can support any one of them against the Dems. Only Trump do I reject.

What “buddies in the GOP Establishment”? Your pernicious ability to lie astonishes me. Millions of us ordinary Americans are true conservatives - animated by such values as individual liberty, economic growth, and the sensible defense of this country against its enemies. We COULD be your allies in this fight against liberalism, but we’re defamed as Establishment bogeymen.

Well, screw it, then. If it’s to be a battle for the soul of conservatism with the mooks who are suckered by Donald Trump, then so be it. Trump will not be President, even if I and main streeters like me must abandon everything we’ve ever stood for to vote to defeat the greater evil .


Will a great deal change over 2 months? Noone will start taking notice again until the 2nd week of January.


2 cent - I am hoping Trump is derailed in the first couple of primaries, as it is my opinion he is FAR more likely to be a disaster in the general election than virtually anyone on the stage with him Tuesday night. Should Trump win the nomination I THINK we have a very good chance of seeing Hillary Clinton in the WH. On the other hand, I think either Cruz or Rubio would likely beat her.

If Trump sweeps the first two primaries he will most likely build up a full head of steam going into South Carolina - that could well lead to his nomination. I’m convinced there are candidates who Clinton fears running against far more than Donald Trump.