Trump is a master level communicator


Against all odds he won the presidency, how? Crackpot left-wing conspiracy theories aside, it’s because he communicates so clearly. He doesn’t bother with details, he leaves that to the talking heads and analysts, instead he goes straight to the emotional core of every topic. He talks extremes to get people clamoring for a deal, which is always his goal - deal making.

I’m surprised at the level of misunderstanding of Trump everywhere I go, but even moreso here on RO.

Simply put, Trump:

  • hits emotionally
  • with simplified bite size messages
  • to get people’s attention
  • so they clamor for a deal

Simple and powerful.


Spot on! Most people view Trump as a traditional politician, which he isn’t; and a conservative, which he also isn’t. He is a pragmatist. He likes to build things, big beautiful things and that is his primary motivation more than money or power, It’s what he sincerely wants to do for America, bless his heart.


Or maybe it’s the fact that he has no political compass whatsoever…He says pretty much whatever he want’s depending on his audience.

Here is a list of his contradictions with sources.

Or the lies he’s told…

Oh, and please don’t whine about the sources, all of this stuff is easily tracked back to HIS comments. If you think the source is lying, please demonstrate. Most of the claims are sourced for your viewing pleasure.


At least he still elicits emotion in the left, keeps em chasing their tails/tales on unimportant details


Unlike traditional politicians he doesn’t waste his time parsing every word that come out of his mouth. His so-called lies are either irrelevant trivial details or embellished political rhetoric; some of them may even be to deliberately inflame the left. Unlike the upper echelon of the Obama administration he doesn’t lie under oath to Congress stonewall investigations or destroy evidence.


He communicates his message well enough. He’s doing what Reagan did, but in less than 128 character bites.


The left’s problem with President Trump is that they take what he says literally, but not seriously, while his supporters take him SERIOUSLY but not literally.


He seriously said that we need to leave Afghanistan. Here he is in a video, doing that:

Guess what we’re literally not doing?


It’s not 2012 anymore. Geopolitical interests are dynamic not static.


Uh, nice words, but applying them to Afghanistan is futile.

Nothing’s changed since 2012 other than how much territory the Taliban controls.

Afghanistan is not anymore important to us, and nor is it anymore worth devoting resources and manpower to.

The Gov’t we built was then as it is now, useless, corrupt, and alienating to its own people,

We are doing nothing to extend any of its institutions that could interrupt the systemic cycles of violence in the country. In 2012 we were fighting fires, and steadily losing the war. Come back in 5 years, it’s the same damn story. 5 years from now, nothing will change.

Afghanistan: Graveyard of Empires. Static reality.


He’s good at making people react. He’s only good at communicating to his base. Much like Obama. Which is why you see all of the unhinged conspiracies directed at both of them. The “other side” reads unimaginable horror into every comment, even though nothing of the sort was ever said.

What’s interesting to me, is how virtually no one on either side realizes that every attack on Trump is pretty much just a recycled Obama conspiracy. What were the core conspiracies about Obama aside from the birth certificate?

Obama wasn’t legitimately elected president. ACORN stole the election with fraudulent votes. Trump wasn’t legitimately elected president, Russia “hacked” the election.

Obama was a puppet to foreign powers(usually Islamic countries, but sometimes Europe). Trump is a puppet to Russia.

Obama doesn’t represent America! This is not normal! Not my president! Trump doesn’t represent America! This is not normal! Not my president!

Obama was a racist agitator who constantly created and inflamed mild race tensions. Trump is a racist agitator who constantly creates and inflames mild race tensions.

Obama was going to be the next Hitler, and round up Christians into FEMA concentration camps and rule as a dictator. Trump is going to be the next Hitler and round all non-White Christians up and rule as a dictator.

Obama was going to “destroy America” by means unspecified. Trump too is going to destroy America by means unspecified.

As to the voter’s reaction to losing?

Obama won? Maybe Texas should secede!
Trump won? Maybe California should secede!.