Trump is a socialist, who knew



State TV? That sounds pretty socialist to me…lol


In case you hadn’t noticed, most network TV and network shows are already in the pocket of Mr. Marx. And I don’t mean Groucho.


What does that have to do with Trumps idea that the government should start its own propaganda channel?


Trump talks a lot for effect. Until/unless something substantial comes of this, this thread is mountain-out-of-molehill territory.


I find it amusing how you can dismiss, out of hand, comments he makes that you’d go insane if a democrat made.


Last time I heard, we still have Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. That’s basically the same thing, isn’t it?


HA! Good point!

However, I think that Trump would include in his idea, prominently, US listeners and I suspect he’d want a say in the stations programming, but I admit, that’s speculation on my part.


Yeah, you’re right, NPR is a real Trump propaganda machine.


No, Trump isn’t, but Hitler was. So is Bernie Sanders, and Obama.


There’s a huge difference. In communist/socialist/fascist/progressive nations, do individuals or companies have the freedom to start their own channel? President Trump didn’t suggest he would replace existing media and shut them down. Only that maybe he would add a new one among the many.

We can already watch news conferences, presidential speeches, bill signings and the like live on The White House YouTube channel. This new network, if it ever happens (which I doubt), would probably just escape from YouTube and be it’s own site on the web and channel on cable.

But of course, then it would just be another thing the government is spending our tax money on. I know the president would realize that and not like it, so I’m guessing this is just talk.


Please show me where I’ve “gone insane” or given evidence that I would under such circumstances.


Hahaha you havent learned anything about trump in the last two years have you? Are u unable to listen to him and discern when he is serious and when he isnt? The left cannot and that is the whole point. Leftists lack the ability to read between the lines, conservatives on the other hand know right away what trump is really saying with his comments. Its called common sense…
For the simple minded: NO, TRUMPS NOT A SOCIALIST.


That has to be the single worst rational for ridiculous and unacceptable behavior I’ve ever heard. Congratulations.


Remember when Trump talked about revoking the licenses of certain stations? I know, just more empty talk that meant nothing (especially since that’s not how things work). What confounds me is that there seems to be this expectation that what the President says should only be understood by his supporters.

I mean, imagine if I said that when Obama said “you can keep your doctor” and you (or others) complained about how that was a lie, I pointed out that Us liberals know he was just kidding and ya’ll be just to dumb to realize it?

You see how that doesn’t work?

Presidents should say what they mean and mean what they say as they should be expected to be held to account for the things they say. Allowing them to say things they don’t mean opens the door for the “just kidding” defense everytime they say something that’s wrong or inappropriate they can say, Oh, that was a joke, I didn’t mean anything by that…


BTW, the OP was tongue-and-cheek, I guess if you’re not a liberal you didn’t get that.


No, I don’t remember that. But there are existing laws that would make it very difficult for any president to do that. Even if a station was broadcasting assassination information and instructions, progressives would scream bloody murder if he succeeded in shutting it down. And the public might turn against him too.

Have any stations lost their licences based on the content they broadcast? I would be surprised if that’s happened in recent decades. But if it has, what was the content? Would President Trump just be following that lead?


You are correct, he cannot revoke the licenses. But is that really the issue?

I would explain, but I fear that most of what I write falls on deaf ears.

I’ll just say that when Trump says things like that, what he’s really trying to do is change the culture. In this case, he is trying to change the culture with respect to the free press.

Words matter and all President’s should check their words carfully.


Thanks. Merry Christmas to you as well.

The political news culture is vicious. President Trump is the answer that we voted for. We listened to eight years of the vicious hateful media lying and lying endlessly about President Bush and he never uttered a word of defense. By savaging him, they were savaging those of us who voted for him. Thanks a lot, W.

So now we elected a guy who stands up and dishes it right back with some force, though not as effectively as it’s shoveled at him. He’s a focused target, whereas the hateful media is phalanx.

“What he’s really trying to is change the culture.” Amen! I should hope so. We could do with a little honesty.

The stinking ABC affiliate radio station I listen to routinely says, “Trump said …, without any evidence.” Without any evidence? How may people footnote everything they say? A lot of evidence the president sees is classified because of the way it was obtained. The fact that he said it makes it the president’s statement. Let the people decide if they believe it. “Without any evidence”? That’s a vicious qualifier designed to foment hatred.

Yeah, we do need to change the media culture. One step in the right direction was to elect a good president who responds.


Yep and it’s been an escalating war and between Dems and Rebs both sides hands are dirty.

it would mean so much more if the right had chosen a man with character. Trump is a con man and no one Trusts him, even many on the right.

Next time, choose someone with a shred of character, someone that doesn’t open contradict himself and others around him that are supposed to be helping him. He looks like an idiot half the time. I bet things would be a lot different.

Sure, but many of the claims he’s made have been disproven. He’s lost all credibility. That’s why what you say matters.


BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Why yes, Donald Trump is a man relatively challenged in the character department…yet he has more character and integrity than the Clintons, Obama, and the entire democrat party COMBINED! You want to talk character? Maybe stop supporting the party of racism, rape and racketeering!