Trump is a socialist, who knew


I’m old enough to remember when conservatives were against state funded news stations.

Trump’s call for yet another tax-payer funded station, this time broadcasting 3rd-world style pro-Trump propaganda, is simply sickening.




Surely you jest! The national so-called “mainstream media” fawned over every utterance of Obama…with VERY few exceptions. They literally LIONIZED Clinton when he was in the White House and systematically rooted for Hillary in 2016…and since, for that matter.


Democrats already have a propaganda network(6 of them, actually). I really wouldn’t care about one more. PBS is even already state funded.


Lol, Whos talking about behavior? Way to move the goalpost. Classic libism. We are talking about what he says. My point still stands.


Of course, If a democrat made those comments i would know that he was serious. When trump makes it i know he isnt. Try reading between the lines, u might understand more. Children take everyone at face value. Adults know u must glean a persons intent to truly understand their intended meaning.




That is exactly like MSN online. I wish I knew how to find another but I don’t know how. Every time I open it, there are at least 4-5 articles bashing Trump or screaming histrionics about how Trump is “in trouble now”. I can’t stand it. Anyone have a suggestion? (I am totally, and completely computer illiterate.)


Um, you mean like BO or the former slob?


No, not like Obama at all. Like him or hate him. He held himself as an example for all President’s to aspire to when it comes to dignity and respect of the POTUS.

As far s the former slob…Bush?

I wasn’t thrilled with Bush as a president from a policy perspective (though I voted for him for his first term), but I didn’t take issue with the way he carried himself.


So you think Obama was a good “example” of what a President should be??? Just how ignorant does one have to BE these days to be a liberal? Obama was a worse liar about issues of importance than President Trump has even THOUGHT about being. “If you like your health care, you can KEEP your health care.” “If you like your doctor, you can KEEP your doctor.” “Benghazi was a spontaneous riot brought on by people’s anger at a video.” “This money will finance shovel-ready jobs throughout the country.” “I am and always have been a Christian.” “The former slob” was CLINTON…which I know that YOU know.


In the context that I was speaking about him, absolutely.

Hahahaha, Hahahaha, hahahahaha, ha, who, who, who, hahahahahh…haaaaaa, whew.

Thank you for the laugh…That was a good one.

Wait, you were being serious?


If Clinton was a slob (and he was in that context), then Trump is, what? I mean, I don’t think there is word that could capture the depths of the depravity of that man.


BS. How many 20-year-old interns has President Trump solicited blowjobs from since his election? Just because a couple of hookers ACCUSED him of paying them for sex they had with him 11 years ago doesn’t make it so.


Magna-HaHa Magna-HaHa Magna-HaHa

Wait, were you being serious? Our allies were tearing their hair out over Obama, and our enemies laughed outright; they didn’t bother to laugh up their sleaves. He came across to the world as an America-hating sissy, and he had no respect from heads of state. He couldn’t even play Simon Says without a teleprompter…

Yeah, now who did what when they actually resided in the White House?


LMFAO! HAHAHA Srry bud but you just exposed yourself as a leftist, and as such will no longer be taken seriously, as you have the libbie mental disorder of not being able to think critically or use common sense. Thank you very much for clearing that up for us. Now we all know you are just full of :poop: and not objective in the least. LOL


Compared to now? Our allies despise Trump, and now with his actions in Syria, our staunchest ally in the Middle east, Israel, is ridiculing Trump.

The only nations leaders that are praising Trump are the autocrats in Russia, Turkey, etc…

Hmmmm, I wonder why?

Mattis resigns in protest because he knows Trump has no plan. He is a petulant child who acts on impulse without any idea of what to do. That may have worked in NY real estate where he had a lifetime to learn under his father, but now he is totally out of his league, so yeah, compared to Trump, Obama is a god.

Since when is that the standard by which President’s should be judged?

Objectifying your opponent so you can dismiss them out of hand is a weak debate tactic, my friend.


Seems to me that I remember you lefties bitching up a storm claiming that President Trump was about to get us into a nuclear war and NOW you’re bitching because he’s pulling us OUT of unnecessary wars. Will you PLEASE make up what passes for your minds.

The French PEOPLE and the British PEOPLE are all calling for Trump, Trump, Trump! The only ones who are complaining about him are those who’ve been living off of the American teat for decades and can’t any longer.


Complete non-sequitur.


Trying to claim i am objectifying u in order to avoid the reputation your side has created for itself is a bad debate tactic. Besides whos debating? Both sides have to have a firm grasp of reality to do that, a common set of facts. But it is a core libbie tenent that reality is subjective, therefore the entire philosophy shoots itself in the foot.

The left dug this hole and now u have to live in it. If u wanna be taken seriously dont say stupid shit like “obozo, the great kenyan ape, was a good example of a good president.” Otherwise prepare to be ridiculed for the brainwashed sheep u are.