Trump is a socialist, who knew


Not a mod, but I recommend you ease up before they take official notice.


No insults, please, and cool the language, and the “great Kenyan ape” sort of thing (you’ll find little love for Obama here, but attack him on his policies; that “ape” line sounds uncomfortably close to racism, and that does NOT fly here). Our rule of thumb here is: Attack the post, not the poster. And we already know CSB is to the left of us; he was upfront about it.

Compared to now. Our enemies may be ridiculing Trump, but they know they don’t dare dismiss him. Yes, his actions in Syria are questionable, but Israel KNOWS he’s a MUCH better friend to them than Barack Hussein move-your-borders-back-to-their-pre-1967-point Obama.

Since one repented and didn’t repeat in the White House and the other did not? I don’t make excuses for his sordid past. But unlike the Bill of Wrongs, I’ve seen no evidence of sexual promiscuity since he became President (let alone actually in the White House).



It’s not really a debate tactic, at all.


He has lost none, he has gained credibility since he was elected.

The reason is simple, he continues to fight for exactly what he campaigned on regardless of how many times both parties try to preserve the status quo.

Bush quit on every campaign item the moment he lost the first round with Congress, Obama lied on virtually every issue in the campaign and then fought for his real agenda once elected; only Trump refuses to use the defeats as an excuse to drop his promises until the next election.

The only entity that has lost credibility is the GOP, they have been exposed as entrenched liars who have never had any intention of pursuing the agenda they campaigned on; the Democrats and the media never had any credibility to lose.


Yes, I concur.

While I do agree with HT, I think the words used were a little over the top.

Nevertheless, I firmly believe that Brown poses as a moderate leftist but is in fact a far left person.


There is no such thing as a moderate leftist. One either believes in freedom or does not, and leftisrs, emphatically do NOT.


I feel he’s neither moderate nor extreme.

I don’t like to broad-brush like that; it’s often not so clear cut as that. There are plenty on the right who were supporting a lot of draconian stuff in the wake of 9/11.


Sounds like you’re defending me, I’m touched!

Seriously, qixlqatl calling me “far left” means your going to need another word to mean “far” to describe a few others…lol

Also, FWIW, I your moderating evenhandedly isn’t lost on me…/respect. I’ll let his attacks end with your rebuke.


Yes, everything is a binary proposition, either we all believe what you believe or were all the same type of leftist radicals who don’t believe in “freedom” whatever that means. :rofl:


Yes with about 15, perhaps 20% of Americans. There is probably another 20-30% who are largely indifferent and 50-65% with whom he’s lost (or never had) any credibility.


I guess most of Europe is our “enemy” and Russia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and North Korea are our allies now?


So you’re saying that I shouldn’t judge him on his relatively recent past? Only what he does while he’s in office?

How does one choose a president before they are president if not to look back on his past? Of course this president paid to have his past covered up while running for president knowing that he would be judged for his recent past actions, which in and of itself should show the level of the man’s character (or lack of it).


Some European governments may have disdain for President Trump, but the European PEOPLE are clamoring for him. The French AND the British people are chanting “Trump, Trump, Trump” at their Brexit rallies and global warming protests!!!


No, but every one of those knows that Trump will not be pushed around and will not tolerate any disrespect for the American People or the President they chose to straighten out all of the crap his predecessors established on the backs of the American citizens.

They had no such respect for Obama, and for good reason; allies who are only allies because you write them checks are worthless.


Trumps “past” was examined with more scrutiny before his election than any candidate in the history of the world, all of the resources of the Republican Party, the Democrat Party, the mainstream media, the FBI, the CIA and the United States Justice Department were focused on finding credible dirt on Trump to derail his candidacy and they have come up with squat.

Meanwhile, the candidate those same corrupt entities who used all of their resources to protect Trumps opposing candidate have still not been able to keep her high crimes and misdemeanors from becoming public knowledge.

Any independent and unbiased thinker who chose to vote on character alone would have chosen Trump over Clinton and it would not be a difficult decision.

You nominated the most corrupt individual who has ever been atop a major Party ticket in a National Election, there is no such thing as a Democrat with the moral authority to condemn anyone; much less the most intensely vetted President in United States history.


Most of Europe often is and has been for most of my life, because they’re determined to repeat the mistakes of the Soviet Union. Whether or not he’s a friend of Russia is questionable at best (the Soviet Union/Russia sure loved it when the Bill of Wrongs and Obama gutted the U.S. military, the latter of which Trump is endeavoring to correct). Saudi Arabia, yeah, maybe. North Korea isn’t so certain.

But shall we talk about Iran? Or (I already did) Israel and their pre-'67 borders?

No, I’m saying do a more thorough comparison. Trump had a sordid past coming into the White House. The Bill of Wrongs had a sordid PRESENT in his time. There’s no evidence that I’m aware of that even suggests that Trump is or has been doing anything like that while President, which at least suggests that he’s repentent about his past. The fact that the Bill of Wrongs was unmistakably still doing it in the White House doesn’t even leave open the possibility that he was repentent.

I wasn’t aware we were talking about choosing who to vote for before they came to the White House; I didn’t see that in any of your posts that I responded to. However, to address that, I’ll reiterate that I did not vote for Trump, although I’m relieved that it’s him and not Hillary.


I didn’t vote for Trump either–though that was a matter of time and circumstance in November of 2016 rather than disdain for the candidate. If I HAD been able to vote back then, I WOULD have voted for President Trump…and happily. As I’ve said before, I had serious doubts about his candidacy, to my shame, because of HOW the media had “vetted” him. His support for Democrats in the past, his overly-generous gift to Chelsea and her new husband and his attendance at their wedding. I saw him as probably a stalking-horse for the Clintons. I was dead-bang wrong…and said so shortly after his inauguration in January of 2017. The media and Democrats passed along more about President Trump’s past by the election than they did about Obama’s past even after his RE-election! Obama’s history was a matter of complete indifference to the media and political elites if their curiosity about the oddities in his past is any gauge. We STILL haven’t seen his ACTUAL birth certificate. There’s never been any explanation about his Connecticut-issued SSN, even though he’s NEVER lived in that State. We’ve been “shielded” from seeing his passport history OR his academic records, for no apparent reason.


I usually pretty much agree with FC, but on this one I strongly DISAGREE.

My transition to becoming convinced that brown was on the far left was gradual.

First, I saw his charge that DN was racist (when DN warned him not to play the race card, brown walked it back some.) On reading the post where brown made the charge, I thought that’s pretty far left . . . a la Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, but, while taken aback, I finally considered it an aberration and let it go.

Then I saw the posts where he favored the PC approach. I thought hmmm . . . looks far left again and started to wonder if this guy was posing as a thoughtful questioner.

After all, he has made several posts where he presents himself as an innocent debater, learning about conservative viewpoints. At first, I bought into those posts.

Not anymore.

The final catharsis came when I saw the posts claiming Obama was a good president:

That did it.

The posts reveal a plain vanilla far left . . . person.


I never had even the SLIGHTEST idea than CS Brown was ANYTHING but a leftist…and, judging by his posts, a pretty loony one, at that.

According to his above posts, where he thinks Obama was “…an example for all President’s (sic) to aspire to when it comes to dignity and respect of the POTUS,” he’s also pretty delusional. This was a “president” who held rap and hip-hop parties nearly every Wednesday while living in the White House, where the vilest and most racist BS was celebrated. Just because he has DENIED for his entire life that blacks can even BE racist does NOT mean that’s true. His name for most of his life has been Barry Soretoro but he RAN as Barrack Hussein Obama. Why? If that’s the name on his birth certificate, let’s SEE the actual birth certificate and not that phonied version he “released.” Let’s SEE his college transcripts from all three of his claimed universities. The FACT that he claims to be a Harvard Law graduate doesn’t mean much…especially in light of the recent admission to Harvard of that little punk, David Whatsis, from Florida with a 1280 SAT score as PROOF that Harvard’s admission standards have plummeted precipitously in recent years.


Have nothing to do with gpa and everything to do with social perspective. It no longer exists to teach but as a social networking… ‘port of entry’ (for lack of a better turn of phrase) for budding far left lunatics.