Trump is a socialist, who knew




I didn’t read it the same way. I took it as more of a do-you-know-what-you-just-sounded-like-to-me kind of post than a flat-out accusation racisim. Perhaps he could have expressed it better, but sometimes we all suffer from that.

As to that comment about Obama’s dignity, I don’t know for sure, but I kind of get the impression that CSB is a younger guy, and hasn’t seen much of any Presidents other than Obama and Trump. And let’s face it; Trump could be a good deal better in that regard. Obama was an empty suit, but a reasonably well dry-cleaned empty suit. If CSB had seen more of earlier Presidents, he might not see Obama as anything special in this regard.

I do so respectfully, but I do indeed disagree about CSB; I see him as a moderate leftist, or at most, a midrange. J.Anderson fits the far-leftist label much better.


It is a self evident truth. Feel free to deny it. After all, there are plenty of people who will earnestly pontificate that Bruce Jenner is a beautiful woman when, in fact, he is a sad and hideous parody of a woman


Lol, saying something does not make it true. You know the saying, you are entitled to your own opinion, not your own facts.

It’s sad that you only see beauty based on appearance.


The hideousness in question has nothing to do with appearance.


“Bruce Jenner is a beautiful woman when, in fact, he is a sad and hideous parody of a woman”

Sounds like it to me.


Bruce Jenner is a guy PRETENDING to be a woman and the liberals think he’s “beautiful” when, in fact, he IS hideous.


Even in general, “hideous” does not necessarily refer to physical appearance; and in this case, I feel the context is not so.


I happen to think a great deal more about his character, than any in the Democommie party. Are you kidding me? No, you’re not, because I ain’t buying it.
You geniuses nominated and elected a Rapist named Clinton. It has been proven that he is depraved. He was married to a crook and liar named Hillary. You were exposed as Bernie was cheated, and as Hillary stacked the deck in the primary. Then, she cheated in the debates.
Trump is a successful businessman, with an incredible family. All of good character. That reflects on his outstanding character. do some research and you won’t sound sop much like an idiot.
He has outperformed all Democruds and has been a step ahead of you jerks the whole time.
Deny that.


Personal attacks are against forum rules, though that sentence is pretty ironic…hmmm?


Let’s parse that for a second.

Where do you think "sound . . . like . . . " came from? It could only have been gleaned from . . . the POSTS.

IOW, he’s saying that the POSTS are idiotic.

Poorly worded? Perhaps.

Nevertheless, I agree: the POSTS are idiotic.

Is that a personal attack? NO.


I’m attacking the POSTS.


Emphasis mine.

You don’t get to reinterpret what he said so it fits.


I’m with CSB on the personal attacks (that “you” used twice is telling). I’m as frustrated as any with leftist socio-political agendas, but we don’t need to broad-brush everyone of a leftist persuasion as “idiots,” “jerks,” etc., and more particularly, we need to avoid such labeling of members here on RO. Just attack the issues. The Lord knows there’s plenty wrong with politics and society these days (not that there hasn’t been in decades, centuries, and millenia gone by) to beat up on.


Neither do you . . . get to reinterpret what he said so it fits. (FC’s alignment with you notwithstanding.)

Now tiny may come in here and explain that he DID, in fact, direct that comment to you and not the post. But until then, my view stands.

My crystal ball is in the shop, but yours apparently is still working and you can read minds. ATM, it’s nothing but pure speculation on BOTH our parts.

Oh . . . one more thing on the phrase “poorly worded”. You’re not unfamiliar with that phrase. IIRC, you used that very phrase when you accused DN of being racist and then walked it back with “poorly worded”.


I’ve been put in my place like a scolded child.