Trump Is An A--h--- - Thank God

Yes, I said it, Trump can be and often is, an AH—. We should all be grateful that he is, especially today - the day when the American people had it fully explained in fine detail, what Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed” has delivered for everyone.

Trump brought us a burgeoning economy - record low unemployment, expanding wages across all groups, record stock market, etc - drastic reduction in illegal immigrants streaming across our border, favorable trade deals with Canada, Mexico, Europe and, most notable, China. Before he leaves office he will have brought home nearly every American soldier currently in Afghanistan and many other areas in the ME. Speaking of the Middle East, Trump’s strong message and unwavering support of Israel and peace in the ME is bringing several ME countries to the table/signing treaties with Israel and agreeing to Israel’s right to exist.

Let me be clear - a “nice guy” could not have accomplished these things. A nice guy, you know, like everyone’s pal, “Uncle Joe Biden” would never have gone to the drug companies and demanded they go full throttle on developing a vaccine. I was in the medical field - pharma does what’s best for pharma and their bottom line. Trump demands they reduce their drug prices to Americans and they have begun to do so. Only if one is insanely ignorant could one believe that simply asking pharma to invest the massive resources necessary to bring forth a vaccine within months would get them to do so.

And all of these accomplishments and more, while being persecuted by democrats and media.

In many ways Trump is not “likable” - he’s not warm and fuzzy. He has sharp elbows. He’s significantly unrefined. He simply knows how to get things done for the American people.

Thank you for everything President Trump. God bless you


is this your work mike? i love it.

  1. How do you think the medical profession has handled this scamdemic.
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The American people should thank goodness that Trump was in office if this thing had hit. Had it been Hillary or Biden, we would be looking at 2022 or ‘23 for a vaccine.

Unfortunately it was the pandemic that won the election for Biden. If there had been no pandemic, some of the negative as aspects of Trump’s aggressive style would have been less obvious. Had there been no pandemic, mail-in voting would have much lower, and there would have been far fewer opportunities for election fraud.

If the Democrats get what they want in the form of censorship and information control, this might be the election that will mark the end of our democracy. Plans are the works for a “cyber system new deal” that will severely limit our First Amendment rights. The usual suspects, like George Soros and the people who made CNN what it is today are funding and planning this. What for the roll out once sleepy, dopey Joe takes office.

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Caroline, I speak as a long retired cardiovascular surgeon. I think members of the medical field, by and large, have truly been heroic - except those very few who have set aside the science and instead allowed politics and/or poor judgement to cloud the issue. In addition, once on board with Trumps demands for an all- out sprint for vaccine development, pharma scientists have performed at levels heretofore thought impossibile. Of course, the singular driving force has been Donald Trump. That is why I was motivated to write the post.


Sendgop, it is both the cruelest and the saddest bit of irony, that this pandemic (the politics surrounding it) likely cost Trump the presidency - Trump, the man who has been the unrelenting driving force behind the development of vaccines which will lead America, indeed the world, out from under the scourge of the Covid-19 pandemic. In other words, we kick Trump to the curb because of a pandemic - a pandemic for which he is largely responsible for providing the solution.

People might be interested to know that the only major media source broadcasting yesterday’s detailed announcement of the roll-out/distribution/developmental steps leading to the vaccines was FOXNews.

Folks are free to think what they want regarding Trump, but the nation cannot endure media that is unrelenting in their proclivity to be little more than one-sided stenographers for one Party over another. It is not an overstatement in the slightest to state the fact that Trump was PERSECUTED for 4 years by media that was little more than an extension of the Democrat Party.

I do not choose to continue to deal with the quagmire of BS that is serving to shape the country in a way unrecognizable to the founding ideals. Consequently, we are moving to our new home in Costa Rica just after the first of the year. We require more fishing, more golf and less frenetic, hysterical bullshit during the time we have left.

Best wishes.


No it didn’t. He didn’t win. If you exclude fraudulent votes, President Trump won in a landslide. By some accounts, the reason the fraud states all stopped counting in the middle of the night was because they realized the vote for President Trump was overwhelming so they had to make more fraudulent ballots than expected to overcome his lead.


The fraud claims cannot be proven now because the Democrats destroyed the signature evidence which could have proven or disproven the claims that they stuffed the ballot boxes when they excluded the poll watchers from the ballot counting. Biden either won or stole the election, but in the minds of many people, his win is tainted.

It remains to be seen how much police power the Democrats will use to stifle decent. They have control of significant portions of the FBI, and the mind set of many in the judiciary is tilted toward a police state. They could seal up control of all future elections by opening the borders to illegal aliens and giving them free health care, transfer payments and the vote. They can’t do that just yet because the alien Coved cases would overwhelm the health care system, but it’s in the offing.

The rule of law means nothing to the Democrat Party. They are so arrogant and sure that they are right on all of the issues that anything they want to do is justified by the means. The Democrat leadership would love to install a governmental system similar to that in China.

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IF they manage to steal this then give them the unrelenting behavior and words AND INVESTIGATIONS that they gave this good president and his supporters for the past four years.

Thanks for Reply @mdmike.

WHAT is wrong with me. Mike. I have to say this with all due respect to you. You say you are retired medical. Well…that is good. It sticks in my craw to use the term professional in conjunction with medical TODAY. We saw that our doctors took their orders from blue state tyrant governors and people died from that…>>Which means…these doctors today…they’re government doctors. And as such…it is my opinion they will conveniently euthanize us one way of the others if order come down from the top. Whether these nurses, doctors did not agree with the govenors’ orders, they’re still complicit in the deaths of these elderly victims. Somebody should have stood up. NO one did and those that did were shut down in a myriad of ways.

I have lost respect for medical people. I don’t trust them. I see what they’ve done…and it is my opinion…and others…that these death panels are a stone’s throw from being put into effect. No doubt in many instances…they are already.

additionally…Nurses pushing this mask thing etc in their employer doctor’s offices. They have to. They’re doubling/tripling down on enforcement because…they know that we see the incompetence and the willingness to let patients die when the government denies critical potentiallly life saving meds and treatment. The incompetence and the criminal negligence in my opinion, renders these so called professionals today nothing but political pawns and conduits. They think they’ve fixed it so they’ll be eaten last…well…they’re still gonna be eaten. Their day is coming.

And let’s not forget all those choreographed nurses dance tiktok videos. What were their patients doing while they were performing in the hospital hallway or the nearest square? THAT was not a good look. LOLOL quite revealing.

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For every healthcare worker you saw acting inappropriately there were hundreds leaving their families, going to work administering to the infirmed - risking their well being while confronting a viral threat not clearly understood at the time.

As for your question, “What is wrong with me, Mike?” Answer: I do not know.

I know what is wrong with me mike. I’m tired of being stabbed in the back and now by these medical people that supposedly take the hippocratic oath…do they even do that anymore…i don’t know why they bother. I think i see why ‘they’ run white males out of medicine and focus on foreigners, women and minorities.

You got white male doctors afraid, AFRAID of the damn nurse ratchetts in their offices demanding the patients mask up or they turn in the doctor jeopardizing his business. The medical business has changed.

But Trump is white. And he’s a man. Either one of those on its own merits is completely awful. Put them together, and you have brain aneurisms from the pain it’s causing all these SJW’s.

Yes since Trump took office my life doesn’t suck for the first time in like 15 years. But… I’m sorry I need some soy. I forgot what I was talking about. Mmm. Soy

It shouldn’t be one. And it will continue to get worse as long as many voters act as a vanguard for Pfizer and the insurance industry.
This is why we’re seeing the best (cheap) Covid treatments ignored. It doesn’t make Merck a profit. And the “pandemic business model” has already proven highly successful. Combined with media consolidation that Republicans cheered on, the public can be whipped up into an endless “pandemic” economy.
The only elements of the economy growing in 2021 will be real estate and healthcare.

Apparently Washington state is considering “rejecting a mask” as a sign of dementia in elderly patients. We may have to expand a lot of nursing homes soon. The business of healthcare roles along.

? All of these apply to Biden.

  1. Lied about plagiarizing speeches. Even after he got caught. He apparently thinks we still live in the 1970s, where there aren’t algorithms to automatically check the vast catalog of media.

  2. Self-enriching? That lawyer he got fired in the Ukraine.

  3. Vain? Comments he thinks are “everyman” that just comes off as disingenuous. Like the Shotgun comment. Or his tendency to touch people inappropriately and thinking it’s ok.

  4. Lazy? back to plagiarizing. Doing it even after he was caught.

  5. Incompetent? Senior moments galore.

  6. Unqualified? Name a single piece of landmark legislation he was the central actor of, that didn’t turn out poorly. Name a single thing he did as VP that withstood the test of time.

He’s not a statesman, even after spending 4 decades in politics. He’s a swamp creature and we all know that, even the people who voted for him. That’s why his rallies were so small.

I didn’t like Trump, didn’t vote for him. Lying about who or what Biden is doesn’t help us.


Dawkins is right as he always is

Dawkins is an idiot.

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